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Chapter 608 - Lop Nor’s Secret!

Medical Master
     Chapter 608 Lop Nor’s Secret!

    In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

    In the past three days, Fang Qiu, who had asked to be treated like one of the troops, really learned a lot from these one thousand special soldiers, including how to get water from the desert, avoid the hot sun, search for food and so on.

    On the morning of the third day, everyone was already exhausted from their time spent in the desert.

    The three days of training were totally inhumane.

    Not only did these special soldiers have to look for water and food for themselves, but they had to be vigilant at all times, waiting for training instructions that might appear at any time.

    Sometimes, as soon as they found the water, they also received training instructions. They had to train before they could even take a sip of the water. When the training was done, the water was gone, so they had to dig the sand to find the underground water again.

    Although they were all special soldiers who had experienced a lot of inhuman high-impact training before, the training this time was completely beyond their imagination.

    It was not easy for them to get to the third day.

    Everyone looked at the time. When they were ready to return, they immediately divided ten people into a team and began to pick Desert Cistanche.

    Fang Qiu was supervising them from the sideline.

    After these two days of training and guidance, these special forces were actually proficient in digging out Desert Cistanche.

    1,000 special soldiers were divided into 100 teams to dig 100 Desert Cistanches.

    The range was within 30 kilometers.

    They needed to pick one out of ten Desert Cistanches in each area.

    It took them only an hour to dig out all the Desert Cistanche.

    In the outermost perimeter of the digging team, a ten-person squad finished picking the Desert Cistanches and was about to leave.

    “Eh?” A soldier looked hesitantly in the distance.

    “What’s wrong?” The captain immediately turned to ask.

    “Captain, over there.” The soldier raised his hand and pointed into the distance.

    “What are you looking at? If you go any further, you’ll reach Lop Nor.”

    While speaking, the captain turned his head and looked in the direction the soldier pointed.

    As a result, he was also stunned by what he saw.

    On a sand dune in the distance, there was a milky white Jeep with two motorcycles on it.

    “What’s that?” The captain squinted and took out the binoculars from his equipment bag to check.

    A soldier said, “That place seems to be a historical site.”

    The other soldiers nodded in agreement.

    Another soldier said, “Let’s go. Although this area is deep in the desert, it is already close to Lop Nor. There are many sites there. It is normal for people to travel and have a sightseeing tour there.”

    “Wait!” Just as everyone was ready to return, the captain observing through the binoculars suddenly raised his right hand and shouted.

    The ten soldiers stopped immediately and lined up.

    “According to my observation, there is no one within 300 meters of that vehicle. They might be tourists, but there is also a possibility that the citizens were attacked. And it’s also possible that they are a criminal gang!”

    The captain raised his eyebrows and said, “Follow me.”

    Then he immediately led the team and trotted all the way to the historical site in the distance.

    After careful calculation, the route was about 1.5 kilometers away.

    Moreover, the jeep might have stopped there a long time ago. The reason why it hadn’t been discovered at the beginning was due to the fact that an hour ago, there was a very high sand dune in front of them. Now the sand dune had been reduced to half its size. Thus, it was exposed.

    Several minutes later, the team came to a spot that was less than 20 meters away from the milky white jeep.

    They observed it closely.

    They found that this jeep was very clean and the condition of the entire vehicle was very good. It should have been driven here not too long ago.

    “Be careful and stay alert.” The captain made a gesture and then led the team to advance.

    In front of them was a historical site similar to a building. Because it had been there for a long time, it had been subject to the elements, leaving only three pillars and a wall.

    Looking from the front, the first floor of this site was very low, just like the foundation.

    On this foundation, three pillars supported a floor, but the rooms on the second floor were in ruins, leaving only the floor.

    Perhaps due to it having been buried in yellow sand before, there was a slope that looked like a wall behind the site. This was piled up from the inside and led straight to the second floor.

    At this moment, the Jeep was parked on the second floor.

    The squad of ten soldiers walked around the foundation and reached the back of the site.

    “Stop!” Suddenly, as soon as they walked to the back of the site, the captain of the squad immediately reached out his hand to signal them to stop. He was immediately on the alert as if he had seen something.

    All the others were also on their guard.

    The captain waved his hand and beckoned for the ten soldiers to come forward.

    All of them went forward and had a look.

    At the back of this site, there was a half-meter-wide hole near the wall.

    Next to the entrance of the cave, there was a red willow branch, a reed pole and a lid made of the populus euphratica which was as wide as a bowl!

    “Could this be a tomb?” A soldier whispered.

    “Hush!” The captain immediately signaled them to keep quiet.

    At this moment, “Knock, knock, knock…”

    The sound of footsteps could be heard coming from the hole.

    The captain’s face changed. He immediately motioned for everyone to find a place to hide and prepare for an ambush.

    After a while, a man poked his head out of the hole, looked around like a mole, climbed out and reached in to pull another person out.

    “Don’t move!” At this moment, the captain immediately rushed out with his men.

    Ten people directly surrounded the man from all directions.

