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Chapter 394 - Let Everything Get Back On Track (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 394: Let Everything Get Back On Track (2)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Gu Yu closed the laptop and rose from the rotating chair. He walked towards the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the dark night sky outside. A variety of emotions remained in the depth of his eyes, ultimately changing into endless ridicule.

    His heart seemed to be pricked by multiple thin and dense needles. It was hurting so violently that his face turned slightly pale.

    In the past, no matter what he did, he would be determined to achieve the goal once he fixed his mind on it.

    Now, he finally knew that not everything would go as planned. Some mistakes couldn’t be resolved so easily.

    Helplessness spread to every inch of his body. The uncomfortable feeling caused him to stumble and nearly lose his balance.

    He walked back to the study table and took out a pack of cigarettes and lighter from the drawer. He took out one cigarette and lit it. Then, he placed it between his lips and took a deep breath to slowly released the smoke. While the smoke curled up in the air, his gaze was deep and heavy.


    On the other hand…

    As Yun Rou listened to the person on the other end of the phone reporting the situation to her, her gaze slowly turned cold and vicious. In the end, she was so infuriated that she violently threw her phone on the ground.

    The screen cracked as the phone fell onto the ground, forming multiple crack lines along the surface.

    As she sat on the sofa, her chest was heaving up and down furiously. Her beautiful face, which was usually gentle and calm, turned sinister and frightening.

    Ever since Rong Fanghua failed to humiliate Xu Weilai and instead allowed her to get the spotlight, she had started planning her own scheme.

    At first, everything went extremely smoothly. She could even say that everything was perfect. She slowly caused Xu Weilai’s firm love towards Gu Yu to crumble. The call that she made to Xu Weilai before she went for Gu Yu’s date was the last and final fatal blow. She felt Xu Weilai flinching.

    She didn’t expect this outcome… she still underestimated how shameless Xu Weilai was!

    She didn’t hold back on her words. Anyone with an ego wouldn’t go for the date to ask for an insult. They would instead be sensible and shrink back, but Xu Weilai didn’t do that. She still went ahead as though nothing had happened.

    She took chances when she planned this scheme, but she felt that there was a 90% chance of success. Despite that, she lost. How could she not feel angry?

    Well, it made sense. How could a scheming lady like Xu Weilai give up the position of the Gu family’s young mistress so easily? She was always despicable. How could she hope that Xu Weilai would know her own limitations?

    Yun Rou got up and walked to the small bar table in her hotel room. She took a high crystal wine glass and poured a glass of wine for herself. She lifted the glass and shook it lightly, then lifted her head and drank the wine.

    The aromatic and mellow wine slid down her throat. It was sweet and had a strong aftertaste. She closed her eyes in satisfaction. The anger in her heart finally started to gradually subside. Her usual elegance and calm aura around her came back.

    Even though Xu Weilai won this time, it was a precarious win. At least she gained something too.

    The relationship between Xu Weilai and Gu Yu was… even more brittle than the wine glass in her hand. Perhaps there were no feelings between them at all.

    She was very satisfied with this finding. She didn’t believe that Gu Yu would have such poor eyesight to fall in love with that kind of woman!

    Her gaze turned bitter. She was unwilling to give up just like this. She looked ahead of her as if Gu Yu was just in front of her eyes. She muttered to herself, “Yu, how could you find such a despicable lady just to take revenge on me? Are you truly so furious that I left you that year?”

    Unwilling to let him continue living with this mistake, she returned to bring things back to order.

    ‘Xu Weilai doesn’t deserve Gu Yu. I am the only one that could match him,’ she thought. Thus, she would soon let everything get back on track.