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Chapter 607 - Sky Parachuting… Stopped?!

Medical Master
     Chapter 607 Sky Parachuting… Stopped?!

    “When I snatched the Fairy Desert Cistanche, I let him go. Later, he chased after the group of ordinary people. Fortunately, I caught up with him quickly and stopped him. Then he chose to commit suicide when he knew that he could not escape.”

    “Before he killed himself, he said that no matter how powerful you were, the organization would convert you sooner or later.”

    “He also said that it was good to die. He would no longer feel pain. He could wake up from his dream!”

    Listening to Fang Qiu’s narration, Li Ji’s expression gradually became serious.

    Fang Qiu said, “I want to know what is the organization he was talking about.”

    “Well…” Li Ji immediately said with a serious face, “I seem to have heard of it, but it is confidential. People at my level know nothing about it. Of course, since you brought it up, I will help you report it to the superiors and ask for their approval.”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    That night, Fang Qiu rested for a night in the temporary training base.

    The next day, a thousand special soldiers got on three large transport planes. Fang Qiu also boarded the plane and went to the Taklimakan desert with these special soldiers.

    On the transport plane, the soldiers were confused and also excited.

    “Where are we going?”

    “I heard that we’re going to carry out a mysterious field training.”


    “Taking a transport plane to field training? Where are we going?”

    In the cabin, everyone was discussing about the training in low voices, feeling puzzled.

    Thinking of the amazing performances of the two special forces squadrons in the military drill before, everyone was looking forward to this training.

    Soon, three transport planes arrived in the sky above the Taklimakan desert.

    “Prepare for the landing.”

    Someone gave the order.

    The 1,000 soldiers in the three cabins immediately stopped talking and became serious. They stood up one by one, ready to parachute down.

    When they reached a fixed spot, the door of the plane opened.

    All of them would be parachuting at a high altitude of 800 meters.

    In the cabin of each plane, there was a captain in charge of the parachuting.

    A thousand people quickly jumped off the plane.

    In a short while, numerous “mushrooms” were floating in the air.

    At first glance, it was very spectacular!

    Because the height was not too high, all the soldiers landed in a short time. They quickly put away the parachutes, gathered with the main force and lined up in the desert.

    All the soldiers fell in.

    Two of the planes had left. The remaining one was still hovering in mid-air.

    In the cabin of the last plane, a captain quickly equipped Fang Qiu with the parachute.

    The captain urged, “You can go now. Everyone’s waiting for you.”

    He would not be joining this training but was specially asked to prepare the parachutes for the special soldiers.

    Because of this, he was not afraid of Fang Qiu at all. He wanted to see if Fang Qiu dared to parachute from the plane.

    Below them, a thousand soldiers in the desert had the same feeling.

    After getting into their formation, everyone stared smugly at Fang Qiu who was standing in the door and ready to parachute down.

    They knew that this new mysterious drillmaster did not know how to parachute at all.

    Because of the great strength shown by Fang Qiu, no one dared to take the initiative to provoke Fang Qiu. They did not even dare to laugh at him secretly. But now, they finally had a chance to laugh at Fang Qiu blatantly.

    They wanted to see if Fang Qiu dared to jump.

    If he parachuted, would he be able to do it well?

    They wondered whether he would be careless and fall into the sand!

    In the cabin, “Swoosh!”

    After learning when to jump off, Fang Qiu opened the parachute and jumped down from the height of 800 meters without saying a word, with all the special soldiers watching.

    “Did he really jump?”

    “This is not a joke.”

    “Has the mysterious drillmaster parachuted before?”

    “No way! How did he dare to jump!”

    “Do you know how to do it? Don’t kill yourself with this jump.”

    Everyone was talking about it.

    Fang Qiu, who was falling rapidly from the sky, had been doing some calculations in his mind.

    “700, 600, 500, 400!”


    When he reached the level of 400 meters, he immediately opened the parachute.

    It was exactly at the 400-meters mark, without missing one meter.

    This was what the captain told him before he parachuted!

    In the desert, all the special soldiers were amazed when they saw Fang Qiu opening the parachute when he was at the most suitable position. They did not expect that Fang Qiu could jump so well.

    Going by the height of the parachuting, the final landing posture would definitely be amazing.

    Everyone smiled wryly.

    In this way, they had no chance to laugh at the mysterious drillmaster.

    Just when everyone looked at Fang Qiu’s landing, Fang Qiu suddenly stopped when he was about 50 meters above the ground.

    He paused in mid-air.

    The parachute that he had on inexplicably fell off.

    The parachute fell to the ground.

    But Fang Qiu was still in midair.

    Seeing this scene, all the special soldiers were stunned. Their eyes widened as if they had seen something incredible and gleamed in disbelief.

    Before the parachute fell to the ground, Fang Qiu slowly walked down from the 50-meter-high sky, step by step and in a leisurely manner.

    “What the f*ck!”

    “What, what is this?”

    “Damn it, what’s that? Is it an illusion?”

    “Am I blind? How could such a thing happen?”

