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Chapter 344 - I Know You Are a Blessed Person

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 344: I Know You Are a Blessed Person


    Showing a flattering expression, Madam Min looked at the lady. She was the treasure of the Zuo family's leader.

    Mrs. Zuo was not even 40 years old. She was well-maintained and did not look like a middle-aged woman. She was so beautiful that it made everyone pale in comparison. Her delicate wrist was slightly crossed, and she looked perfect and generous.

    When she saw Madam Min, she smiled. "Min Zhu?"

    Madam Min was a little surprised. "I didn't expect you to recognize me, Madam."

    "Of course I do."

    Mrs. Zuo smiled gently and pushed the others away, walking to the side with Mrs. Min.

    They knew each other from before, but Madam Min did not expect that this Mrs. Zuo would be able to reach such a status. She had really taken down Zuo Shaoxin's fiancĂ©e and become his wife.

    Until now, no one knew about the dispute between Zuo Shaoxin and this lady. Everyone thought that they were a loving couple who was the model of a wealthy family.

    However, Madam Min knew that the past was so filthy that it was scary.

    All she could say now, however, was that she was not seeking death. She was glad that she had chosen the right person.

    "Min Chen? Of course. Let her play with Zhi Ci. Min Chen is still quite young, right?"

    Madam Min smiled brightly. "She's 18. If that's the case, I'll have to trouble you, Madam Zuo."

    Mrs. Zuo smiled. "It's no trouble."

    Seeing the flirtatious expression on her face, Madam Min was stunned for a moment. Then, she fell into deep thought. Seeing that time was running out, she suddenly asked, "Do you believe that there are two people who look exactly alike in this world?"

    Mrs. Zuo was surprised. "What do you mean?"

    Madam Min's smile became even brighter. "I'm just curious given how beautiful you are. In this world, other than Miss Zhi Ci and Little Master, I'm afraid no one else can match up to you. But wouldn't it be strange if there was someone else who resembled you?"

    Mrs. Zuo's face turned pale.

    She suddenly turned to Madam Min. "Min Zhu, you can stop beating around the bush and be upfront. What do you mean?"

    Madam Min glared at her. "Madam, I didn't mean anything. I just said it casually."

    Mrs. Zuo's eyes darkened. As she spoke, she heard someone exclaim, "The old lady of the Bo family is here."

    A big shot had arrived.

    Even Mrs. Zuo had to treat her respectfully. She glanced at Madam Min and bit her lower lip before walking to the center of the crowd.

    The Bo family's old lady was well-known in the Imperial Capital. She was the only elder who could live with the Bo family in the Lookout Pavilion. Her status was high enough that she could look down on the entire Imperial Capital. When Madam Zuo saw her, she smiled warmly. "Old Madam, you're here."

    The old lady walked over and smiled lovingly when she saw Mrs. Zuo. "Good girl, happy birthday."

    After that, the bodyguard who came with the old lady handed a jade box to her. The jade box was not simple. Madam Zuo thanked her gently with a soft look on her face. The old lady nodded and suddenly grabbed her palm. She clapped it gently twice. "I told you before that you are a blessed person."

    Mrs. Zuo asked, "Yes?"

    She tilted her head in confusion. The old lady's words were meaningful. Although she seemed to be puzzled, she also thought that the old lady might just be praising her.

    The old lady patted her palm again and let go before entering the banquet hall with Mrs. Zuo.