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Chapter 1054 - The Battle Between Wen Haowen and His Daughter

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1054: The Battle Between Wen Haowen and His Daughter

    The Xiao Family!

    Old Mr. Xiao and Xiao Zhiyuan were in the midst of playing chess.

    While focusing on the chessboard, Old Mr. Xiao asked, “How are things going at the Xiao Corporation?”

    The Yang Ziyu incident had exposed the fact that the Xiao Family had colluded with the Jiang family to go against the Wen Family, as well as Xiao Zhiyuan’s scandal and his illegitimate son.

    Xiao Zhiyuan was careful enough to make sure that no one got ahold of any evidence of him having a mistress. Hence, the news had begun to die down gradually, partly also because of the bribes that the Xiao Family had given the media. However… it was impossible for the Xiao Family to salvage their reputation within a short period of time.

    Tightening his grip on the chess piece, Xiao Zhiyuan said, “Yuechan has given the 3% of Xiao Corporation’s shares that she owned to Chengyu. The Lin Family has been giving Chengyu a push too. We hold most of the Xiao Corporation’s shares and, now that the chaos has died down, the shareholders are no longer as displeased with us as they were at the start. After all… I’ve done so much for the corporation over the years. They’re still waiting for us to help them earn money.”

    Lin Yuechan had already filed for separation from him and never returned to the Xiao Family ever since. The fact that she had transferred her shares to their son, Xiao Chengyu, simply meant that she no longer wanted to be involved with the Xiao Family. The Lin Family still contacted the Xiao Family, but solely because of Xiao Chengyu.

    The thought of his wife made a regretful expression form in Xiao Zhiyuan’s eyes.

    Old Mr. Xiao said with a sigh, “Yuechan has really done everything called for by humanity and kindness.”

    Regardless, the ordeal could be considered to be over for the Xiao Family. All they could do now was to salvage their reputation slowly.

    Xiao Zhiyuan had a sullen expression on his face and he remained silent.

    Old Mr. Xiao questioned, “Do you have an opinion about the entertainment city that the Wen Family is going to build?”

    The Xiao Family’s secrets were almost revealed and they were almost ruined. However, the Wen Family seemed to have experienced peace after the Ai Shang product launch and Old Mr. Xiao was glad that the Wen Family had not attacked them yet.

    Xiao Zhiyuan suppressed his emotions and said, “I think it’s not desirable for the Wen Family to develop the entertainment city now. Ai Shang’s products have been distributed domestically and they have even expanded to the overseas market, and they have garnered the support of many women too. If they were to build the entertainment city now, their current operations will definitely be affected. Besides… you need incredible power and wealth to build an entertainment city. Even though an entertainment city is lucrative, it is very risky too. And most importantly, even the Gu Family doesn’t have the guts to take on such a large scale development. Who is the Wen Family to do so? I bet Wen Haowen was the one who came up with this.”

    As a man who had also been embroiled in a scandal, Xiao Zhiyuan could totally understand how Wen Haowen felt at the moment. It was only understandable that he would raise the idea of building an entertainment city. He was actually surprised that Old Mr. Wen had agreed to it.

    Old Mr. Xiao nodded and said, “You’re right. We all know that. And Wen Zhihang definitely is aware of the cons too. Even though he’s already retired, he’s still the chairman of the Wen Corporation and the final decision-maker. Yet, he didn’t oppose to it. I wonder what he’s thinking.”

    The Xiao Family could not understand the rationale behind their decision to build the entertainment city, for it was full of suspiciousness.

    Xiao Zhiyuan said with a slight frown, “Even Wen Xinya is acting strangely too. Two days ago, she joined the Wen Corporation’s board meeting and suggested that they set up an independent sister company for the construction of the entertainment city. She may seem to be pushing for the entertainment city, but I know she has something else in mind because I’ve dealt with her twice.”

    A peculiar smile formed on Old Mr. Xiao’s face and he said, “I reckon the Wen Family is going to put on a good show soon.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan asked in bewilderment, “Father, why do you say so?”

    Old Mr. Xiao said calmly, “Zhiyuan, the entertainment city may be sensitive and require a massive amount of money. but if they build it successfully, they would definitely earn a ton of money. This is probably the reason for their approval of the project. Think about it. Wen Xinya is so scheming and controlling. How could she bear to watch her father use the entertainment city project to make a comeback?”

    Xiao Zhiyuan got a great shock after understanding what his father meant.

    Old Mr. Xiao continued, “Besides, I’m sure you know what Wen Haowen is like. He even had the heart to drive his wife to her grave. How true can he be to his daughter? Moreover… his daughter has never lived with him before. There isn’t a close-knit relationship between them at all. He’s clearly a member of the Wen Family, but why isn’t he the successor? Would you take it lying down if you were him?”

    Mo Yunyao died in labor because of Wen Haowen and her daughter even ended up going missing. Wen Zhihang had personally visited Old Mr. Mo and kowtowed to him as an apology. He even swore to Old Mr. Mo that the successor of the Wen Family would definitely be Mo Yunyao’s daughter.

    There were only a few people in the circle who knew about it. However, Old Mr. Xiao was extremely clear about what happened.

    Even Xia Ruya did not know about what happened. Word about the matter did not leak even after Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family home. Hence, she did not know the role that Old Mr. Mo played.

    Xiao Zhiyuan shook his head and answered, “Of course I won’t find it fair.”

    Wen Haowen definitely wouldn’t be able to take the feeling of having someone else claim credit for the efforts that he had put into the Wen Corporation for more than a decade.

    Old Mr. Xiao laughed and said, “Exactly. The two of them are harmonious on the surface, but they’re actually at odds against each other. The entertainment city is going to be the start of their battle.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan snapped out of his trance and said, “On the surface, the establishment of a sister company may seem like a promotion of the entertainment city project. However, there would be plenty of restrictions and the first thing they would have to face is the Wen Corporation’s supervision. Since Wen Haowen has lost his dominance, Wen Xinya would be able to look for opportunities to prevent the project from progressing.”

    Old Mr. Xiao smiled and said, “Yes, correct.”

    Everyone had seen enough of the Xiao Family’s drama and it was time for the Wen Family to take center stage. The battle between Wen Haowen and Wen Xinya would definitely be interesting and nowhere less dramatic than Xiao Zhiyuan’s scandal.