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Chapter 393 - Let Everything Get Back On Track (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 393: Let Everything Get Back On Track (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio¬†¬†Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The contrasting black words on the white paper stabbed right into Gu Yu's heart like a sharp blade. The gentleness in the depth of his eyes subsided quickly as if it touched first. Only an endless dark pit was left in his eyes.

    He stared at the paper for a long time before rigidly squatting down. As he picked up the divorce agreement with his long fingers, the darkness grew even further within the depth of his eyes. He clenched his fist and slowly crumpled the paper.

    He turned to look at the person that was sleeping soundly on the bed. His thin lips were pursed so tightly they became a hard and cold line.

    Was this what Xu Weilai wanted to talk to him about? A divorce? Had she still not given up on this? Was this why she was carrying the divorce agreement? Was she planning to talk to him about this again?

    Was this... the reason why she acted abnormally the past few days?

    After she got injured, she said that she was willing to wait for him and to let him work hard to make up for the harm he inflicted upon her in the past. During this time, their relationship was slowly improving. He could sense her attitude towards him gradually softening.

    Why did she suddenly go back to wanting a divorce?

    Gu Yu tightly furrowed his brows. He didn't understand it at all. Did he do something wrong? That couldn't be it; when he went to the holiday village to look for her and personally asked her this, she said he didn't.

    He also brought her to see his parents. The nervousness and sense of importance she displayed were genuine!

    Could it be... that this divorce agreement was prepared in the past when she still wanted a divorce? It might not be what she wanted to talk to him about.

    It wasn't hard to confirm his theory.

    Gu Yu suppressed his muddled emotions and picked up the items on the floor one by one, including the divorce agreement. He placed them back into the bag, which he then placed back on the bedside table.

    Then, he stood and walked out of the bedroom, heading towards the study room.

    Xu Weilai didn't shut her laptop off; she only closed it. When Gu Yu opened the laptop, he was immediately greeted by the login page.

    Gu Yu knew the ID and password for Xu Weilai's laptop, so he entered the password directly and gained access.

    He didn't even need to look for the document for the divorce agreement; it was right on the desktop. He moved the mouse and clicked on the document to check the time of creation. It was created before she went to visit his parents.

    His guess wasn't wrong so far...

    He wanted to bring her to see his parents as a way to show her that he had sincerely forgotten about the past. He wanted to walk together with her toward the future. Even then, she was thinking about getting a divorce with him.

    Gu Yu's hand, which was holding the mouse, trembled violently for a moment. It caused the pointer to shift upwards towards the right until accidentally clicked on the mouse. Xu Weilai's email appeared in front of his eyes.

    A few emails were created around the same time as the divorce agreement. He didn't know why, but he clicked the emails.


    Xu Weilai: [Big boss, can I advance one billion RMB of salary?]

    Big boss: [Why do you need so much money?]

    Xu Weilai: [I want to divorce.]

    Big boss: [Sure]

    There was another email that came slightly afterward.

    Big boss: [I will transfer the money to you tomorrow. If you have any other troubles when divorcing, you can look for me.]


    Not only did she prepare the divorce agreement, but she had also prepared the money. She even found people who would help and support her. This meant that she had made up her mind to get a divorce with him.

    Gu Yu's black eyes were fixed on the four words ‘I want to divorce' on the screen. Sorrow began to gradually rise in his eyes at the words.