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Chapter 413 - The Bride, Little Tang Tang and the Groom, Jian Qi Qi!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 413: The Bride, Little Tang Tang and the Groom, Jian Qi Qi!

    As soon as Tang Jinyu arrived outside his bedroom, his gaze landed upon the handle on the door. He could not help but frown.

    When he left, the handle was still clean without a trace of dust. However, right then, the handle had been dyed with a coat of pink paint.

    When Tang Jinyu touched the handle, he realized that the paint had already dried up.

    Tang Jinyu frowned. ‘I have a bad feeling about this!’

    After opening the door, Tang Jinyu was greeted with the smell of paint mixed with a flowery scent.

    Once he had scanned around the room, his facial expression turned horrid.

    Prior to this, his room was a mixture of three low-key colors of black, white, and grey. Now, there was surprisingly a mixture of various colors.

    Apart from a large pink peace-shaped heart on the wall, there were drawings of red lips and hearts around it.

    Meanwhile, different types of petals were spread all over the floor. On top of that, his grey bedsheet had been replaced with a pink one. There was even a heart formed with rose petals on the bed.

    To make matters worse, there were two cartoonish children characters drawn near the headboard. One of them wore a wedding dress while the other wore a military outfit. Meanwhile, the names of the cartoon characters were written across their chests respectively.

    ‘The bride, Little Tang Tang and the groom, Jian Qi Qi!’

    Tang Jinyu gritted his teeth. When he saw how his room had been destroyed, he felt the urge to tear Jian Qi apart.

    “Jian Qi, come out!” Tang Jinyu said in a deep voice as he tried to suppress his anger.

    However, nobody was in the room.

    When Tang Jinyu walked into the bathroom, he could see an empty paint tray inside. However, nobody was there.

    As if something had occurred to him, Tang Jinyu turned around and left his room. Just as he walked out, he bumped into a maid.

    The maid was about to greet him when she noticed Tang Jinyu’s darkened facial expression. As a result, the maid dared not open her mouth.

    She had never seen such a terrifying look on Tang Jinyu’s face.

    ‘What’s up with our young master?’

    After the maid saw Tang Jinyu storming off, she shifted her gaze to the door to Tang Jinyu’s room that was left open.

    Out of curiosity, she began walking over and looked inside while she stood by the door.

    Instantly, she was stunned motionless.

    ‘Who did this?’

    After Tang Jinyu made it downstairs, he walked directly to one of the rooms. Before he pushed the door open, he could hear a lot of children making noise inside.

    These were all kids of the Tang family’s friends and relatives. While listening to the sounds from within, Tang Jinyu could clearly sense how lively it was inside.

    When Tang Jinyu pushed the door open, he saw the messy state in the drawing room. He could not help but frown deeper.

    When the group of children heard the sound, they turned around to find Tang Jinyu standing by the door. They immediately stopped moving.

    Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu scanned around the room. However, he was not able to locate Jian Qi.

    After walking further inside, he looked around before his gaze finally landed upon the marking of a footstep near the window, and the paint that surrounded it. Moreover, the marking had yet to dry completely.

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath before making his way out of the room and walking upstairs directly.

    When Tang Yiyi noticed what Tang Jinyu was doing, she asked confusedly, “Brother, what are you doing running up and down the stairs?”

    However, Tang Jinyu did not say anything. With a darkened facial expression, he continued up the stairs.

    Tang Yiyi raised her brows. It was unusual to see this person in such a maddened state.

    As if suddenly realizing something, she followed him upstairs. There was a look of excitement in her eyes.

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi had made her way through the window. Carefully, she placed the paint she had transferred from below nearby before she continued with the creation of her masterpiece.

    She was absolutely born to be an artist.

    ‘Look at this room. It screams of an artistic vibe!’

    Just as Jian Qi was about to continue painting on the wall, she could hear an angry voice. “Jian Qi!!!”

    Jian Qi raised her brows. ‘This killing intent…’