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Chapter 389 - Discussion

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 389: Discussion

    Even though Lu Xingzhi wanted to stay up and talk to Jiang Yao, with wounds and injuries all over his body, he eventually succumbed to exhaustion and fell into a deep slumber.

    His right hand was still lightly holding onto hers when he fell asleep. His warmth radiated from his fingertips, through her palms, into her heart.

    Lu Xingzhi did not look much different asleep, although he looked much more relaxed, with his brows loosening from its usual tight position. His usually frigid expression softened, bringing about an air of mellowness not always present.

    Seeing this, Jiang Yao instinctively kissed him on his lips. Frankly, the kiss was not great. He had been lying on the bed in the hospital for days, his lips even tasted like medicine.

    “Crap!” The first thing Chen Xuyao saw walking in was Jiang Yao smooching Lu Xingzhi. He called out, swiftly turned around, and left the room while pushing both Gu Haoyu and the director of the hospital away. “Brother Lu, Jiang Yao, let us know once you are done kissing!” He yelled from the other side of the door.

    Jiang Yao awkwardly listened to Chen Xuyao’s teasing, before tucking Lu Xingzhi in and leaving the room.

    “He is asleep.” Jiang Yao looked at Chen Xuyao and Gu Haoyu, “I thought you went back.”

    “How can we? We know that Brother Lu sees us as third-wheelers here, he just wants to talk to you alone.” Chen Xuyao chuckled. “Although, Jiang Yao, I have to say, you are quite the sneaky person here. Kissing Brother Lu even though he’s fast asleep!”

    Noticing Gu Haoyu’s glare, Chen Xuyao realized he must have overstepped the line. He looked at Jiang Yao and realized she was rolling her eyes.

    Chen Xuyao scratched his head trying to think of an excuse to distract his companions, “Which reminds me, Director Lee has some matters he wants to discuss with you.”

    “Mrs. Lu, if it is convenient, can we do it in my office?” Even with more seniority, Director Lee was cordial and courteous talking to Jiang Yao, confirming her status as Lu Xingzhi’s wife.

    Jiang Yao had an inkling as to what Director Lee wanted to discuss. She looked at the busy corridor, nodded and called out to Gu Haoyu and Chen Xuyao, “Let’s go!”

    Director Lee broke into a smile seeing Jiang Yao’s cooperation; therefore, he was not too particular with the fact that there would be two more participants in the discussion.

    The director’s office was in a different building, about one hundred meters away in this building they were currently in, with better natural lighting.

    Jiang Yao had to admit, after entering his office, that Shengqi Hospital was no match for this hospital. Everything was better here, from the facilities, the equipment, to the medical personnel, even the director’s office here was much more spacious.

    The office was empty when they entered. Director Lee closed the door after everyone and started making tea for his visitors.

    Jiang Yao swiftly stopped him. She explained, “We are fine without the tea. Let us know what you need from us. I still have to return to the ward and check on the patients.”

    “Alright!” Even as he said it, he still poured each one a glass of water before continuing, “Captain Lu has woken up, right? I wonder how his condition is. Should we arrange a comprehensive examination for him? If you need it, I will let my subordinates know and hasten the waiting process for his check-up.”