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Chapter 346 - The Truth

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 346: The Truth

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    Su Cha scrolled through Weibo in the room and saw that the topic on Weibo was getting bigger and bigger. It even reached the top three trending searches.

    However, seeing many angry people blaming Jin Mou, Su Cha clutched her phone tightly.

    Jin Mou was innocent. She had been poisoned and was admitted to the hospital. She could not even participate in the competition anymore, and now she was being bashed like this.

    She did nothing wrong at all.

    She did not want to withdraw from the competition.

    But fans did not know the real reason.

    The fans of those who had been eliminated could only think that Jin Mou and An Qiao had backed out after taking their spot in the top 30. To them, it was an extremely irresponsible and wicked act, and their bashing became increasingly intense.

    At first, Jin Mou's fans had wanted to explain for her, but they did not know the specific reason and could not outsmart the fans of the other contestants. In the end, they could not dare to rebut.

    The power of public opinion was being displayed thoroughly at this moment. Jin Duan, who was guarding the hospital, saw the malicious comments online about his sister. His eyes turned red with anger.

    Jin Mou noticed Jin Duan's expression and nodded at his arm, asking for his phone.

    Jin Duan put it away. "Just rest for now. Don't look at your phone. I will take you to the Master's place soon."

    Jin Mou: "…"

    She looked at Jin Duan with gloomy eyes.


    The competition was about to begin tomorrow. Su Cha lay on the bed and sighed when she saw the empty bed next door.

    That night, the topic of the two contestants leaving the competition became more and more popular. Some people even suspected that it was a publicity stunt, but a famous verified account suddenly revealed a piece of news that shocked the entire internet.

    LovMusik Official: "When the two contestants withdrew from the competition, Sheng Xiao got wind of a shocking truth. [Picture]"

    The whole picture was a screenshot of an anonymous informant.

    [I want to submit a piece of news. The contestants from  did not quit because of family matters. There was a problem with the live broadcast cameras yesterday, so the live broadcast was suspended. But during that time, a contestant named A poisoned one of the others. J's throat was affected by this poison. Originally, A's target was S who shared J's dormitory, but S did not fall for it. A probably wanted to at least frame S, but A was arrested on the spot. I know the truth, and I just can't bear to see J being bashed even though she's innocent. The person behind this matter has a powerful background. Her family wants to suppress it. Thank you.]

    "What the hell???? A program has become a place for such schemes?"

    "How could she be so vicious?"

    "An Qiao is so vicious!!! Go to hell, bitch!"

    "Oh my god, it's too tragic. My heart aches for Jin Mou. I watched the interview. Although this Miss Jin Mou is cold, she's actually a good person. Her singing is also top-notch. It's really too tragic."

    "Is this the 21st century? I can't believe it!"

    "Did the production crew not call the police? Hey, main creator of , please die!"

    "Is this true? It's just a blind item. Maybe it's An Qiao's anti-fan who's smearing dirt on her?"

    "Is S Su Cha? Su Cha is the one who lives with Jin Mou. Oh my god, if the poison hadn't got Jin Mou, it would have got Su Cha. In the end, she wanted to frame Su Cha? This An Qiao is amazing!"

    "It was understandable that the production crew did not expose it, but now… it was over. This anonymous person must have been present, right? Or was it another contestant who exposed it?"