    The man standing at the entrance of the cave was immediately dumbfounded!

    “Grave robbing?” The captain’s face was gloomy.

    He had heard that this area was close to Lop Nor. Due to a large number of historical sites, tomb raiders would come to this place. However, he did not expect to actually run into them.

    The tomb raiders were also dumbfounded!

    “What the f*ck! How come we ran into the regular troops?”

    While they were still in shock, two more people crawled out of the cave. In addition to some tools used to raid tombs tied to their waists, each of them had a gun in their hand.

    They saw that the situation was not in their favor, but they could not escape.

    The three of them looked at each other gloomily and nodded slightly, ready to fight back and run away.

    As soon as they made a move, they were directly knocked down by the special forces in a short time.

    Even though these special soldiers had been worn out from the tasks from the three days, the tomb raiders were still no match for them.

    “Sir, sir!”

    After subduing the tomb raiders, the captain ran aside and quickly took out the walkie-talkie to report the location and situation to his superiors.

    After a short while, more and more people gathered at the place.

    Looking at the growing special forces, the three tomb raiders were suddenly frightened!

    “Damn it, how can we be so unlucky?”

    “F*ck, what the hell is going on? Why are there so many people here?”

    “What the f*ck is this? The whole squadron is here?”

    The three tomb raiders were devastated.

    In the distance, the team led by their captain soon received the report. Fang Qiu was also in the team.

    Led by the captain, everyone immediately rushed over to deal with it.

    Soon, they came to the historical site.

    “Take them away.”

    Seeing the three tomb raiders, the captain frowned and said with a serious face, “Leave it to the officials!”

    “Bang, bang, bang…” At this moment, loud sounds of running footsteps could be heard.

    Everyone was stunned and turned around, one after another.

    However, just as they turned around, they saw a huge black shadow suddenly dropping from the sky and rushing toward a soldier.

    “Hmm?” The soldiers were shocked.

    “Something’s not quite right.” Seeing this, Fang Qiu immediately rushed up and shielded the soldier. At the same time, he lifted his right foot and kicked hard at the huge shadow. A huge force erupted in an instant and sent the huge figure flying away.

    The black shadow turned out to be a giant lizard!

    “Everyone, retreat!”

    Looking at the giant lizard that had been knocked down, Fang Qiu’s face changed. He immediately shouted with a frown.

    All the people quickly retreated and moved behind Fang Qiu.

    “Bang, bang, bang…” At this very moment, another loud thudding sound of footsteps could be heard.

    Fang Qiu looked up.

    At the place where the first giant lizard had rushed out, there were actually more than a dozen giant lizards that quickly climbed over the sand dune and rushed toward them.

    They looked carefully and found that the giant lizard was four or five meters long, which was twice the size of a normal giant lizard!

    Seeing so many giant lizards, the three tomb raiders cried out in horror.

    While all the special soldiers were shocked, all of them calmed down and raised their guns to aim at the giant lizards.

    Among the crowd, the captain’s expression changed. When he was about to order the soldiers to fire and retreat, Fang Qiu took a step back. He waved his hand and had a serious look on his face. His internal Qi broke out, gathering the yellow sand under his feet, which quickly formed into a thick sand wall around them. The wall encircled everyone and blocked out the dozen or more giant lizards.

    “It’s strange.”

    Protecting the crowd, Fang Qiu frowned and murmured in a low voice, “How can there be such a giant lizard? Is it a guardian beast?”

    With a thought in mind, he spread out his Divine Consciousness, sweeping around, but did not find any Heaven or Earth Treasures.

    Still in doubt, Fang Qiu turned his head and saw the captain’s strange expression. He immediately asked, “What’s going on? How can there be such a big lizard in the desert?”

    “Well…” The captain hesitated for a moment and said with a frown, “That direction is Lop Nor. It is said that Lop Nor is a very mysterious place, equivalent to the Zone 51 of Huaxia.”

    “It seems that in the late 70s in the last century, people found a very large underground cave here, which housed thousands of giant carnivorous lizards. Then people made a shaft there and conducted a world-shaking nuclear explosion experiment. In fact, the purpose was to eliminate these lizards.”

    At this point, the captain cast another deep look at the giant figure and continued with a cold and serious expression on his face, “It seems that the rumor is true. I did not expect that these giant lizards were still alive!”

    Fang Qiu gave a wry smile when he heard that.

    Only a few giant carnivorous lizards were left after the explosion. After so many years, there were not only more than a dozen of them, but hundreds of them.

    It seemed that Fang Qiu had to make a breakthrough today, no matter what.

    However, even though there were many giant lizards, there were also more special forces warriors present.

    If he were to make a move himself, it would probably be difficult for him to protect all these warriors.

    These special troops were cultivated by the country through hard work. To lose any of them would be an immeasurable loss for the country.

    In the case of protecting them, how could he deal with the giant lizards?

    The only way was to improve their strength!

    Thinking of this, Fang Qiu took a deep breath and said to the special soldiers, “The real training begins. From now on, each squadron should attack me with all your might, one after another!”