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Chapter 510 - Life Protection

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 510 Life ProtectionSix-Winged Guardian Dragon: Mythical

    Life Providence: Life Guardian Dragon

    Life Soul: Wings of Black Flame

    Wheel of Destiny: The Last Life Guardian

    Strength: 80

    Speed: 80

    Constitution: 80

    Essence Energy: 80

    Talent Skill: Sanctification, Poison Breath, Dragon's Rage, Hell Demonic Flame, Six Wing Slash.

    Companion Form: Holy Flaming Dragon Wings

    Zhou Wen remembered that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's stats were around 60, but now, all of them had become 80. According to the advancement of his Companion Beasts, the top Mythical creatures likely had 81 stat points. Now that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's stats had reached 80, it could be considered top-notch.

    The Life Providence and Wheel of Destiny had slight changes. He had no idea what the word "life" meant, but he believed that it couldn't be a bad thing.

    It gained an additional Sanctification skill, making it have five skills. It was an obvious upgrade. The Demonic Flaming Dragon Wings had been upgraded into Holy Flaming Dragon Wings as well.

    "How is it? Are you surprised?" The Thearch sent another message.

    Seeing that The Thearch had already determined that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was his Companion Beast, he tacitly acknowledged the truth. He asked, "Can a beast be strengthened as long as it's recognized by the black cube?"

    "Dream on. This is a reward for the first Companion Beast that enters the rankings. It happens only once. You lucked out big time."

    Soon, The Thearch sent another message. "However, your Six-Winged Dragon's potential isn't good. You should have just used that earring to receive the enhancement. It should have been able to advance to the Mythical stage directly."

    Zhou Wen didn't regret not listening to The Thearch. Truth Listener's advancement to the Mythical stage was indeed good, but Truth Listener was more inclined towards support abilities. What Zhou Wen needed now was actual combat strength.

    After the enhancement of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, its strength would likely increase significantly. It could play a bigger role when fighting Torch Dragon, boosting Zhou Wen's chances of killing Torch Dragon.

    Zhou Wen's phone rang again, but this time, it wasn't The Thearch, but a call from An Sheng.

    An Sheng and Zhou Wen killed the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon together. He also knew that Zhou Wen had lured Medusa to fight the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon; therefore, he immediately guessed that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was Zhou Wen's.

    "Young Master Wen, what was the situation with the black cube?" An Sheng didn't beat about the bush with Zhou Wen and directly got straight to the point.

    Zhou Wen recounted what he knew, but he skipped the matter regarding The Thearch.

    "You mean to say that the cube is actually a ranking for Companion Beasts?" An Sheng thought and asked after hearing that.

    "From the looks of it, it's true. However, we can't rule out the possibility that there's something else in the black cube. Otherwise, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon wouldn't have been strengthened," Zhou Wen said.

    However, An Sheng's tone became much more relaxed. "That's good then. The Overseer has been constantly worried about the cube. From the looks of it, it shouldn't pose a threat any time soon."

    "By the way, congratulations Young Master Wen. You are now the third person in Luoyang to possess a Mythical creature." An Sheng sighed. "Back when you first came to Luoyang, you were only at the Mortal stage. In less than a year, you even have a Mythical Companion Beast. In terms of speed, even the geniuses of the six families aren't as fast as you."

    "Who are the other two?" Zhou Wen asked.

    "Naturally, it's Chancellor Leng and the Overseer. If they weren't here, how could the An family of Luoyang continue standing, to the point of the six families fearing them?" An Sheng said with a smile.

    Zhou Wen didn't ask what their Companion Beasts were. They were the secrets and trump cards of everyone.

    After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen couldn't wait to summon the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon in its companion form. Six fiery dragon wings appeared behind him, but they weren't black anymore. Instead, they were pure white. They looked much prettier, but he didn't know if there were any changes to their effects.

    After dispelling the dragon wings, Zhou Wen took out his phone and entered the Zhuolu instance dungeon. He wanted to try and see if the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon could fight Qiongqi.

    Torch Dragon had Bright Torch Vision World which ignored strength and speed. However, Qiongqi was a dimensional creature that relied on strength and speed. Now that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's prowess had greatly increased, it might perhaps put up a fight with Qiongqi.

    Taking the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to the temple where Qiongqi was, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's originally black body and wings turned white once it saw Qiongqi. It became a white dragon, a likely manifestation of its additional Sanctification skill.

    Even though the Six-Winged Dragon was in its Sanctification state, its speed and strength were still inferior to Qiongqi's. However, it could still barely put up a fight. It was unlike before when it was completely thrashed with no ability to resist at all.

    The stronger the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was, the more Zhou Wen realized how terrifying Qiongqi was. Such a powerful Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was actually suppressed by Qiongqi.

    The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was barely able to put up a fight and didn't die instantaneously. However, the blood-colored avatar wasn't that lucky. With Qiongqi suddenly attacking it, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to dodge twice before it was smacked to death by Qiongqi's claw.

    Something strange happened. The blood-colored avatar was clearly hit, but it didn't die. Instead, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's body suddenly exploded as it died for no reason.

    With the death of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, the blood-colored avatar couldn't last much longer before being killed by Qiongqi.

    Could it be that The Last Life Guardian is the miraculous ability to take the master's place in death? Zhou Wen guessed as he immediately restarted the dungeon and experimented a few more times.

    Just as Zhou Wen had guessed, as long as the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was still alive, it could help him withstand a single death. Furthermore, this ability could also be used even while it was in its dragon wings form.

    This enhancement is just too good! Zhou Wen increasingly felt that his choice of doing the enhancement was right. This way, he would have an additional life. Even if he were to die in the future, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon could still protect him once. This was even more useful than any Mythical creature.

    After all, he only had one life. No matter how many Mythical creatures he had, they would be useless once Zhou Wen died.

    While Zhou Wen was studying the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, the six families and some wealthy families were also studying the matter. People from the East and West District even began arguing.

    As the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon had appeared in Luoyang, the people of the East District naturally believed that it belonged to an expert in the East District. However, the West District people said that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was clearly a Companion Beast of the West District, one that wasn't available in the East District, so the owner of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was definitely a West District citizen who happened to be passing by Luoyang.

    The various large families were also guessing who the owner of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was. Their main suspects were naturally Leng Zongzheng and An Tianzuo.

    However, after many probes and investigations, both of them denied it.

    At the same time, the six families were not idle. They were all researching how the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon had appeared on the cube and what its purpose was.

    "You mean that the Mythical Six-Winged Guardian Dragon is Zhou Wen's?" Inside the An family, An Tianzuo's expression changed when he heard An Sheng's report.