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Chapter 411 - A Soldier? Why Did Yiyi Call Her Sister-in-Law?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 411: A Soldier? Why Did Yiyi Call Her Sister-in-Law?

    When Tang Yiyi saw Tang Jinyu walking down the stairs on his own, she laughed. “Brother, why are you down here and not accompanying my sister-in-law instead?”

    Tang Jinyu glared at her coldly. “Must you force me to act violently even though it’s your birthday today?”

    “Brother, if you dare touch me, I’m going to ask my sister-in-law to help me out.” Tang Yiyi was not afraid at all.

    Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly. “Tang Yiyi…”

    “Alright then, I’m going to greet my guests. Feel free to roam around. If you don’t have anything else to do, go upstairs and spend more time with my sister-in-law.”

    “Where’s Dad?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    “The study.”

    “I’ll go there and see him,” Tang Jinyu said as he began walking toward the study. However, Tang Yiyi reached for his wrist before he could do so.

    “What’s the matter?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    “Brother, I have something to tell you.”

    Tang Yiyi pulled Tang Jinyu along until they entered a room nearby. She even closed the door behind them.

    Tang Jinyu raised his brows knowingly. “Why are you acting so secretively? Is there something you need my help with?”

    “Brother, I invited Qiao Bo over,” Tang Yiyi said very carefully.

    Tang Jinyu paused as he looked at Tang Yiyi. “I’m guessing you don’t want to have a peaceful birthday.” He pursed his lips.

    “Brother, you must help me.” Tang Yiyi pouted.

    Meanwhile, feeling helpless, Tang Jinyu took a deep breath.

    “When our old man gets mad, nobody can control him!” Tang Jinyu said in a deep voice.

    “That’s why I asked for your help!”

    With his lips pursed, Tang Jinyu took another deep breath. When he looked at how careful Tang Yiyi was behaving, his heart went out to her.

    “You and Qiao Bo… Are you planning to give our old man the ultimatum?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Tang Yiyi shook her head. “I wouldn’t dare do that now. I’m just trying to gauge Dad’s attitude by making use of my birthday this time around.”

    “You really do know how to pick a time.” Tang Jinyu sighed helplessly. “Aren’t you afraid that your birthday party will be ruined?”

    Tang Yiyi looked equally uncertain. “I’m thinking since it’s my birthday, Dad would at least show some respect.”

    “Tang Yiyi, my little friend, you really are…” Tang Jinyu sighed. “Personally, I’d advise you not to let Qiao Bo show up. Of course, if he must, you must be prepared to face an unhappy ending for your birthday party!”

    “Brother, help me…” Tang Yiyi looked at Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu sighed. “Okay. I’ll try. However, you must mentally prepare yourself.”

    When Tang Yiyi heard what Tang Jinyu said, she immediately seemed joyful.

    “Well then, I will wait for your good news, Brother.” Tang Yiyi turned around and left.

    After leaving the room, Tang Jinyu headed directly over to the study upstairs.

    With a knock on the door, Tang Jinyu entered the study.

    “Dad…” Tang Jinyu greeted the middle-aged man near a desk.

    The man had distinct facial features which seemed to resemble Tang Jinyu’s. However, age did not seem to have left its mark on this man. On the contrary, he seemed even more charismatic because of the experiences he had over time.

    Tang Xiao looked up at Tang Jinyu. “I heard you brought a female soldier home with you. Where is she? Why haven’t I seen her?”

    Tang Jinyu paused. “There really is no keeping anything from you.”

    “You’ve already brought her home openly. Weren’t you not trying to keep it from me anyway?”

    “What does that girl do?” Tang Xiao added.

    “She’s just a soldier under my care!” Tang Jinyu answered.

    Thereafter, Tang Jinyu walked over to the desk before pulling a chair out and sitting down with a calm look on his face.

    Tang Xiao raised his brows as he looked at Tang Jinyu. “A soldier? Why did Yiyi call her sister-in-law?”