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Chapter 414 - The Mouth Says No but the Body Says Yes

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 414: The Mouth Says No but the Body Says Yes

    Jian Qi turned around and smiled. “Little Tang Tang, you’ve returned!”

    “Get down right now!” Tang Jinyu frowned.

    Despite Tang Jinyu’s upset demeanor, Jian Qi remained relatively calm. With one hand holding onto the paint tray, Jian Qi placed her other hand on the wall next to the cartoon she had drawn above the headboard. “Little Tang Tang, what do you think of our wedding photo? Are you pleasantly surprised?”

    Tang Jinyu’s facial expression became even gloomier as he tightened his fists. “I’m giving you one last warning. Get down!”

    “Little Tang Tang, do you feel that something is missing?” Jian Qi tapped on her chin. “Do you think I should add some rose petals around our wedding photo? I was just going to start drawing.”

    The veins on Tang Jinyu’s forehead were showing.

    Meanwhile, Tang Yiyi followed Tang Jinyu into the room. When she looked around, her eyes became wide with surprise.


    ‘Sister-in-Law, you are really talented!’

    ‘You managed to destroy this room!’

    ‘However, that painting is rather adorable!’

    “Brother, hasn’t my sister-in-law already decorated your wedding room? Why don’t I change my birthday party to your engagement party?” Tang Yiyi tried to hold her laughter in.

    Tang Jinyu turned around to glare at Tang Yiyi.

    With a chuckle, Tang Yiyi leaned against the door to observe what would happen next.

    “Little Tang Tang, I think Little Yiyi is right. Why don’t we make it our wedding reception tonight? Look, I’ve already completed the decorations!”

    Jian Qi smiled devilishly. The look on her face was extremely annoying.

    “Do you think this is fun?” Tang Jinyu stared at Jian Qi coldly.

    Jian Qi remained calm as she smiled. “Little Tang Tang, I feel hurt by your words!”

    “When you say you feel hurt, can you try to control your facial expression?” Tang Jinyu snorted before he walked over and reached out to grab Jian Qi. In return, Jian Qi wrapped her hands around his neck. “I want a hug…”

    When Jian Qi wrapped her hands around his neck, Tang Jinyu subconsciously hugged her by the waist to get her off the headboard.

    Tang Yiyi raised her brows.

    ‘Brother, your mouth says no but your body says yes!’

    “Put down those things in your hand!” Tang Jinyu said coldly after letting go of Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi chuckled devilishly. “I’ve not completed my masterpiece yet. Don’t you think our wedding photo needs some rose petals around it? Wouldn’t it seem more romantic that way?”

    Tang Jinyu took in a deep breath. “Stand still and don’t move!” He pursed his lips tightly.

    After finishing his sentence, he turned around and walked out of the room.

    Jian Qi raised her brows. ‘What is he doing?’

    Jian Qi had a bad feeling about this.

    When Tang Yiyi saw Tang Jinyu walking out, she followed after him curiously.

    Jian Qi raised her brows. She felt that it would probably be better if she made her escape right now.

    Since Jian Qi was back on such a rare occasion, she thought of paying Master Coco a visit.

    When she thought of this, she started walking toward the window.

    “What are you doing? Come over here!” Tang Jinyu’s cold voice could be heard.

    Jian Qi immediately stopped climbing the window. After pausing momentarily, she turned around with a smile. “I was just checking the view outside.”

    “Have you had enough of the view? If you are done, come over here!” Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly.

    Calmly, Jian Qi walked over. Meanwhile, several maids had arrived with a few barrels of paint.

    “Undo what you have done! Repaint everything!” Tang Jinyu snorted coldly. “If you dare run away, you’ll have to bear the consequences on your own!”

    Tang Yiyi looked at Jian Qi with a smile. “Sister-in-Law, don’t mind him. Let’s go. I’ll get you some cake!”

    As Tang Yiyi spoke, she reached for Jian Qi’s hand and walked away.

    Jian Qi raised her brows and smiled. “Little Tang Tang, your little sister asked me to eat cake with her.”

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    ‘Tang Yiyi, you terrible girl!’