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Chapter 609 - Make All Of Them Break Through to Martial Practitioner Realm!

Medical Master
     Chapter 609 Make All Of Them Break Through to Martial Practitioner Realm!

    A soldier’s duty was to carry out any orders issued!

    Fang Qiu’s words were an order issued to the thousand special soldiers!

    Although they did not know why Fang Qiu did this, they were determined to become stronger and more useful when they saw that Fang Qiu was using only sand to protect all of them totally!

    Therefore, they did not have any doubts.

    Led by the ten vice-captains, everyone began to train according to Fang Qiu’s instructions.

    They completely forgot about the giant lizards on the other side of the sand wall.

    Time ticked by.

    All the soldiers tried to launch wave upon wave of attacks on Fang Qiu, but they could not even touch the hem of his clothes.

    During this hour, the occasional thudding of feet and the roars of the giant lizards came from the sand wall, but no one paid any attention to them because they had spent all their energy on the training.

    As for the three tomb raiders, they had been knocked out by the special forces some time ago, so they did not know what was happening at all.

    An hour later, Fang Qiu looked at the 1,000 soldiers in front of him, who had almost been stretched to their limit, opening their mouths wide and gasping in pain.

    Fang Qiu smiled.

    This was the effect he wanted!

    However, the training was not over yet!

    “Attack!” The captain’s order sounded again.

    In the front row, the special forces soldiers, who were so exhausted that they could not even stand straight, rushed wildly toward Fang Qiu again and waved their fists.

    The continuous crazy attacks not only consumed their strength but also their consciousness. At this moment, they had forgotten why they were going to attack Fang Qiu. But they did not know what the reason was in the first place. Now their actions of attacking Fang Qiu were like that of a machine.

    Fang Qiu defended the sand wall while forcing the first squadron to retreat.

    Less than a minute later, a squadron of a hundred people fell to the ground, totally worn out.

    “Is that all you’ve got?”

    “Stand up and continue to fight!” Fang Qiu shouted.

    The 100 special soldiers roared and propped up their bodies even though they were in great pain.

    They did not retreat to wait for the next round.

    Instead, with the help of the power brought on by the roars, they struck out fiercely at Fang Qiu again.

    After a while, “Hmm?”

    The soldiers, who were exhausted and could barely stand up initially, suddenly stood firm after several continuous crazy attacks and being beaten back by Fang Qiu.

    There seemed to be a fountain of continuous spurts of energy in their bodies, which had no power at all.

    The sense of powerlessness disappeared!

    Clenching their fists, they felt like they were reborn!

    “I, I made a breakthrough.”

    The first person to break through was surprised and shouted excitedly.

    “I made a breakthrough.”

    For a time the soldiers broke through one after another, in the squadron of 100 people.

    The soldiers of the other nine squadrons who were so tired that they did not even want to move their eyes, heard the elated roars. When they heard the surprised shouts filled with confidence, they all looked up and saw that their comrades-in-arms who were training together were jumping around in excitement. They stared blankly at them.

    Meanwhile, the desire to make a breakthrough was intensified in an instant.

    Fang Qiu shouted, “You can leave now. Let’s continue on with the next team!”

    The second squadron immediately rushed up.

    Soon, they made a breakthrough.

    Then, he would go on to the next squadron!

    When the third squadron attacked, the soldiers of the third squadron also began to break through, Fang Qiu, who had to protect the sand wall and resist the attacks of the soldiers at the same time, suddenly trembled.

    “I made a breakthrough!”

    “I’ve also broken through.”

    The shouts of surprise were heard from the third squadron of soldiers.

    Listening to the shouts of surprise and joy, Fang Qiu could not help but smile wryly.

    “I’ve also broken through.” He sighed helplessly to himself.

    Fang Qiu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, raised his head and shouted with determination, “Again!”

    From this moment on, not only did he have to protect the sand wall and train the soldiers, but he also had to use part of his attention to control the agitation of the internal Qi caused by the breakthrough just now!

    Fang Qiu had experienced this kind of situation once before.

    However, last time, before he really broke through, his internal Qi was already extremely restless. But now, he had already broken through, which made the internal Qi’s restlessness become even stronger than the last time.

    “Five days.”

    Suppressing the restless internal Qi, Fang Qiu secretly estimated, “There are at most five days left. In these five days, I must find the Heaven Treasure, no matter what!”

    The reason why the internal Qi in Fang Qiu’s body was agitated was because after the breakthrough, not only would it attract the Heaven and Earth energy around him, but also a wave of energy would be produced in his body. This energy came from the meridians of his limbs and bones. At the same time, the energy would quickly gather together and rush to the next meridian that had not been fully reopened yet.

    The reason why Fang Qiu wanted to practice all over again was because he wanted to reopen the meridians.

    The breakthrough was the best opportunity to reopen and expand his meridians!

    At this moment, what Fang Qiu was suppressing was the internal Qi that was ready to rush to the next meridian. He blocked it from all the meridians which had been reopened now.

