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Chapter 610 - Three Thousand Meters Deep Pit!

Medical Master
     Chapter 610 Three Thousand Meters Deep Pit!

    “Team One, fire!”

    After hearing Fang Qiu’s shout, the two squadrons encircling the two giant lizards lined up at the same time and aimed their guns at the eyes of the giant lizards.

    “Pa, Pa, Pa…”

    They fired without any hesitation.

    As the soldiers of the other nine teams holding military arms were on the alert for any attacks from the giant lizards, the members of the two teams fired.

    Because of its huge size, the eyes of the giant lizards were also very big.

    The people present were all special forces.

    As special soldiers, shooting accurately was the most basic skill that they needed to master.

    Undoubtedly, even though the giant lizards were constantly moving, they could not dodge the bullets. In the blink of an eye, the eyes of the two giant lizards were hit.

    “Roar, roar…” When their eyeballs burst, the two giant lizards went crazy.

    They opened their mouths wide and roared toward the sky. Meanwhile, their movements became even faster and stronger than before.

    The soldiers around them immediately retreated in shock.

    “Retreat, retreat!” The vice-captain shouted.

    Upon hearing this, the soldiers hurriedly retreated.

    They ran rapidly. Fortunately, they made a breakthrough after Fang Qiu’s training. Otherwise, they really could not run so fast.

    As the soldiers retreated, two angry giant lizards roared wildly on the spot. They kept turning around and swishing their tails, trying to strike out at everything that came near them.

    As they roared furiously and struck out violently, the two giant lizards actually collided with each other. They hit each other with their tails and then bit each other. Their fight looked extremely cruel and bloody!

    The soldiers had retreated to a safe place. Everyone raised their guns and aimed at the throats of the two giant lizards. However, the two giant lizards were crouching on the ground, making it impossible for the soldiers to hit their throats.

    But when the two giant lizards became entangled and bit each other, their throats were finally exposed.

    “Fire!” The captain ordered.

    “Pa, Pa, Pa…”

    Countless gunshots rang out at the same time.

    Bullets rained down on the throats of the two giant lizards.

    In the blink of an eye, huge holes appeared on the throats of the two giant lizards and blood gushed out immediately.

    “Roar, roar…” The two giant lizards were furious. They growled and gradually stopped moving.

    Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

    “They’re dead!”

    “What the f*ck, what kind of monster is this?”

    “Fortunately, we have a mysterious drillmaster with us, or we will all die here today!”

    “What nonsense are you talking about? If it weren’t for the mysterious drillmaster, would we have come to this desert? If we were not here, it would be these three tomb raiders who would be killed!”

    “These monsters are too scary. Although Lop Nor is out at the front, there are often people coming over here for sightseeing, photo taking and so on. If the mysterious drillmaster had not brought us here, we would not have known that there were such monsters in the desert. Maybe these monsters have already eaten a lot of people.”

    The soldiers began a heated discussion on this topic.

    On the other side, there were carcasses everywhere.

    As they looked around, they could see that the yellow sand was soaked in blood. The sandy ground was densely covered with the carcasses of the giant lizards.

    All these giant lizards were killed by punches. Some of them had their heads smashed and some of them had their bodies shattered.

    When they looked up, Fang Qiu, who had gone all out, was floating more than a meter in the air, above the carcasses.

    At this moment, the eyes of all the thousand soldiers changed when they looked at Fang Qiu.

    There was shock, admiration and worship in their eyes!

    It took the members from the two squadrons such a long time to kill the two giant lizards. And they did it with the help of Fang Qiu’s instructions. However, while they were killing the two giant lizards, Fang Qiu had already killed hundreds of thousands of them.

    How could they not be shocked? How could they not admire him?

    In mid-air, Fang Qiu looked around. After making sure that there were no more living lizards, he moved and flew directly to the front of the 1,000 soldiers.

    As soon as he landed, Fang Qiu shouted, “All of you, leave right away. Don’t let anyone enter Lop Nor!”

    The soldiers immediately lined up.

    “Master, what about you?” The captain ran up to him and asked.

    Fang Qiu turned around, narrowed his eyes and stared at Lop Nor. He took a deep breath and said, “I want to go in and take a look. If I don’t come out in three days, tell Li Ji that no one should come here unless he is a guru!”

    Although there were only five days left for him to find the Heaven Treasure, Fang Qiu knew that this place was a disaster area. All the giant carnivorous lizards here had to be wiped out. Otherwise, if the lizards ran out, it would inevitably cause great harm to the tourist attractions around the Taklimakan desert. Once they ran out of the desert and entered the city, it would be even more dangerous.

    “No way!” When he heard what Fang Qiu said, the captain immediately shook his head and said, “We’re comrades-in-arms. I’ll never give up on my comrade. There must be a lot of giant lizards in Lop Nor. Even if you’re powerful, you’ll be in great danger if you go in alone. If you insist on staying, I’ll go with you!”

