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Chapter 1052 - Coming Clean with Grandpa

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1052: Coming Clean with Grandpa

    Wen Xinya barely slept that night as she spent it giving Si Yiyan a head massage. She dared not relax at all. In the end, her fingers were so sore and stiff that she did not want to move at all. Her arms had turned numb too. She could not put into words the discomfort that she felt in her legs because of Si Yiyan’s head resting on her lap.

    When daybreak arrived, Wen Xinya caved in to the fatigue and laid on top of Si Yiyan before dozing off.

    The last thing that was on her mind before she fell asleep was—”I can’t even go a night without sleeping. How does Si Yiyan manage sleeping half an hour a day?”

    After sleeping for less than two hours, Wen Xinya struggled to get out of bed and made some mulberry honey for Si Yiyan. She did that despite suffering from a major headache, simply because she was extremely concerned about his insomnia.

    The mulberry honey recipe originated from the Han Dynasty and passed through generations. It was the best remedy for soothing one’s senses. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, it was believed that insomnia was caused by kidney issues. The function of the kidney was to aid in the growth of bone marrow while the marrow was closely related to the brain. Hence, insomnia was frequently treated by nourishing the kidney.

    It was believed that black-colored foods would help with nourishing the kidney, and mulberry happened to be black. The effects were obvious too.

    She hoped that the mulberry honey could help cure Si Yiyan’s insomnia.

    Wen Xinya called Du Ruo again and requested for her to concoct some aromatherapy incense that would help with inducing sleep. Du Ruo had previously studied aromatherapy, which was believed by the ancient people to offer great benefits for the spleen and overall health and wellness. Hence, she developed a strong interest in it and began researching more about aromatherapy.

    Reminded of some brain-nourishing medicinal recipes, Wen Xinya decided to make some for Si Yiyan to nourish his body.

    However, she decided to take her time.

    She returned to the Wen Family home to see that Old Mr. Wen was tending to the pot of orchids that she had given him. Upon sigh of her, he said, “You’re back. From now on, don’t wander off alone at night. It’s dangerous for a girl like you to be out there alone at such a late hour.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Grandpa, I know. It was an emergency last night.”

    Old Mr. Wen decided not to continue nagging about it. After all, she was old and sensible enough to handle her own private life.

    Staring at the orchids in front of her, Wen Xinya said smilingly, “Grandpa, you’re indeed really talented in tending to orchids. This pot of orchids has become so beautiful under your care.”

    She had discarded the pot of withered orchids in Old Mr. Wen’s office and bought a new pot for him which she had carefully selected.

    Old Mr. Wen smiled smugly and said, “I wouldn’t dare to brag about anything else, but I dare say that no one can compare to me when it comes to taking care of plants, not even your Grampy. I managed to impress your Grampy all because of my impeccable skills. The two of us forged a strong friendship ever since.”

    Old Mr. Wen was emotional.

    The Wen Family’s ancestors were all well-known scholars. However, Old Mr. Wen paled in comparison to them and hence, had no choice but to go to sea to do business. After the Wen Family established a firm foothold in Capital city, Old Mr. Wen began trying to improve the Wen Family’s reputation by trying to give others the impression that the Wen Family was a scholarly family. Reason being, he did not want others to think that they were nouveau riche.

    She merely thought that her grandfathers had become friends because of the fact that they were both scholars.

    After chatting with Old Mr. Wen for a while, Wen Xinya said smilingly, “I’ve postponed my music, chess, and painting lessons because of my examinations. Now that the final examinations are over, I plan to resume the lessons and move back to Grampy’s home to catch up. Of course… I also want to spend some time with Grampy.”

    She had decided to move back to the Mo Family home after her summer break a long time ago.

    It was partly because Old Mr. Mo was old in his years and was living all alone by himself. Hence, she wanted to spend more time with him and show him her filial piety.

    On the other hand, the trip to Russia had also made her realize that she and Si Yiyan were worlds apart. Hence, she wanted to learn as much as she could from Old Mr. Mo.

    Of course, she was rather worried about Si Yiyan’s insomnia. Since Old Mr. Mo knew about her relationship with Si Yiyan, she could take care of Si Yiyan easily without worrying about anything else.

    Of course, it was also because Old Mr. Du had already begun treating Si Yiyan and hence, she wanted to accompany him while he was receiving treatment.

    Old Mr. Wen paused in his actions and said, “You’re not proud or arrogant despite having passed your final examinations with flying colors. Neither have you started slacking. I’m very happy about that. Besides… you’re your Grampy’s only kin. He has always been introverted and aloof. It’s good for you to spend more time with him.”

    However, he was still feeling a little disappointed because Wen Xinya would always spend her holidays in the Mo Family home.

    However, he naturally wouldn’t stop Wen Xinya since she had managed to become so outstanding all thanks to the education she received from Old Mr. Mo. Besides, he felt indebted to Old Mr. Mo because of Mo Yunyao’s death. Hence, he hoped that he could make it up to Old Mr. Mo through Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya held onto Old Mr. Wen’s arm and said, “Thank you, Grandpa!”

    Seeing her affectionate behavior, Old Mr. Wen smiled and asked, “When do you plan to move there?”

    Wen Xinya said, “I’ll go tomorrow. Grampy has arranged for me to learn about history and conspiracy theories. It’s a rare opportunity; I’ve always lacked flair in these subjects. Hence, I plan to learn more.”

    Old Mr. Wen nodded and expressed assent. “China has a rich history of 5000 years, which is our cultural treasure. By studying history, we can learn about how wise our predecessors are and develop our own wit, wisdom, and ingenuity. It’s good to possess these traits that you can apply in any domain. It’s rare that Old Mr. Mo would offer to teach you. You ought to learn more.”

    Wen Xinya had always been enthusiastic about learning and Old Mr. Mo was willing to teach her too. Hence, he was extremely pleased about that.

    Wen Xinya nodded solemnly and said, “Grandpa, I understand.”

    Old Mr. Wen continued, “Xinya, you’re a good child.”

    After living as Zhang Xiaolan for fifteen years, she returned to the Wen Family home and had a fresh start in life. She managed to secure a footing in the Wen Family. Although everyone felt that he was just defending Wen Xinya, he knew that she had managed to come thus far all because of her hard work and abilities.

    Xia Ruya, who had returned to square one after being Wen Ruya for fifteen years, slowly led herself astray and onto the path of ruin. Perhaps, outsiders may think that Xia Ruya had plunged from Heaven to Hell because of the fact that she had become the Xia Family’s illegitimate daughter, but Old Mr. Wen was well aware that Xia Ruya had lost to Wen Xinya right from the start.

    Wen Xinya obviously understood Old Mr. Wen’s emotions. In her previous lifetime, she had learned how to observe the situation and act accordingly because of how cold Old Mr. Wen was towards her. No one understood Old Mr. Wen better than she did in this lifetime.

    “Grandpa, I still remember the day that you brought me home together with Butler Yu. I was standing in the opulent living room and telling myself, ‘Wen Xinya, one fine day, you’ll become a prestigious heiress who’s fit enough to live here’. I’ve never forgotten that.”

    Yeah! She had never forgotten how it felt to have her efforts go unrecognized in her previous lifetime. It even resulted in her tragic death. In this lifetime, she managed to get to where she was after receiving some help from Old Mr. Mo.

    Old Mr. Wen was at a sudden loss for words. He nodded continuously and exclaimed, “Great! Great! Great!”