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Chapter 397 - Taking The Initiative (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 397: Taking The Initiative (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Assistant Lin knocked on the office door. After hearing Gu Yu say, “Enter,” he pushed the door to enter the room and stood in front of the office table. He looked at Gu Yu. He asked respectfully, “Mr. Gu, what do you need?”

    Gu Yu rubbed his eyebrows. He didn’t reply to Assistant Lin immediately. Instead, he turned his head and looked at the blue sky with an unreadable expression.

    Assistant Lin curious, but he learned to become quite observant after following Gu Yu for a long time. He could tell that his boss was currently in a bad mood, so he kept his mouth closed and waited quietly for his boss to give him the order.

    After a minute of silence, Gu Yu’s gaze shifted back from the window onto Assistant Lin. He tapped the surface of the table lightly with his fingertips and moved his thin lips. He said in a low voice, “My schedule for the next few days.”

    Assistant Lin was stunned for a second before he understood what Gu Yu meant. His big boss wanted him to report his future schedules. He thought that something happened again; he was so frightened that his heart pounded furiously!

    He immediately took out the Ipad he was carrying the whole time and tapped on it with his fingertips a few times to open the schedule. Then, he reported the schedule in detail to Gu Yu.

    Since the company had just completed a big project recently, Gu Yu was unable to go home and accompany young mistress for three days and three nights. Hence, Assistant Lin was tactful and arranged Gu Yu’s current schedule to make time for her. He would try his best to handle any unnecessary or less important schedules himself so that Gu Yu would have time to go home and accompany his wife!