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Chapter 415 - Your Future Daughter-In-Law, My Sister-in-Law!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 415: Your Future Daughter-In-Law, My Sister-in-Law!

    After she left, the maid beside her became awkward.

    “Young Master, should we repaint the wall?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at the room with a dark expression and scoffed. “Keep it like this. Wait for her to do it!”

    He glanced at the flower petals and the pink quilt cover on the bed and couldn’t help but frown. “Where did she get the quilt cover?”

    The maid at the side was slightly embarrassed. “I think she got it from the laundry room. The blanket was washed by Miss yesterday.”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. “Pack up! Change the blankets!”

    The maid nodded and was surprised to see Tang Jinyu leaving in a huff.

    After all, Young Master had always been calm and collected when faced with all kinds of situations. Yet, he suddenly had such a dark expression. It was quite frightening!

    Tang Yiyi pulled Jian Qi down. It was impossible for her not to gather attention under the birthday halo.

    Jian Qi’s camouflage suit seemed out of place compared to the entire banquet hall.

    However, the Tangs were a military family, so it wasn’t too glaring. Especially when Tang Jinyu came down, everyone was curious about Jian Qi’s identity.

    After all, someone noticed that she came back with him.

    Even though it had been such a long time, Jian Qi was still quite popular. Some of those present still remembered Jian Qi’s spectacular performance in “King of Guns.”

    Even though she was wearing a camouflage suit, she couldn’t hide her beautiful face.

    Naturally, someone recognized her.

    However, everyone was still curious. “Doesn’t Old Man Tang dislike people from the entertainment industry? Why is Miss Tang so close to Jian Qi?”

    After all, everyone in the industry knew that Elder Tang disliked people from the entertainment industry, regardless of whether they were men or women.

    He would ignore them as long as they were in the entertainment industry!

    However, her daughter had opened an entertainment company. Moreover, she owned half of the entertainment industry in Country A!

    However, no artist would come here, or rather, they would never be able to enter!

    But now…

    Everyone was confused.

    Jian Qi ignored the discussion and sat down on the sofa beside her, and Tang Yiyi served her all sorts of delicious food.

    At that moment, Tang Xiao also came down. He saw the siblings surrounding a girl in camouflage clothing.

    Tang Xiao raised an eyebrow.

    When the butler saw Tang Xiao coming down, he hurriedly walked over, and he was about to say something when Tang Xiao interrupted him. “Have you found out about that girl?”

    The butler shook his head. “Young Master personally handled her information. I’m afraid you have to do it yourself.”

    Tang Xiao paused for a moment before looking at Jian Qi sitting with her back facing him.

    It seemed like they weren’t ordinary soldiers!

    Tang Xiao walked toward them. He wanted to see who this girl was.

    Tang Yiyi soon saw him walking over. She smiled and stood up. “Dad, you finally came down!”

    She walked over and affectionately held onto Tang Xiao’s arm.

    Tang Xiao smiled and asked, despite knowing the answer, “Who is that girl?”

    Tang Yiyi calmly replied, “Your future daughter-in-law, my sister-in-law!”

    Jian Qi stopped eating when she heard this.