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Chapter 1050 - Insomnia Is Not a Minor Issue

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1050: Insomnia Is Not a Minor Issue

    They finally settled into the post-coitus mood.

    Not in the least bit sleepy, the two of them snuggled together and talked about how much they missed each other.

    Wen Xinya asked, “How’s your arm injury?”

    Whenever she called him when he was in Russia, she would feel a strong urge to ask him about the injury on his arm. However, she would never be able to bring herself to say it for she felt that it was inauspicious.

    Si Yiyan answered, “It’s just a minor injury, must you be so concerned about it?”

    His wound had already healed after two weeks. He did not expect that she would still be so concerned about it. Hence, he was at a sudden loss for words.

    “Let me take a look at it.” Wen Xinya supported herself against the bed and sat up to grab his arm and check his wound.

    A scab had already formed over his wound. If she did not know that he had taken a bullet for her, she would have thought that he did not get injured at all.

    Holding her in his arms, Si Yiyan whispered into her ear, “I know that someone will bleed and get hurt for me, so I won’t abuse my body.”

    Reason being, he did not want to watch her crying for him helplessly.

    Wen Xinya’s throat was dry and coarse as tears welled up in her eyes. However, she tried her best to hold her tears back. She knew that Si Yiyan would grow flustered and get a heartache whenever she cried. Hence, she did not want to cry in front of him.

    Pretending to be alright, she said in a coarse voice, “Your wound may have healed, but you still have to continue taking medicinal soups to nourish your body because you lost so much blood.”

    Previously, she thought about helping him nourish his body. However, her plans fell through because she returned to China earlier than he did.

    Si Yiyan naturally did not have any objections since he would be able to enjoy some soup made by the love of his life. He chuckled and said, “My pleasure.”

    Wen Xinya gently rubbed his brows, seemingly trying to get rid fo his fatigue. She then grazed her fingernail across his dark eye circles which were a result of lack of sleep.

    She then rubbed her face against the stubble on his chin which was a little painful, thus making her feel rather uncomfortable. His stubble was the very evidence of his masculinity.

    Si Yiyan smiled and looked away. “I’ve been rather busy the past few days, so I couldn’t be bothered to shave. Were you hurt?”

    Previously, he had forgotten about it because he was too caught up in the moment. He only realized now that her skin was extremely delicate and he might easily injure her.

    Shaking her head, Wen Xinya answered, “No, you look dashing.”

    He did look incredibly suave, manly and dashing. It was completely different from the vibe that he usually exuded, for he now looked much more austere and domineering.

    The dominant and ferocious man who was just thrusting himself into her while being drenched in sweat was now lying feebly on the bed, all fed and satisfied. He exuded a unique manly sexiness.

    Si Yiyan burst into laughter and said, “Don’t look at me like that. I’m just admiring your beauty. I don’t have the energy to continue devouring you, either.”

    After working strenuously for two weeks, he was overwhelmed with fatigue. In fact, he had pushed himself when they got intimate with each other just now. Now, he had already expended all of his energy and his temples began to throb.

    “Rascal, can’t you be more proper?” Although she seemed to be scolding him, Wen Xinya actually felt sorry for him. She reckoned that he must have had worked long and tough nights in Russia and wanted to return home as soon as possible.

    Si Yiyan ignored her and pinned her down beneath him. Biting her ear, he said, “I may not have the energy to continue devouring you, but it shouldn’t be a problem for me to satisfy you.”

    Wen Xinya could not help but fly into a rage. “You’d better be more serious.”

    Si Yiyan noticed that her eyes had turned red and tears had already welled up in them. Her beautiful nose was red too. It was as if she was about to cry soon. He obediently laid down beside her.

    Wen Xinya picked up her pajamas and draped it across her body to cover her private areas. Sitting on the bed, she placed Si Yiyan’s head on her lap and gently massaged his temples. “What you need now is rest.”

    The fact that he was not sleepy despite being exhausted reminded Wen Xinya of something.

    When they were in Russia, Xu Xianghu told her about Si Yiyan, including the most classic story about Lucifer’s traitor betraying Si Yiyan and causing him to end up stranded in the Philippines. The Filipinos were hostile towards the Chinese and it was not a peaceful country, either. Hence, Si Yiyan was in a dangerous predicament.

    After overcoming the crisis this time, the long battle that Lucifer had been going through, finally came to an end.

    Si Yiyan had also developed insomnia!

    For a long period of time, Si Yiyan had to rely on sleeping pills and soft drugs to help him catch some sleep. According to Xu Xianghu, the longest duration that Si Yiyan slept for during that period of time, was half an hour!

    She could not imagine how it felt to suffer such a severe lack of sleep.

    Insomnia was far more terrifying than death.

    Actually, she could imagine how it felt to be stuck in a dangerous situation where he had to stay sharp and vigilante at all times. He even had to hold his gun when he was sleeping and any movement could be an attack directed at him. It was only understandable that he would develop an emotional trauma during that period.

    He had to keep his guard up against everything because he did not trust the environment, the world or the people around him.

    That should be the same when Plan A was being carried out!

    She suspected that Si Yiyan was beginning to show signs of insomnia again.

    Si Yiyan closed his eyes slowly and said, “Baby, I didn’t expect you to be so good at giving massages.”

    She applied the appropriate amount of pressure and helped his body relax. It had been more than ten days since he slept properly. He could finally close his eyes and relax, surrounded by a safe environment. He thought… that they could finally get a good sleep.

    Wen Xinya said softly, “I’ve never been the kind to only take and not give. I’m not lazy, either. Don’t think that you’re the only person who knows how to give a massage.”

    Si Yiyan expressed assent and remained silent afterwards.

    Wen Xinya softly recounted everything that happened in Capital city when he was not around.

    She then thought about the treatment plan that Old Mr. Du had come up with. “Regarding your treatment plan, the research has already been completed. Let’s find a time to go see Grandpa Du. The treatment for your ailment can’t drag on any longer.”

    Si Yiyan’s breathing slowly became regular.