    Without the Heaven Treasure, Fang Qiu could not let this energy enter the next meridian easily. Although this energy could easily reopen the meridian without the help of the Heaven Treasure, the meridian would not be reopened but instead would burst!

    The most important thing was that according to his estimation last time, if he wanted to reopen the meridian with the help of the breakthrough this time, the Heaven Treasure needed to be ranked at least 24 or higher!

    Thinking of this, Fang Qiu felt even more distressed.

    There was no other way.

    The training had to go on.

    He shouted, “Again!”

    Fang Qiu did three things at one time, constantly defending the sand wall, training the soldiers and suppressing his internal Qi.

    His hard work paid off.

    Under Fang Qiu’s training, these special forces soldiers broke through, one team after another.

    An hour later, all 1,000 soldiers were promoted to martial arts practitioners!

    The tiredness they felt before had been swept away. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits.

    “Assemble!” When the last person broke through, Fang Qiu shouted.

    1,000 people immediately formed a square formation and gathered in front of Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu asked loudly, “Can you feel the new power that belongs to you?”

    “Yes sir!” 1,000 people answered in unison.

    “Very well. The training this time was not in vain and no one was left behind.”

    Fang Qiu nodded with satisfaction and then continued, “Next, I’ll remove the sand wall and prepare for a new battle. These giant lizards are not easy to deal with. Even if you make a breakthrough, you still can’t fight them with your strength alone. In order to avoid being injured, all of you will be divided into ten teams. Once you encounter the giant lizards, you will have to fight as a team of 100 people against the lizard. Do you understand?”

    1,000 people shouted at the same time, “Understood!”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu turned around, took a deep breath and waved his right hand.

    In front of him, the sand wall that had been holding off the giant lizards suddenly fell like the water flow in a waterfall.

    “Bang, bang, bang…” At the same time, the sounds of countless giant lizards striding forward could be heard.

    The sand wall had just dispersed.

    Two giant lizards immediately headed for Fang Qiu and opened their mouths wide to bite him.

    “Humph!” Fang Qiu snorted coldly.

    Without holding back, he directly unleashed his strongest battle strength, which was the Guru Realm!

    As the two giant lizards pounced in front of him, Fang Qiu’s right palm moved forward. His internal Qi burst forth. With his palm as the center, the internal Qi instantly condensed into a transparent energy wall in front of him.

    “Smack!” Two giant lizards slammed heavily against the energy wall.

    It seemed that they could bite Fang Qiu as long as they opened their mouths, but no matter how much they tried, they could not touch Fang Qiu at all.

    “Kill!” Fang Qiu withdrew his palm slightly and then hit out again, dashing directly on the energy wall in front of him.

    “Boom!” The strike not only broke the energy wall into pieces but also flung the two giant lizards away and made them hit the sand dune not far away.

    At the next moment, dozens of huge heads suddenly appeared behind the sand dune.

    They were all giant lizards!

    Fang Qiu was stunned as he took a look.

    He found that the giant lizards that he saw three days ago, which were five or six meters long, seemed to be the small ones. The two lizards that he had flung away were only five or six meters long. However, those lizards that popped out behind the sand dune had reached the length of eight or nine meters or even ten meters!

    At this moment, it was not only Fang Qiu, but all the soldiers were also shocked.

    “Be careful. Remember the tactics!”

    Fang Qiu took a deep breath, turned around and said to the 1,000 special forces soldiers. Then he moved and directly rushed into the group of giant lizards. He flew up into the air and waved his fists.

    One punch at a time. The giant lizards were all killed!

    But more and more giant lizards kept appearing. No one knew where they came from, but soon there were a large number of them.

    There were so many giant carnivorous lizards. Even if they were not guardian beasts and it was easy to kill them, it would take some time to kill all of them!

    Fang Qiu could only keep accelerating his speed of killing.

    On the other side, none of the special soldiers dared to move recklessly. Each and every one of them held the posture of guarding and defending.

    However, when Fang Qiu rushed to the center of the crowd of giant lizards, the two giant lizards which could not attack Fang Qiu dashed wildly all the way toward the 1,000 special forces soldiers.

    Hundreds of bullets came flying at the two giant lizards.

    However, when the bullets hit the giant lizards, they left only little dents, but did not hurt them at all. The bullets even bounced off the hides of the giant lizards.

    The soldiers were all astonished when they saw that.

    Under the command of the captain, they were immediately divided into ten squadrons. The first squadron and the second squadron surrounded the two giant lizards. The other eight squadrons formed a shield around them to prevent other giant lizards from rushing over again.

    Although they were surrounded, their bullets were useless. The attacks from these special soldiers did not cause any damage to the giant lizards!

    The soldiers grew anxious.

    Right at this moment, Fang Qiu, who caused a bloodshed among the lizards, smashed the two giant lizards to death. Then, he turned to the special forces and shouted, “Attack their throats and eyes!”