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Chapter 383 - A Century

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 383: A Century

    “You woke up.”

    She buried her face in his hands, “I know you are fine, even when you are asleep. But I just want you to wake up so badly.”

    “How long was I asleep for?” Lu Xingzhi wanted to embrace her, but his current physical condition said otherwise.

    However badly he wanted to bury himself in her touch, he could not do it yet.

    He did the best he could to console her by gently caressing her face with his fingers.

    “A century.” Jiang Yao answered softly. Hearing that, Lu Xingzhi laughed. Not realizing how much it pained him to do that.

    “Do not laugh! It really felt like a century for me!” Jiang Yao glared at Lu Xingzhi. “While you are here sleeping your days away like a baby, do you know how worried everyone else was?”

    “You are right, it is my fault.” Lu Xingzhi was not mad, rather he apologized, to Jiang Yao’s surprise.

    She looked at him blankly for a while before standing up and gave him a light peck on the lips.

    “Lu Xingzhi, this is the last time you are doing this to me! You gave me a big scare! In the future, if you are going on such a dangerous mission, I demand to go with you!” She quickly moved her lips away, to the dismay of Lu Xingzhi. She looked at his expression and laughed.

    It had been a while since she smiled so genuinely.

    She knew he would not agree, but she promised to always be close to him.

    Operating on both Colonel Lin and Lu Xingzhi gave her enough credentials to be sent on a mission together with Lu Xingzhi.

    Jiang Yao stood up, wanting to grab her cell phone. Suddenly, she felt a little tug on her shirt. It was Lu Xingzhi.

    “Where are you going?” Lu Xingzhi asked worriedly, he thought Jiang Yao was mad at him.

    “Giving Weiqi and the rest a call. They were so worried about you. Now you are awake, they must know as soon as possible,” Jiang Yao explained.

    Jiang Yao called Zhou Weiqi first. After the call was through, she put her cell phone next to Lu Xingzhi’s lips, motioning for him to speak.

    Lu Xingzhi was silent. He only had one question when he heard Zhou Weiqi’s voice in the phone, what did Jiang Yao want him to say?

    He had so much to say to Jiang Yao, but not to Zhou Weiqi.

    “Tell him you are awake!” Jiang Yao urged. Looking at Lu Xingzhi’s reluctant expression, she added, “You brat, do you know how worried Weiqi was?”