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Chapter 509 - Famous in the Federation

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 509 Famous in the FederationWhen Six-Winged was summoned by Zhou Wen. Its huge body stood on the cube, but it wasn't too obvious. However, its claws were a little too big. Its claws covered the tiny circle completely when pressed against it. As it was several times bigger than the circle, Zhou Wen didn't know if this would work.

    "I'll give it a try." Zhou Wen was very careful. He didn't let the six-winged dragon immediately attempt it. He only made it stand there and left. He returned to the top of the building beside him before letting the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon inject its Essence Energy into the circle.

    If anything were to happen, he could immediately retrieve the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and escape.

    Although he felt that it was unlikely that The Thearch would harm him, he still had to be careful.

    The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon followed Zhou Wen's orders and pressed its paw on the circle, injecting its Essence Energy into it.

    Although Zhou Wen was mentally prepared, he was still alarmed the moment the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon injected Essence Energy.

    The entire black cube instantly lit up, illuminating the surroundings. Zhou Wen was alarmed. He wanted to retrieve the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, but he realized that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon seemed to have been sucked into the black cube, preventing him from retrieving it.

    Zhou Wen's expression changed drastically when he saw the black cube's situation.

    It was no longer a black cube. It was like a huge six-sided screen. The four sides of the screen were glowing brightly, resembling liquid crystal displays. There were even images on it.

    The images weren't anything else but the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon that was standing on the cube. Furthermore, it was the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon after it released its Life Soul.

    One could imagine the scene. The four sides of the screen were all 50 meters long and were many times clearer than any 4K high-definition screen. Even the tiny dark lines on the scales of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon could be seen clearly.

    The fifty-meter-tall screen could be seen more than ten kilometers away. Anyone who had not slept and was outside could see the image on the cube from all directions.

    Furthermore, the top of the cube was also glowing brightly, illuminating the Six-Winged Dragon like a statue. It would be impossible not to see it.

    Now, Zhou Wen was secretly glad that he wasn't standing on top. Otherwise, he would really be famous.

    The military was alarmed, likewise for the reporters and gossip mongers. Phones rang everywhere. In just two to three minutes, the quiet night suddenly became lively.

    People rushed to the streets, or ran to the high buildings and looked in the direction of the cube.

    "Dear viewers… Dear viewers… This is News Today. I'm Reporter Xiaojing. I'm putting my life at risk going live here at the black cube which appeared a few days ago. Just a minute ago, it suddenly lit up. We can see that the side of the cube has become an ultra-high-definition big screen. And on the cube, there's a terrifying dimensional creature. It looks like it's a legendary dragon from the West District. Furthermore, it has six wings, and its body is burning with terrifying black flames. It's very likely to have escaped from the cube. Will such a terrifying creature bring great disaster to our city…"

    The Thearch tricked me again! Zhou Wen was somewhat dumbfounded. He had been trying to retrieve the six-winged dragon, but he couldn't.

    The army had already started advancing, and the sound of police sirens could be heard everywhere. Clearly, they were rushing over.

    Now, Six-Winged Guardian Dragon is completely famous. I'm afraid that everyone in Luoyang knows about it! Zhou Wen attempted to retrieve the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon time and time again, but he failed.

    Unfortunately, Zhou Wen thought about things too simply. It wasn't just known by everyone in Luoyang. In fact, the moment the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon activated the black cube, the black cubes around the world lit up and displayed the projection of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon.

    The high-level officials and ordinary people in the various cities of the Federation all looked at the magnificent Six-Winged Guardian Dragon from every angle.

    Even those who didn't see the cube's screen with their own eyes would have definitely seen all kinds of headlines. Without a doubt, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and the cube made the headlines at the same time. It just took a few minutes.

    Everyone in the world now knew that there was such a Six-Winged Guardian Dragon.

    Just as Zhou Wen was feeling anxious, he saw the cube's screen change again. The projection of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon vanished, turning into a ranking with a ranking of 1 to 100.

    However, the other rankings were all empty. Only the name of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon appeared at first place. It gave off a feeling of invincibility.

    Everyone in the Federation looked at the lone name on the cube. No one knew what was happening or what it represented.

    What the hell is this? Zhou Wen was equally puzzled, but he saw that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's body seemed to have undergone some minute changes amidst the light.

    After three minutes, the military and media helicopters rushed over and the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's glow disappeared.

    Zhou Wen, who had been trying to retrieve the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, finally managed to retrieve it. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon vanished, and the radiant cube dimmed, turning pure black again.

    Zhou Wen didn't hesitate any further as he escaped stealthily.

    Now, Luoyang was in chaos. People were everywhere on the streets and upstairs. All sorts of vehicles and helicopters were everywhere, but no one noticed Zhou Wen.

    When Zhou Wen left, he saw the car An Sheng usually drove. Clearly, he had rushed over as well, but he didn't know if An Tianzuo was sitting inside.

    Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

    Zhou Wen was on his way back when he heard a message from his phone. He opened it and saw that it was from The Thearch.

    "I never expected you to have a real Mythical Companion Beast. I've underestimated you. Not bad, not bad."

    "That's not my Companion Beast." Zhou Wen held back his frustration and denied.

    The Thearch did not seem to believe him at all. She sent another message. "I didn't lie to you. Take a closer look at your Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and see if it has changed. There will be a surprise."

    "I already said that it's not my Companion Beast." Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback when he heard that. He sent a message to The Thearch before taking out his mysterious phone to check the information on the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon.

    With a single glance, he discovered that the information on the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon had indeed undergone a huge change. He took a closer look at the data and was pleasantly surprised.