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Chapter 409 - Tie Me Around Your Waist with a Rope

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 409: Tie Me Around Your Waist with a Rope

    When Tang Jinyu heard Jian Qi’s voice, he subconsciously intended to ask her to come over. However, right then, the manager appeared with an intricate giftbox and was walking toward Tang Jinyu.

    “Young Master Tang…” The manager handed the giftbox over to Tang Jinyu, who accepted it with extended hands.

    Jian Qi quickly walked over to peek at the box.

    When Tang Jinyu opened the box, a beautiful diamond necklace could be seen.

    ‘Hey, which little goblin did you prepare this gift for?’

    “Does it look good?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Jian Qi smiled devilishly. “If it’s a gift for me, I would reluctantly accept it.”

    “You think too much!” Tang Jinyu smiled half-heartedly.

    “Let’s go.” Tang Jinyu closed the box directly.

    Jian Qi pouted as she caught up with Tang Jinyu. “Little Tang Tang, your little fairy is jealous. My heart is in pain. I feel sad and terribly hurt…’

    Tang Jinyu grunted calmly without saying a word.

    “Aren’t you going to say anything to comfort me?”

    When Jian Qi circled her hand around his arm, Tang Jinyu pulled his hand away forcefully. However, Jian Qi directly grabbed him by the palm. Not only was he not able to pull his hand away, his hand was being held even more tightly by her.

    In the end, Tang Jinyu had no choice but to give up the struggle and allow Jian Qi to do as she wished.

    Jian Qi smiled. ‘I should take advantage of him when the occasion arises!’

    ‘Don’t even think about getting away from my evil claws this easily!’

    “Little Tang Tang, please comfort me…” Jian Qi said depressedly.

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath as he stopped walking. “What do you want?” He sounded as if he was indulging her, even if only a little, despite not being aware of it.

    “Please console me?”

    “How do I console you?”

    Jian Qi looked around before landing her gaze upon a store that was selling desserts. “Buy me ice-cream!”

    Tang Jinyu scoffed. “Aren’t you full after eating pork knuckles? Do you still want ice-cream?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘He is so darn persistent in bringing that up!’

    When Tang Jinyu saw how Jian Qi seemed somewhat annoyed, a smile appeared on his face briefly. However, he began walking toward the store selling desserts.

    Soon after, he walked out from the store with a large tub of ice-cream in one hand and two bags in the other. Therefore, Jian Qi decided to temporarily forgive Tang Jinyu.

    When Tang Jinyu saw that Jian Qi was appeased with only ice-cream, he felt a little helpless. Was she fond of food or was she genuinely easy to comfort?

    The two entered the car and drove away.

    While eating ice-cream, Jian Qi asked, “Which little goblin did you buy that necklace for?”

    “Yiyi,” Tang Jinyu said calmly.

    “You bought a necklace for your little sister. How sweet, Brother Tang.” Jian Qi smiled playfully at him.

    Tang Jinyu felt the urge to kick her out of the car.

    Tang Jinyu ignored Jian Qi’s comment and stepped down on the accelerator to speed up the car.

    When Jian Qi finished eating the ice-cream in her hand, she opened another packet and started eating.

    “Aren’t you worried that you might get a stomachache?” Tang Jinyu frowned as he warned.

    “Instructor Tang bought these for me. Naturally, I must finish all of it to show my gratitude!” Jian Qi blinked several times at Tang Jinyu. It was so annoying that Tang Jinyu felt the urge to hit her.

    “Don’t run off later. Get back to the base after dinner!” Tang Jinyu reminded. He felt that he needed to constantly remind her of this to prevent her from doing anything ridiculous.

    “Instructor, if you really can’t stop worrying about me, you can tie me around your waist with a rope and take me wherever you go!”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath as he pursed his lips lightly and frowned.

    He began to regret bringing this person with him.

    After ignoring Jian Qi, Tang Jinyu drove the car into the Tang family’s courtyard.

    Once the car had stopped, Jian Qi glanced around to find that there were cars parked everywhere.

    “Rich tycoon, please allow me to hug your leg!” Jian Qi chuckled.

    Tang Jinyu ignored her and reached for the pork knuckles in the back of the car. When Jian Qi saw what he did, she naturally circled around Tang Jinyu to stand next to him on the other side.

    Tang Jinyu’s mouth twitched when he noticed her behavior. Was she still traumatized by what happened?