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Chapter 511 - Fighting Torch Dragon Again

Let Me Game in Peace
     511 Fighting Torch Dragon Again"Yes. Back then, Young Master Wen, Zhang Yuzhi, and I killed a Six-Winged Guardian Dragon together. However, it didn't drop a Companion Egg. Later on, Young Master Wen lured Medusa to fight with the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon. The outcome resulted in a Companion Egg. Now that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon has been strengthened, its combat strength should be considered high among Mythical creatures," An Sheng said.

    "That's not necessarily the case. Wild Mythical Companion Beasts are ultimately inferior to those you nurture," said An Tianzuo.

    An Sheng didn't refute him and only said with a smile, "Overseer, you are right. However, no matter what, that's a powerful Mythical creature. With it being Young Master Wen's, he can be considered a cornerstone of our Luoyang City."

    "When did you degenerate to the point of relying on a student? When did our Luoyang City degenerate to the point of relying on a student as a cornerstone?" An Tianzuo glared at An Sheng.

    "There's nothing I can do about that. I also want to be a cornerstone, but I don't have a Mythical pet," An Sheng said as he threw up his hands.

    "What's the rush? Isn't our plan at White Cloud Mountain underway?" An Tianzuo said.

    An Sheng replied, "We still don't know if we can kill that Mythical creature on White Cloud Mountain. Even if we can kill it, it might not drop a Companion Egg. You killed three or four Mythical creatures previously, but none of them dropped a Companion Egg."

    "That's because we were unlucky. The chance of Mythical Creatures dropping Companion Eggs is about a third. It should drop one this time." An Tianzuo glared at him and continued, "In short, we used to rely on ourselves. We rely on ourselves now. It will be the same in the future. Don't place your hopes on others."

    "Yes, Overseer." An Sheng paused before asking, "What if Young Master Wen wants to go to Zhuolu? Should I stop him?"

    "Does he have the guts? The Mythical creatures at Zhuolu are not something ordinary Mythical Companion Beasts can match. I don't think he has the guts to go. To obtain a Six-Winged Guardian Dragon is only his luck. Do you really expect him to kill Mythical creatures?" said An Tianzuo.

    Zhou Wen was reading the news in his dorm. Many of the media outlets he saw on his phone listed the appearance of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and the cube's rankings as the headlines.

    The entire Federation probably knew about the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon by now.

    I wonder what use is a Companion Beast's ranking? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

    The Thearch didn't mention what the ranking was for, and Zhou Wen didn't figure out what it could be used for. However, he believed that it wasn't that simple.

    Black cubes had appeared all over the world. Was such a huge formation just to create a useless ranking? Zhou Wen felt that the terrifying existences in the dimensional zones weren't that bored. The ranking definitely had some use, but he didn't know what it was yet.

    Zhou Wen didn't grind dungeons today. He was considering how he could kill Qiongqi or Torch Dragon. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon could only just fight Qiongqi, but Zhou Wen wasn't strong enough. He couldn't dodge Qiongqi's attack and instead became a burden. Every time Qiongqi killed the blood-colored avatar, it was useless no matter how strong the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was.

    If he wanted to kill Torch Dragon, he would have to get over the Bright Torch Vision World. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon could already face Torch Dragon head-on, but it could not block the Bright Torch Vision World.

    It's still harder to kill Qiongqi. I can only continue to think of something regarding Torch Dragon. Zhou Wen thought for a long time before he came up with a method to kill Torch Dragon.

    Torch Dragon's speed was much slower than Qiongqi's. After the strengthening of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, its speed had already surpassed Torch Dragon's by a hair's breadth. It was only because of Bright Torch Vision World that it could not defeat Torch Dragon.

    The crystal mirror Zhou Wen had obtained could restrain Torch Dragon, but it was too small. At most, it could only block his face.

    Furthermore, Torch Dragon's eyes were too wide, as if they were growing on both sides. It was impossible to use the crystal mirror to block his vision. The size of the crystal mirror could only block one of its eyes at most.

    After some thought, there was only one way to deal with Torch Dragon—that was to transform Six-Winged into dragon wings to boost Zhou Wen's flying speed. Then, he could use his movement techniques and speed to dodge the Torch Dragon's Bright Torch Vision World gaze, preventing it from seeing him.

    Of course, it was impossible to completely dodge it. After all, no matter how fast Zhou Wen was, it was impossible for Torch Dragon to completely miss him.

    However, with the crystal mirror, it shouldn't be difficult to block one angle of its vision. In that case, it gave Zhou Wen enough space. However, it also required repeated experiments in combat. It wasn't something he could do just by theorizing it. Plans were one thing, but there were often many problems when executing them. He needed to repeatedly test them.

    Now, the last problem is how to kill Torch Dragon. After so many battles with Torch Dragon, Zhou Wen realized that its body was even more powerful than the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's attack could only damage its scales. A small number of attacks would not be of much use. The effects of Overlord Sword's sword beam wasn't too obvious.

    After some thought, Zhou Wen decided to rely on the Poison Dragon Palm or Demonic Neonate's ancient sword to sneak an attack on Torch Dragon.

    After figuring out the steps to kill Torch Dragon, Zhou Wen entered the temple again. Before he went to Torch Dragon, he first put on the soft armor formed by the Epic Golden Warrior and the heavy armor formed by the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon appeared behind him in the form of dragon wings.

    He wore the Truth Listener earring on his ear, holding the Overlord Sword in one hand, and the banana fan in the other.

    At the same time, he summoned Demonic Neonate and got her to lie on the blood-colored avatar's back. Her mission was to constantly search for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

    Now, the blood-colored avatar was wearing heavy armor with black magma patterns. It had three pairs of holy dragon wings on its back. It had a huge sword in one hand and a banana fan in the other. It looked odd, but it also gave off a powerful feeling.

    However, Demonic Neonate, who was lying on its back, instantly reduced that domineering and powerful feeling to only about thirty percent. In general, it felt like a powerful male nanny.

    Taking a deep breath, Zhou Wen opened the temple and sent the blood-colored avatar charging in.

    Torch Dragon immediately saw him and spat out a mouthful of black smoke. It churned towards the blood-colored avatar like a tidal wave.

    After fanning the banana fan a few times, the Grand Yin Wind immediately sent the black smoke back. Without waiting for Torch Dragon to react, the six dragon wings on the blood-colored avatar's back flapped. Immediately, the blood-colored avatar's body flashed behind Torch Dragon like a phantom and slashed at Torch Dragon's neck domineeringly. The sword beam spun violently as it slashed at Torch Dragon like a wheel of light.

    Torch Dragon's reaction wasn't slow either. It turned its head to look at the sword beam as a flame-like beam shot out from its eyes, shattering it. At the same time, a lash of its gigantic tail left behind afterimages as it struck the blood-colored avatar in midair. Its speed was unbelievable.

    The dragon wings flapped as he moved in midair with Ghost Steps, dodging Torch Dragon's tail attack. At the same time, Overlord Sword slashed out once again, slashing at Torch Dragon's vital point.