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Chapter 339 - Do Not Say a Word

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 339: Do Not Say a Word

    An Qiao, who had been forced to swallow the watermelon juice, started to cough pathetically. At the same time, she tried to vomit quickly.

    Even if some had spilled, Su Cha had poured more than half of the cup's contents into her mouth. An Qiao knew that she would not be able to participate in the competition if the watermelon juice entered her stomach.

    Su Cha did not stop her. The more An Qiao puked, the more anxious she became. While a burning sensation spread in her throat, her tears and vomit covered her face. She was in a sorry state.

    Everyone watched this scene and did not dare to speak.

    They looked at An Qiao and Su Cha.

    She just stood there quietly, a faint smile of disdain on her lips as she watched An Qiao's performance.

    To the contestants, the most terrifying thing was not An Qiao, but Su Cha.

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

    They had thought of calling the police but never considered that Su Cha would take revenge.

    This kind of thing would not count as an apology to the victim, but why would she directly attack the culprit instead of just expelling An Qiao from the show…

    It was like what was often said online. If someone hits you, you should hit them back. But if someone attacked you, would you retaliate in the same way?

    Few people would do that.

    But Su Cha could.

    "This is illegal, it's illegal!"

    Wen Pengcheng was trembling with anger. He could not believe that such a thing would happen under his watch.

    However, when Su Cha glanced over indifferently, he swallowed everything back into his stomach.

    It was impossible to describe the look in her eyes. It was as if she was a predator facing a struggling elk. There was a ferocious beast in her eyes, which terrified people.


    The girl smiled playfully, but her eyes looked innocent. "Didn't An Qiao dare us if we can do anything to her? If I didn't dare, how would I know what she would do to me in return?"

    Everyone: "…"

    The rest of the people watched as Su Cha took a step back. This method of revenge was too vicious. It was a straight-up eye-opener.

    If Su Cha dared to do this, what else could she not do?

    Everyone shuddered and no longer dared to discuss Su Cha.

    "Cough, cough, cough, cough…"

    An Qiao felt powerless. At this moment, her throat was burning so badly that she could not speak. She looked at Su Cha with hatred in her eyes, and her tears blurred her vision. She could only see that the girl was standing very tall and looking down at her from above. Even when facing the hatred she showed, Su Cha did not waver.

    The girl smiled. "I'm waiting for your revenge, but this is not the end. I'm waiting for your whole family to go to the hospital to apologize to Jin Mou."

    After saying this, she smiled and walked out of the villa.

    Everyone subconsciously moved aside to avoid her.

    Wen Pengcheng was furious. "What are you waiting for? Call 120! Don't tell anyone about what happened today!!"

    After scolding everyone, he looked at the secret guard who was helping Su Cha. "Who are you? Why haven't I seen you before?"

    The two secret guards had intended to help out the others. After all, they were pretending to be staff members. But when they heard this, they looked at Wen Pengcheng.

    Their emotionless eyes instantly turned Wen Pengcheng cold from head to toe. He stared blankly at the two secret guards wearing masks, who then both left. His whole body was covered in a cold sweat, and he could not say a word.