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Chapter 388 - : Let You Stink to Death!

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 388: Let You Stink to Death!

    Just as Mrs. Lin wished, the biggest blessing was to have everyone alive.

    “Dear, you are amazing!” Lu Xingzhi was shocked, he could not help but ask, “Did your school teach you all of this knowledge in a month?!”

    “Maybe I am, in fact, a genius.” Jiang Yao winked at Lu Xingzhi cheekily, half-answering his question.

    He was slightly startled, but soon understood what she implied.

    Following up with a nod, he praised her saying, “Exactly! That is me, Lu Xingzhi, who has such great taste that I can simply pick a wife and any one of them would be a genius!”

    “Hold on, I thought you married me because you were madly infatuated with me? In the end, I was just another girl on the street for you,” Jiang Yao said. “I went back to the platoon to get some of your clothes three days ago and I saw a pair of keys on your desk…”

    Lu Xingzhi coughed violently, interrupting Jiang Yao.

    She immediately scooted over and soothed him, patting his back, and slightly massaging his lower neck, before asking, “What are the keys for?”

    “Oh, I don’t remember what it was for, probably nothing of significance.” Lu Xingzhi answered instantaneously. He was a little too eager in his reply, seemingly to stop Jiang Yao from overthinking it.

    He then rested his gaze on his hospital gown, which reminded him of something, to which he quickly asked, “Did you personally change my clothes too?”

    He felt refreshed. Gone was the filth and grime all over his body when he was transported to the hospital, he was obviously cleaned by someone.

    “Hmph,” Jiang Yao smiled. “It was the care worker!”

    Lu Xingzhi’s face dropped. “Even the underwear?”

    Jiang Yao nodded. “That’s right! She was such a sweet lady; she even wiped every nook and cranny of your body clean! Don’t you feel refreshed now?”

    No! Not a single bit!

    Lu Xingzhi’s expression turned so dark, even Hell, in comparison, looked pleasant.

    “Dear! I have never shown my wiener to anyone else, except for you! You are quite the generous one, eh? Showing it to random strangers just like that!” If he were alive, he would rather stink to death than let other people touch him.

    Jiang Yao’s face turned bright pink hearing that.

    “What wiener? What a bunch of nonsense!” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes. “If I hear another nonsense from you, I’ll end your life with my own two hands!”

    “I swear, Dear! It is for your eyes and your use only!” Lu Xingzhi replied earnestly, not realizing how mad the other person was becoming.

    “Lu Xingzhi! Will you stop it!” Jiang Yao blurted out.

    Lu Xingzhi laughed heartily, he loved watching his wife get embarrassed.

    Right, now that she had forgotten all about the keys, he would have to hide it somewhere else once he returns. No! He had to move the contents in the drawer somewhere else! What if she remembered what he said when he left for the rescue mission?

    They were a little, how should he say it, too embarrassing to be seen by anyone else.

    “Only if you are the one who is going to change my clothes from now on!” Lu Xingzhi said. “Either you let me stink to death, or you clean me down!”

    “Well, a stinking corpse you shall be!” Jiang Yao rebutted.

    Lu Xingzhi’s smile softened. Looking at Jiang Yao’s blushing face, he thought to himself how Jiang Yao was not like Mrs. Ge so she would not have allowed the care worker to clean him up.

    So, it must have been Jiang Yao! She was probably extremely embarrassed getting teased by him.

    He liked her better that way, an embarrassed Jiang Yao was much more adorable.