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Chapter 412 - Worried About Someone’s Behavior Tonigh

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 412: Worried About Someone’s Behavior Tonight

    However, Tang Jinyu did not say a word. He remained relatively calm and did not show any emotion on his face despite what Tang Xiao said.

    Tang Xiao raised his brows while he kept his gaze on Tang Jinyu. “It seems like she isn’t a normal soldier!”

    “Indeed, she isn’t,” Tang Jinyu answered.

    Tang Jinyu was not keen on talking about Jian Qi.

    When Tang Xiao noticed the expression on Tang Jinyu’s face, he felt a little surprised. This female soldier really did not have a simple background.

    “Where is she?” Tang Xiao asked.

    “In my room!”

    Tang Xiao. “…”

    “Tang Jinyu!” Tang Xiao addressed Tang Jinyu by his full name, which indicated how seriously he treated this matter.

    “Is there anything you’d like me to do?” Tang Jinyu said without any facial expression.

    “I hope you know where to draw the line!” Tang Xiao said seriously.

    “Alright,” Tang Jinyu answered calmly.

    Tang Xiao could not help but feel a little annoyed with Tang Jinyu’s behavior.

    ‘This darn child never seems bothered by anything since he was a child. Sometimes, I really can’t help but want to hit him. Can’t he show a little more change in his facial expression?’

    Tang Xiao sighed. Since he was relatively assured about Tang Jinyu’s behavior, he did not press on further. “I heard that the mission ended successfully. How long are you planning to stay home?” He changed the topic instead.

    “I’ll return to the armed forces after Yiyi’s birthday party!”

    “Also, I’ve invited a friend over for Yiyi’s birthday party,” Tang Jinyu added.

    When Tang Xiao heard this, he paused. “It’s rare that you would bring a friend over and tell me about it. What friend is this?”

    “When I worked undercover previously, I was Qiao Bo’s assistant for several months. On my trip home this time, I have something to talk to him about. Since he is an artist in Yiyi’s company, I thought of asking him over!” Tang Jinyu explained.

    Tang Xiao’s facial expression immediately worsened.

    “Qiao Bo?” Tang Xiao snorted. “I bet Yiyi was the one who invited him over!”

    Tang Jinyu remained silent. He knew there was no way of hiding the fact.

    “No, I did!” Tang Jinyu retorted.

    “You’re still insisting that to be true even though I’ve already seen through your lie. You are the reason Yiyi has become so unruly!” Tang Xiao scoffed.

    “Yeah. It has nothing to do with you. It’s all me.” Tang Jinyu remained calm.

    After hearing Tang Jinyu’s spiteful words, Tang Xiao felt a little panicked.

    Ever since Tang Jinyu and Tang Yiyi were kids, Tang Xiao was the one who spoiled Tang Yiyi the most. Tang Xiao would do anything for Tang Yiyi if she asked.

    Therefore, nobody could have possibly been more patient with Tang Yiyi other than Tang Xiao.

    After Tang Xiao took a deep breath, he continued to speak. “I don’t mind you talking to him but please do it outside!”

    “You can pretend not to see him!” Tang Jinyu said.

    “Must you force me to be angry?” Tang Xiao sounded very unfriendly.

    “Today is Yiyi’s birthday. If you really want her to be sad on her birthday, go ahead and get mad,” Tang Jinyu said calmly.

    Tang Xiao took in a deep breath. “Are you threatening your old man?”

    Tang Jinyu stood up and ignored Tang Xiao’s clearly upset expression. “Alright, I shall not bother you any longer. Think about how you should behave later. I won’t say anything further!”

    Tang Jinyu turned around and left after saying so.

    ‘For those who don’t know about our relationship, they might even think you are my superior!’ Tang Xiao scoffed.

    Knowing how affectionate Tang Xiao had always been toward Tang Yiyi, Tang Jinyu was not worried about Tang Yiyi. Instead, he secretly mourned for Qiao Bo.

    Even so, how could the Tang family’s little princess be nabbed by someone so easily?

    Qiao Bo’s identity…

    Tang Jinyu shook his head and sighed before heading to his room directly. He should probably be more worried about someone’s behavior for the next few hours tonight!