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Chapter 407 - Similar Individuals with Different Lives

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 407: Similar Individuals with Different Lives

    After Tang Jinyu had taken another glance at the pork knuckles in front of him, he raised his brows slightly.

    The kitchen staff standing nearby could not bear to watch this any longer.

    ‘Big Sister Qi, you are done for.’

    When Tang Jinyu lifted his gaze to see how eager Jian Qi seemed, his mouth twitched involuntarily.

    Was she very eager to see him suffer?

    “Alright,” Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi’s smile widened significantly as she was pleased with Tang Jinyu’s decision.

    “In that case, start eating!” Jian Qi was so excited she stood up. “I’ll get you a bowl of soup.”

    When did Boss become this agreeable?

    After placing a bowl of soup on the table near Tang Jinyu, she exclaimed cheerfully, “You can start eating now!”

    Tang Jinyu’s mouth twitched as he laughed at Jian Qi deep down. Could she make it any more obvious?

    “Pack these four pork knuckles in a bag for me,” Tang Jinyu said calmly.

    Jian Qi looked dumbfounded. ‘Didn’t you say you were going to eat them?’

    ‘What is the meaning of packing them up?’

    ‘I can forget the fact that you did the same thing the last time. Why are you getting them packed up again?’

    ‘Who are you packing them for?’

    Very quickly, the kitchen staff returned with the bag of pork knuckles and delivered them into Tang Jinyu’s hands.

    With the bag in one hand, Tang Jinyu began walking out through the door. Jian Qi went after him and asked, “Instructor Tang, who are you taking these to? Are you going to feed them to a random dog?”

    “Why don’t I feed them to you?” Tang Jinyu scoffed.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Damn. You beat around the bush just to humiliate me!’

    “No. You can keep them for yourself!” Jian Qi smiled with her teeth showing. “Are you planning to bring them home and eat it all alone quietly?”

    Tang Jinyu scoffed lightly. “You still have ten kilometers left to run from before. Once you’re done resting, go and run!”

    After finishing his sentence, Tang Jinyu quickened his footsteps and directly headed to where his car was parked.

    As Jian Qi followed him, she began speaking when she saw him getting into the car. “Instructor Tang, where are you going? Can you bring me along?”

    “Would you like to run after my car?” Tang Jinyu raised his brows.

    Jian Qi smiled. “No, I want to run while holding your hand,” Jian Qi flirted calmly.

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. ‘Did your spirits recover already?’

    “Get into the car.” Tang Jinyu sounded helpless.

    Jian Qi’s eyes lit up. ‘Hey, he is being surprisingly agreeable.’


    After the group of people were done puking, they returned to the canteen with the intention of spectating Jian Qi. However, they were surprised to find that she was no longer there.

    “Where is Big Sister Qi?” Lightning asked one of the kitchen staff.

    “Boss took her away.”

    “Did she finish the pork knuckles?” Crocodile asked curiously.

    The soldier shook his head. “She only ate one. Boss took the remaining pork knuckles away. He said he would eat them for her.”

    Everyone sighed. ‘Why is there such a double standard?’

    Why did they have to eat until they puke while that lady only had to eat one?

    “How many pork knuckles did Leng Yu eat?” Feng Yi asked.

    “Three,” the solder answered, “Boss took away the one she left behind.”

    “Leng Yu is amazing!” Zhao Yu could not help but sigh. “Indeed, she is a strong person!”

    “Do you think I was kidding? That’s not something a lady could do. I’m telling you, she’s a man!” Lightning exclaimed.

    “Who’s a man?” A chilly voice with a killing intent could be heard.

    Lightning’s mouth twitched. ‘Damn!’

    Everyone turned to look at Lightning expectantly.

    “Sister Leng Yu, we were just talking about how amazing you were.” Lightning smiled at Leng Yu.

    Everyone gave Lightning a look of disgust.

    Meanwhile, Leng Yu scoffed lightly before walking up to Lightning. After extending her hand, Leng Yu grabbed Lightning by the shoulder and threw him to the ground.

    Everyone. “…”

    They could not help but wince at the sight of Leng Yu’s simple yet violent behavior.