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Chapter 341 - The Rest Is All in Her Mouth

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 341: The Rest Is All in Her Mouth

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    "Her parents were in Yonggu City. They are already flying over. Her brother has something urgent to attend to, so he can't rush over. He should be here soon."

    The staff was also a little helpless.

    Su Cha nodded. "I'll stay here for a while."

    Jin Mou nodded. Seeing that Jin Mou had Su Cha with her, the staff left temporarily. After they left, Su Cha said directly, "An Qiao was the one who poisoned you. Did you know?"

    Jin Mou's eyes widened in disbelief.

    She could not speak, but Su Cha knew that she had something to ask, so she explained the situation.

    In the end, she said casually, "I dealt with her in the same way. Whatever she did, she should pay the price. The production crew should be dealing with her now, and then they'll give you an explanation."

    Jin Mou shook her head and sent a message to Su Cha. [Is this illegal? Won't she call the police?]

    Su Cha chuckled. "How would she dare to call the police when she was the one who started it? If this matter gets exposed, your fans will be angry."

    Jin Mou was still a little worried. [I've heard many contestants talking about her in the past few days. It's said that her family has power in the Imperial Capital. I'm afraid that you will be in trouble.]

    Su Cha was stunned.

    Her smile was a little strange, then she sighed softly. "At this time, you're still worrying about me? If you hadn't drunk that cup of juice, it would have been me who drank it. An Qiao probably wanted to take action when she saw that I was back. You don't have to worry about her. I won't get into any trouble. What's more important is that, if you can't participate in the competition, what will you do?"

    Jin Mou picked up her phone and showed it to her. [Brother told me not to participate in the competition. I will stay at the place he'd arranged for me after this.]

    Su Cha knew that Jin Mou's brother had mentioned several times that he wanted Jin Mou to quit participating in the competition. This was an unexpected surprise.

    While the two of them were discussing, someone suddenly rushed into the ward. "Jin Mou!"

    Jin Duan was here.

    His tall figure filled the ward. When he saw Jin Mou lying on the bed, his eyes turned red.

    It was not because his eyes were sore but because he was too angry.

    Jin Mou cracked when she saw him. She could still pretend to be calm in front of Su Cha, but now, she jumped into his arms and started crying.

    She was really upset that she could not participate in the competition anymore.

    Jin Duan hugged Jin Mou and glanced at Su Cha. Then he hugged Jin Mou tightly and comforted her silently.

    His gaze was icy. He was more furious than anyone when he heard that Jin Mou had been poisoned.

    He wanted to kill the perpetrator right now, but a policeman should not be so impulsive.

    When some time had passed, Jin Duan raised his eyes to look at Su Cha. His eyes were filled with vigilance and scrutiny.


    Why was he wary of her?

    Although she was a little puzzled, she could understand some of Jin Duan's thoughts now that Jin Mou was in trouble. She directly told him about this matter.

    Jin Duan gritted his teeth.

    It was rare for such a cold person like him to show such an expression. The rest of his words came out through gritted teeth. "We should report this to the police."

    "I don't mind calling the police, but I also poured the remaining poison into her mouth."


    After Su Cha said this casually, Jin Duan looked at her fiercely.