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Chapter 343 - Mrs. Zuos Birthday Party

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 343: Mrs. Zuo's Birthday Party

    Su Cha replied with a faint smile, "Didn't you say that I'd better not get involved in this matter?"

    Jin Duan's eyes darkened.

    Su Cha turned around and left.

    She went back to the Lookout Pavilion.

    The old lady was about to leave when she bumped into her. She was surprised. "Didn't you say that you won't be coming back for the time being?"

    Su Cha replied, "Mm. But I have something to do today, so I went back."

    The old lady was still dressed elegantly today, but she seemed to be more serious than before. She glanced up and down at Su Cha. "That's good. Do you want to attend a birthday banquet with me?"

    Su Cha was stunned.

    She did not expect the old lady to invite her, but after thinking about it, she smiled and declined. "Thank you, Grandma, but I have something to do."

    The old lady nodded and left.


    The Zuo family of the Imperial Capital was throwing a grand banquet.

    It was. Mrs. Zuo's birthday party today.

    Mrs. Zuo was only 37 years old this year. She had both her children with her. The elder daughter was only 17 years old this year, and the son was seven.

    They were only ten years apart.

    The Zuo family was a well-known wealthy family in the Imperial Capital. A few decades ago, they had made a name for themselves by manufacturing building materials. Now, they were the world's top in the industry.

    The entire Zuo family's fortune was under the control of Zuo Shaoxin, the eldest son of this generation. And Mrs. Zuo was Zuo Shaoxin's wife.

    It was said that Mrs. Zuo was born with a beautiful face. Back then, she had done many romantic things for Zuo Shaoxin, and the stories were circulating in the Imperial Capital even now. It was said he was extremely promiscuous when he was young, but when he fell in love with Mrs. Zuo, the two of them became a well-known loving couple within the Imperial Capital.

    In the low-key and luxurious manor, it was already night time. The brightly lit open field was decorated with several fountain statues. There were countless long tables covered with elegant white cloths. There were champagne and delicacies on them, as well as fruits and snacks. They were all fresh foods delivered from all over the world.

    The luxuriously dressed people made their way through the palace. It was so dazzling that it was as if they had stepped into an ancient back garden. It was a luxurious world that ordinary people would never be able to enter.

    Madam Min dragged Min Chen through the crowd.

    The girl pursed her thin lips, and her small face seemed to be a little tense. She looked very serious. Madam Min glared at Min Chen while the others were not paying attention. "We can't afford to lose this occasion. You have to be careful. I will go to the front and meet Madam Zuo. You stay here. Don't move or talk nonsense with others. You are a relative of the Zuo family, so watch your status."

    Min Chen lowered her head in silence.

    Madam Min adjusted her clothes and smiled as she walked to the center of the crowd.

    After she left, Min Chen lifted her head and looked at the busy and prosperous place with her hollow eyes.


    This was what she thought.

    The venue was lavishly decorated. Even Min Chen had never experienced such a scene before.

    No wonder her mother tried so hard to bring her back to the Zuo family. After all, she was from a wealthy family in the Imperial Capital. Who wouldn't want her?

    In her mother's eyes, she was just a living object.

    The corner of her lips curled into a mocking smile. She saw her mother walking to the lady surrounded by people.

    It was said that she was the current head lady of the Zuo family. Her beauty was stunning, and she was famous all throughout the Imperial Capital for her beauty when she was young.

    She was surrounded by people. Ordinary people would not be able to see her face. When Madam Min entered, the crowd made way for her, revealing half of her beautiful face.

    Min Chen was stunned.