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Chapter 345 - Withdrew for Family Reasons

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 345: Withdrew for Family Reasons

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    Su Cha returned to the villa the next day.

    Now that Jin Mou could no longer participate in the competition and An Qiao was also sent to the hospital, there were two fewer contestants in the Top 30.

    And after seeing Su Cha return without any issues, all the contestants felt a chill in their hearts.

    After all, she was able to force the poison into An Qiao's mouth in front of all of them. To them, this pro-revenge mentality and ruthless methods were even more terrifying.

    Wouldn't everyone be as quiet as a chicken in front of Su Cha in the future?

    Even Mona subconsciously avoided Su Cha's gaze.

    She recalled the first time she met her. This woman was so vengeful that she could see through Mona's deceptions and remain wary of her until now.

    If it were someone else, could they have noticed her petty tricks?

    Su Cha's powers of observation and stance about revenge were equally scary.

    The production crew could only try their best to comfort the contestants, but they did not mention anything about An Qiao and Jin Mou.

    The competition would continue.

    Even if they'd lost two contestants, it would not affect the competition's progress.

    At that time, they could only make excuses that the two contestants had withdrawn from the competition.

    Hence, when they were about to continue the competition that night, the official website of Dreams explained in advance about Jin Mou and An Qiao not participating in the competition.

    Dreams in Progress Official: "Sorry to all the audience and contestants. [Picture]"

    In the picture, Jin Mou and An Qiao's withdrawal from the competition was explained. However, the real reason, which was that they were poisoned, could not be revealed. It could only be attributed to their families' matters that they could do nothing about, resulting in the withdrawal of competitors An Qiao and Jin Mou.

    As soon as this news was released, Dreams started trending.

    This was within the production crew's expectations, but the direction that it followed made them feel a headache.

    Most of the program's fans were waiting excitedly for the competition to begin. Unexpectedly, they received a notice from Jin Mou and An Qiao.

    If it was in the past, it would have been fine. But at this time, why did they suddenly quit?

    What was the so-called familial factor? Why was it so coincidental that both contestants could not participate?

    An Qiao and Jin Mou's fans exploded.

    The program had just broadcasted the first round of the national competition, and now something like this happened?

    "At the very least, you have to give a more complete explanation than just ‘insurmountable family matters.' Why does it feel like your production crew is making excuses?"

    "An Qiao and Jin Mou? Both of them at once? It can't be that both of them were dragged back by their families to get married, right…?"

    "Why didn't they withdraw earlier if they wanted to withdraw from the competition? At this time of the year, they had already occupied two of the top 30 spots in the country. It was too irresponsible for them to announce their withdrawal!"

    "Irresponsibility +1. If they wanted to leave, they should have left long ago. How could they let down the contestants who had been eliminated? They took away two spots, and now they're wasted because those two are not participating? Are they just playing?"

    "Her fans were unlucky to have met such an irresponsible idol."

    "Why does it seem like the production crew is not doing well this year…"

    The explosion was inevitable, but the direction of the explosion was unexpected.

    Even if they gave the reason that their families had irreconcilable issues, causing them to withdraw from the competition, the most vocal protestors were not their fans, but those of the eliminated contestants.

    One by one, they bashed the two contestants for leaving the competition and wasting their spots. To them, such behavior was irresponsible.