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Chapter 410 - Little Tang Tang, Are You Hiding Your Mistress?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 410: Little Tang Tang, Are You Hiding Your Mistress?

    As soon as the two of them entered the living room, a maid approached them. “Young Master…”

    When Jian Qi looked around at the decorations in the living room, she realized that it was Tang Yiyi’s birthday today.

    Tang Jinyu nodded before handing the bag of pork knuckles to the maid.

    While accepting the bag from Tang Jinyu, the servant felt confused as to why Tang Jinyu would personally bring pork knuckles.

    “Brother, you came…” Tang Yiyi’s excited voice could be heard. However, her eyes instantly lit up when she saw Jian Qi eating the final bit of ice-cream next to Tang Jinyu.

    “My future Sister-in-Law, it’s great to see you!” Tang Yiyi greeted excitedly.

    Jian Qi smiled devilishly as she put her spoon down and handed the tub of ice-cream over to Tang Jinyu. Immediately thereafter, she took the intricate giftbox away from Tang Jinyu.

    “Your brother and I carefully picked this out for you. Happy birthday!” Jian Qi beamed.

    Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu looked at Jian Qi coldly.

    ‘Young lady, how shameless can you be?’

    When Tang Yiyi noticed Tang Jinyu’s facial expression, she immediately knew what was going on. However, she did not expose the truth. “Thank you, future Sister-in-Law.” Tang Yiyi smiled.

    “You’re being overly polite. Aren’t we family, after all?”

    While Tang Yiyi tried not to laugh, she shifted her gaze to Tang Jinyu who had a gloomy look in his eyes. “Brother, why don’t you show my sister-in-law around? I’m going to greet the other guests.”

    Tang Jinyu nodded.

    Once Tang Yiyi left, Jian Qi once again retrieved the tub of ice-cream from Tang Jinyu’s hand. “Instructor Tang, your sister is really capable.”

    Tang Jinyu sighed helplessly. “Follow me upstairs.”

    Jian Qi calmly followed him.

    Everyone who showed up to Tang Yiyi’s birthday party were well-known individuals from the military, the government, as well as the business environment. Jian Qi was a little surprised after looking around.

    “Why aren’t there any artists?” Jian Qi asked.

    The Tang Group owned a large entertainment company that held contracts with at least half of Nation A’s most popular celebrities.

    However, none of the artists showed up to celebrate with Tang Yiyi, their big boss, on her birthday.

    “Our old man doesn’t like people from the entertainment industry,” Tang Jinyu explained.

    Although Jian Qi had heard about this from Coco in the past, she did not think that it was this severe.

    “Despite your old man not liking the entertainment industry, Tang Yiyi still had the courage to launch an entertainment company. I admire her bravery!” Jian Qi could not resist the urge to clap for that lady.

    When Tang Jinyu saw how excited Jian Qi seemed, he was a little speechless.

    After Tang Jinyu opened the door to his room, he walked in with Jian Qi behind him before he closed the door after her.

    With black, white, and grey as the central colors of this room, it gave off a low-key, luxurious vibe with a hint of melancholy. It felt exactly like how Tang Jinyu’s room should be.

    Jian Qi smiled devilishly before walking directly over to the bed. “This is Instructor Tang’s bed!”

    Before Jian Qi could hop onto the bed, Tang Jinyu grabbed her by her collar and tossed her onto the couch nearby. “Stop messing around!”

    As Tang Jinyu kept his cold gaze on Jian Qi, he handed her a military book. “If you’re bored, you can read. I am going out for a while. I’ll get you when it’s time to eat!”

    “Little Tang Tang, are you hiding your mistress in your room?” Jian Qi batter her eyelids playfully.

    “I’m not hiding my mistress. You are the pigeon occupying the sparrow’s nest!” Tang Jinyu scoffed.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Damn you…’

    ‘Could it be any more painful than this?’

    ‘You are the pigeon!’

    ‘You are a family of pigeons!’

    After watching Tang Jinyu leave, Jian Qi gazed around the room before chuckling devilishly.

    ‘Pigeon occupying the sparrow’s nest, huh?’

    ‘Little Tang Tang, you’d better not cry your eyes out later!’