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Chapter 512 - The Thearch“s Treasure Trove

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 512 The Thearch“s Treasure TroveZhou Wen's figure flashed like a phantom as he dodged left and right. He kept slashing out sword beams, but they were all stopped by Torch Dragon. He ultimately failed to injure it.

    Zhou Wen wasn't in a rush. Instead, Torch Dragon was somewhat impatient. Its body emitted waves of energy that radiated through the entire palace, leaving Zhou Wen with no room to dodge.

    Holding the Overlord Sword tightly, he unleashed Transcendent Flying Immortal in passing. Sword beams slashed violently and collided with the ripples as both sword beams and ripples shattered.

    There were just too many ripples and Transcendent Flying Immortal couldn't dispatch all of them. When the ripples struck Zhou Wen's body, they immediately sent him flying as he slammed into a metal pillar in the palace.

    Zhou Wen realized that there were many holes in his armor, but his body wasn't injured. After the first layer of his heavy armor was penetrated by the ripples, the soft armor inside suffered some damage, but it wasn't completely penetrated.

    This armor and soft armor are indeed useful. Zhou Wen couldn't help but be overjoyed. The hard and soft double armor was actually able to withstand Torch Dragon's attack. It only caused him to receive some shock damage. This was much better than he had expected.

    When Torch Dragon saw that the blood-colored avatar wasn't dead, its eyes immediately flashed. This was the precursor to using Bright Torch Vision World. Zhou Wen abruptly got to his feet and activated Ghost Steps once again. The six wings on his back flapped as he moved behind Torch Dragon.

    Torch Dragon quickly turned its head and looked in Zhou Wen's direction. Its eyes had already turned mirror-like.

    No matter how fast Zhou Wen's movement speed was, it wasn't as fast as its head turning. It was as though Zhou Wen's figure was about to be caught by the corner of its eye, when he threw the crystal mirror at Torch Dragon's eye whilst moving.

    He originally imagined that the crystal mirror could block Torch Dragon's line of sight, but to his surprise, Torch Dragon's cognitive abilities suddenly sped up. The crystal mirror's trajectory immediately deviated from its eye. The blood-colored avatar was immediately reflected in its eye, and the game screen turned black.

    Even the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's Life Guardian Protection was useless. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon exploded first before the blood-colored avatar died.

    Life Guardian Protection was only a transfer of damage. If Zhou Wen was injured, it would be transferred to it, but there was no way for him to leave the Bright Torch Vision World.

    From the looks of it, I still need more practice to block Bright Torch Vision World. Zhou Wen wasn't discouraged as he continued grinding by dripping his blood and respawning.

    He had long expected that it was impossible to succeed in one attempt. It was unknown how many tens of thousands of failures scientists had to undergo before they could produce results. What Zhou Wen was doing was equivalent to experimenting. What he wanted wasn't luck, but a hundred percent chance of killing Torch Dragon.

    Without sufficient confidence, Zhou Wen wouldn't go to the temple in reality. That would be harming himself and others.

    Before fighting Torch Dragon, Zhou Wen would first grind the rare dimensional creatures—Sun Beast, Baby Tiger, Elegant Emperor's Avatar Puppet, and so on. If a Companion Egg dropped, it would definitely be useful for future fusion.

    Zhou Wen had a nagging feeling that if he could combine rare Life Providences, Life Souls, and skills together, he might be able to form a pet that was even crazier than a Mythical pet. However, the difficulty of fusion wasn't any easier than having a Mythical pet drop. He would need countless attempts.

    On the Dead Man Tree, the flower that Ják bloomed after his death finally withered and produced a tiny fruit. It was unknown how long it would take to ripen.

    Tyrant Behemoth remained in evolution. It looked like it needed more time to evolve to the Mythical stage than it did when advancing to the Epic stage.

    This fellow won't really become as big as a mountain after advancing to the Mythical stage, right? Zhou Wen was secretly worried. If it was really that big, it wouldn't be able to enter many dimensional zones.

    Zhou Wen was still grinding dungeons one day when Li Xuan sent the items that he had previously requested. Apart from one chemical, he had bought everything on the list.

    There wasn't much time left until The Thearch's deadline. After Li Xuan left, Zhou Wen used the Void Flower to teleport the items over. Then, he sent The Thearch a message saying that the material she wanted wasn't easy to obtain and couldn't be bought in the nearby cities. If she really wanted it, she would have to wait for some time.

    "A month should be enough, right? You must obtain that material." The Thearch replied.

    "I spent a lot of money buying materials. I'm almost running out of money." Zhou Wen continued complaining. He wasn't trying to extort her, but he was afraid that The Thearch would think that it was easy for him to obtain these items. That would only serve to her asking him for items every now and then. He didn't have the time to buy things for her.

    "Are you planning on turning into a cat again? The Skill Crystal I gave you is a Mythical Skill Crystal. There aren't many of those amongst you humans, right? You only bought those few items and you are telling me that you have no money? Do you think I don't know the price?" The Thearch's message quickly returned.

    Oh no! Zhou Wen still imagined that The Thearch was as easy to fool as before. He had forgotten that she could surf the Internet. She probably had a better understanding of humans than Zhou Wen himself.

    "Although a Mythical Skill Crystal is precious, you know the situation of humans now. No one can use it, and there's no way to price it. It's really not easy to sell. The crystal is still in my hands. The money to buy these things came from my savings. I really don't have much left." Zhou Wen was certain that he wasn't wrong to say that there was no way to find the price of the Mythical Crystal online.

    "That's true. You humans are too weak and can't use good stuff. But the worst things I have here are those. There's no lower level trash."

    The Thearch's reply nearly made Zhou Wen, who was drinking water, choke.

    How many treasures are there in Chess Mountain? Mythic Essence Energy Skill Crystals are only trash? No, I have to think of a way to crack Chess Mountain in the future. Zhou Wen cursed inwardly.

    After obtaining Six-Winged, Zhou Wen did indeed have the right to challenge Chess Mountain in the game. Now, he likely had the strength to deal with the fake fairy in Deer Terrace Pavilion, but there wasn't just one fake fairy inside. If the six of them were to attack together, Zhou Wen didn't know if he could handle them.

    Now that he was focusing on Torch Dragon, he didn't plan on going just now.

    "If it's not convenient for you to provide payment now, I'll just sell everything I have. I'll put it on the tab." Zhou Wen sent a message.

    "There's no need. Aren't you in the city not far from Chess Mountain? I'll tell you a place. Go and look for it. You should be able to find something valuable." The Thearch was clearly not as petty as Zhou Wen.