    “You’re not giving up on me.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “We all have jobs to do. You are responsible for reporting the news secretly. I’ll be checking out the situation. Besides, with your strength, you can’t help even if you stay. Instead, you may be in great danger. If you can, please take back the Desert Cistanche for me. Li Ji knows what to do.”

    “But…” The captain was a little hesitant.

    After all, during these three days, Fang Qiu had been training in his team. In addition, they had just killed so many giant lizards together and experienced life and death together. In their eyes, Fang Qiu had become their comrade-in-arms, so they were all worried about Fang Qiu.

    “There is no ‘but’.”

    Fang Qiu said in a low voice, “Carry out the order!”

    “Yes, sir!” The captain gritted his teeth and stood upright to salute him.

    “All of you, evacuate!” The captain ordered.

    All the soldiers lined up and turned to leave.

    Fang Qiu stood where he was.

    He watched the special forces warriors depart.

    Only after all the soldiers left did he resolutely turn around and walk toward Lop Nor!

    When Fang Qiu walked into Lop Nor, all the special soldiers stopped, turned around and silently saluted sincerely in the direction of Lop Nor.

    Although they were amazed by Fang Qiu’s strength, they also knew that he would definitely be in great danger once he got into Lop Nor. Fang Qiu might never be able to come back this time.

    Otherwise, he would not have said such things to the captain.

    As soldiers, they knew how Fang Qiu felt.

    He did it for the country. Even if he knew that he needed to risk his life in the most dangerous place, he would never back down!


    Entering Lop Nor, Fang Qiu directly flew up to a height of about five meters. While suppressing the surging internal Qi in his body, he flew slowly to check the situation on the ground.


    However, before Fang Qiu could fly up to about five kilometers, he found a big pit!

    It was a huge round hole that had been created by a bomb blast.

    “This is it?” Fang Qiu thought.

    Earlier, the captain said that a nuclear explosion experiment had been carried out in Lop Nor. The experiment site was located in the underground cave of these giant carnivorous lizards.

    It was the only trace of an explosion within a radius of ten kilometers.

    Thinking of this, Fang Qiu descended slowly and carefully checked the huge round hole under his feet.

    As soon as he dropped to about three meters above the ground, Fang Qiu immediately stopped and stared at the bottom of the round pit, which was a hole that could be entered from the side!

    At the edge of the big hole, although it had eroded badly, he could still see the shape of the stalactites.

    There must be a wide underground cave within this small hole.

    “It’s really here.” Fang Qiu immediately descended.

    He did not know until he descended.

    The depth of this huge round pit was actually over a hundred meters.

    He could imagine how powerful the nuclear explosion was!

    Soon, Fang Qiu landed in mid-air, which was about seven or eight meters away from the hole at the bottom.


    “Pitter-patter…” At this moment, the sounds of scampering of feet could be heard from the cave.

    “Hmm?” Fang Qiu frowned.


    At the next moment, three or four giant lizards rushed out of the cave at lightning speed.

    “Great Hand of Destruction!” Without any hesitation, Fang Qiu raised his right hand and gave them a fierce smack.

    In an instant, these gigantic lizards were turned into meat pies!

    “Sure enough, it’s here.” Secretly muttering to himself, Fang Qiu swiftly got into the cave.

    After entering the cave, Fang Qiu found that although the cave looked small, it was very wide inside.

    The strangest thing was that the cave was not horizontal, but vertical!

    It was like a huge abyss. As soon as Fang Qiu entered, he began to fall.

    It was pitch-black inside. If it were an ordinary person entering it, he would not be able to see anything.

    Fortunately, Fang Qiu was a super expert in the Guru Realm. He could see everything in the cave clearly with his night vision.

    As Fang Qiu was falling, he kept observing the situation on all sides.

    He found that there were cliffs all around. This place was like a vertical pit with a diameter of about 20 meters. There were some sticky liquids on the surrounding cliffs, which looked a little disgusting.

    He looked down again.

    “Buzz…” A gust of cold wind suddenly blew across from the endless darkness below and it had a distinctive fishy smell.

    At this moment, “Pitter-patter… ”

    The sound of the giant lizards’ feet pattering on the ground could be heard.

    On the sides of the cliffs below, there were more than a dozen giant lizards. These lizards moved fast in the dark and kept dashing about madly. For them, the vertical cliff walls were like flat ground, which did not hinder their movements at all.

    “Kill!” Fang Qiu immediately took action. As he fell rapidly, he kept waving his hands. By using the Great Hand of Destruction, he directly killed all the giant lizards that were climbing up, one after another!

    After a while, the speed of Fang Qiu’s rapidly falling body began to slow down.

    “Three thousand meters!”

    Along the way, the cave was close to 3,000 meters deep, which surprised Fang Qiu very much. He did not expect that the underground cave was so deep. After all, even if it was a nuclear explosion, it could only blow out a round pit of about 100 meters in depth.