    “Oh my god, is he walking in the air?”


    A thousand soldiers were all shocked to the extreme!

    They had heard that there were some very powerful people in the world, who had such great skills that it was unbelievable, but they had always regarded it as a joke.

    However, when they saw Fang Qiu creating a crack about dozens of meters in the base with just a stamp of his foot, they began to believe it.

    Then, they saw Fang Qiu discarding the parachute and then stepping down from the 50-meter high sky.

    He was just like the immortal in the legend.

    How could anyone go against gravity and walk in midair?

    Everyone was shocked as Fang Qiu landed lightly, with the demeanor of a master.

    Then, he stretched out his hand and pointed in a certain direction.

    “Everyone, advance.”

    Fang Qiu said, as the captain leading the team ran toward him.

    “Yes, sir.”

    The captain did not dare to slack off and immediately ordered, “All squadrons, listen to my order. All of you, advance!”

    Ten vice-captains walked out of the crowd.

    The special forces consisted of ten people in a team. A squadron was made up of 100 people. A contingent was made up of 1,000 people.

    These thousand people were from one contingent and ten squadrons.

    “One minute, fold the parachute and then set off!”

    The ten vice-captains gave the order at the same time.

    The soldiers quickly bent down and put away their parachutes, ready to start their training.

    Seeing that all the soldiers were ready, Fang Qiu hurriedly turned his head.

    “I was being too cocky. I almost lost control.”

    While murmuring to himself, Fang Qiu secretly let out a sigh of relief.

    The landing speed just now was really too fast. In the beginning, because of the parachute, he did not need to mobilize his Internal Qi. When he reached the landing point, he mobilized his internal Qi and made a sudden stop, which almost caused his strength at the peak of the fifth class to break through to the sixth class.

    “It’s fine, it’s fine. I managed to suppress it and did not reach that stage.”

    He murmured to himself.

    Fang Qiu looked up and found that all the soldiers had left.

    Then, he turned his head and looked at the parachute behind him. He was suddenly stunned.

    “Damn, how do I fold this parachute?”

    “Why didn’t anyone help me collect it?”

    “I don’t know how to do it at all!”

    “At least one of them should have stayed to help me!”

    Fang Qiu was very depressed and upset.

    Although he wanted to shout and order a soldier to put away the parachute, he was now a drillmaster. If he could not even fold the parachute, he would be laughed at by those soldiers.

    These special soldiers had been waiting to see him make a fool of himself for a long time already.

    Even if he did not know how to do it, he had to do it!

    He made up his mind.

    Fang Qiu immediately walked to the parachute and began to fold it.

    As a result, no matter how hard he tried, he could not get it right.

    It took him a lot of effort to put the parachute away, then he held it in one hand and caught up with the soldiers right away.

    Because of the deviation between the preset location and the landing location, they were about ten kilometers from the haloxylon ammondendron forest, where the Desert Cistanche grew.

    Under the command of the captain and the ten vice-captains, a thousand special soldiers, disregarding the scorching heat of the sun, carried all the combat supplies and ran in the direction that Fang Qiu pointed in.

    Thirty minutes later, they arrived at the growth area of the Desert Cistanche.

    “Stop!” Fang Qiu, who had already rushed to the front of the crowd, raised his right hand.

    A thousand special soldiers immediately stopped.

    “That’s okay.”

    Fang Qiu turned around, looked at the 1000 soldiers and said, “We’ve arrived. What you need to do in this training is to use the things you brought to survive for three days in this place!”

    “In the next three days, you have another task, which is to pick Desert Cistanche. Every one of you should pick one.”

    “You need to pick one out of ten!”

    “That is to say, if there are ten Desert Cistanches nearby, you can pick one. You can’t pick too many and you can’t destroy the ecological environment here!”

    All the soldiers were dumbfounded when they heard that.

    Was this a field training?

    Obviously, they were here to work for the drillmaster!

    How come they flew all the way here to collect herbs as part of the field training?

    “I’ll show you the way to pick Desert Cistanche. I’ll only do it once. Watch carefully.” Fang Qiu shouted.

    Then, he demonstrated in front of everyone how to pick the Desert Cistanche!

    Fang Qiu reminded them, “Let me give you a tip. You’d better dig it out on the last day, or it’ll be dead in three days.”

    Fang Qiu then found the captain and said, “Give me a set of clothes and equipment. I want to be exactly like your soldiers.”

    “Aren’t you a drillmaster?” The captain was puzzled.

    Fang Qiu asked, “I can’t train as a drillmaster?”

    “I’ll prepare it for you right away.” The captain answered. A light gleamed in his eyes as he looked at Fang Qiu.

    He had not expected that.

    As a drillmaster, Fang Qiu was willing to train with everyone.

    Fang Qiu indeed regarded himself as an ordinary person. The reason why he wanted equipment was because he wanted to be like the soldiers and followed the team where the captain was and secretly learn how these special soldiers survived in the extremely difficult situation of the desert, as it was hard for ordinary people to do it.