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Chapter 1056 - Do They Have a Feud with the Wen Family?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1056: Do They Have a Feud with the Wen Family?

    Xu Xianghu answered happily, “Hehe! Sis-in-Law, I didn’t expect you to call me. Is there a reason you’re looking for me?”

    Not in the mood to be gleeful, Wen Xinya cut straight to the chase. “When did your boss start suffering from insomnia?”

    Xu Xianghu asked nervously, “Sis-in-law, is there something wrong with the Boss’ health?”

    Xu Xianghu’s words made Wen Xinya’s heart sink. She had yet to say anything, but Xu Xianghu already asked about Si Yiyan’s health condition. Clearly, his insomnia was not as simple as she thought.

    Xu Xianghu probed. “Sis-in-law, why aren’t you saying anything? What’s wrong with Ninth Young Master’s health? Ever since you left Russia, Ninth Young Master began to develop insomnia. However, his symptoms were not obvious and we didn’t quite notice them because we were too busy during that period. By the time we found out, it had become rather severe, though not as severe as the previous time…”

    Xu Xianghu was still rattling on and on after a long time. However, Wen Xinya could no longer process his words. “Tell me about the details of what happened when he got insomnia.”

    Not daring to be hasty or careless about it, Xu Xianghu explained in detail, “None of us were too bothered by it because we know that insomnia runs in the Si Family. We all thought that he’d be fine after some time. However, three months later, Ninth Young Master suffered an anxiety attack for the first time. He rested his head in his hands and began struggling in agony. He smashed everything in the house. It was our first time seeing him so frustrated and anxious. After realizing that something was wrong, Gu Yuehan looked for a psychologist and a neurological expert to give him some treatment. The experts said that insomnia will affect his cerebrum and the first symptoms that he will experience are fatigue, anxiety, agony, pain, and anxiety. It will also cause severe migraines that will lead to a loss of control of his emotions. He will then behave even more maniacally.”

    Misery was written all over Wen Xinya’s face. Three months of insomnia…

    Normal people would begin to feel terrible after having suffered insomnia for three days. She had no idea how he managed to go three months without proper sleep.

    Xu Xianghu explained, “Due to the fact that Ninth Young Master’s insomnia is very severe, the doctor suggested that he use sleeping pills to aid him in sleeping, and marijuana to ease his migraines. Ninth Young Master had to rely on these drugs for a long time…”

    Wen Xinya proceeded to ask him more questions about insomnia before hanging up.

    By the time she returned to the room, Si Yiyan had already woken up. He was lying sluggishly on the couch and staring at her attentively.

    Wen Xinya took a look at the time and realized that he had only slept for less than 20 minutes. “You’re up. I made you some oyster soup. I’ll bring some here for you.”

    Before Si Yiyan could even answer, Wen Xinya hurriedly rushed to the kitchen and brought the soup into the study.

    The aroma of the fragrant, white liquid that was slightly viscous, filled the air in the room.

    Si Yiyan stopped after drinking two bowls of soup, much less than his usual amount.

    However, Wen Xinya was rather glad because it was better than nothing.

    After having had his meal, Si Yiyan completely relaxed. The aromatherapy incense was mild but refreshing. He was rather comfortable with the pleasant mood and ambiance.

    Si Yiyan changed the subject and said, “The matter about the Wen Corporation’s entertainment city is rather serious. You must be careful with it. Not everyone can deal with such a project. You might just get into trouble if you’re not careful.”

    He had only been to Russia for a month. Yet, he felt like it had been years. Within just a short period of time, so much happened in the Wen Corporation.

    Wen Xinya said softly, “I’m sure someone manipulated Wen Haowen into pushing for the entertainment city.”

    Si Yiyan was not surprised at all, for he was certain that Wen Haowen was not capable enough to come up with such an elaborate proposal. “Do you think it’s the person behind Ning Shuqian?”

    Although he seemed to be asking a question, his tone was firm and assertive. The mysterious mastermind was giving him a major headache.

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “Yan, I’m starting to get confused about the motive of the person behind Ning Shuqian. They’re mysterious and powerful. Why are they plotting against the Wen Family? Do they have a feud with us?”

    The animosity arose without a reason, and there seemed to be no valid purpose for them to plot against the Wen Family. When Old Mr. Wen was young, he was branded as a relentless, ruthless and resolute tyrant and he absolutely lived up to his nicknames. She had once asked the butler about Old Mr. Wen’s past, after which she found out that Old Mr. Wen had indeed defeated plenty of his enemies and rivals.

    The idea of someone trying to take revenge on the Wen Family had crossed her mind before. However, it would be inappropriate for her to check up on her elders and, since her position in the Wen Family was not stable, she ought to be careful with her actions and behavior. Otherwise, she might easily fall into a trap laid by someone else.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “I don’t think so. Judging from the way the mastermind is behaving, it doesn’t seem like he’s taking revenge. I believe you can sense it, too. They managed to plot against the Wen Family so easily, partly because they’re able to make Ning Shuqian manipulate Wen Haowen, and also because their power is perhaps, far greater than that of the Wen Family. If it’s as simple as a feud, there’s no need for them to be so secretive and manipulate a woman to achieve their goals. I have a feeling that they have a greater agenda.”

    The matter seemed more complex to Si Yiyan than it was to Wen Xinya. In recent years, he had been checking up on the person behind Ning Shuqian and too, managed to find some clues. He guessed that the mastermind could be an entire organization.

    However, it was just a wild guess which he had yet to prove with evidence. Besides, if he were right, the matter would become even more complicated, for it would then be at a level that Wen Xinya could not get involved in. Hence, he did not inform her about his findings and guess.

    Si Yiyan’s words made Wen Xinya feel rather perturbed. His analysis was clearly much more plausible and convincing than her conjecture. It also was rather terrifying. “I wonder what the mastermind’s motive is.”

    Si Yiyan knew that she was extremely worried. Hence, he said softly, “There’s no point in dwelling on it. The mastermind definitely won’t let go of such a large scale project like the entertainment city. Perhaps, we can use it to find out more about the major conspiracy. The circumstances are advantageous to us now. You’re in the open and you can openly interfere with the entertainment city while I observe every move of theirs in the dark. We’ll probably reap some benefits.”

    It was his real plan.

    Wen Xinya gave it some thought and felt that it was a brilliant idea.