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Chapter 347 - She Did I

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 347: She Did It

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    #Dreams in Progress: Contestant Poisoning#

    #A poisons, J poisoned#

    #Framing S#

    Once this blind item was released, Weibo exploded.

    Everyone had been watching reality shows or other shows in peace for so long. At most, they would see the show's guests disliking or quarreling with each other, but for someone to directly poison another…

    Now they'd seen it all!

    It was too late for  to stop the news. It was as if someone was behind its release. Many famous celebrities started to share the news, making it spread even more quickly. Soon, the whole thing went out of control.

    When they saw the topic on Weibo, the directors in the production crew almost went crazy. The production crew held an emergency meeting overnight, wanting to puzzle out how to resolve this matter.

    And to find out who had exposed it!

    However, there were dozens of contestants and so many staff members present. If any of them had told their friends, it was inevitable that this matter would be exposed.

    There was nothing suspicious with the whistleblower's ID, the famous verified account refused to reveal any information about the informant.

    The crew had yet to figure out what the perfect plan was. This matter had caused so much trouble that even the production crew had to come forth and clarify it.

    But this was the truth. Later, someone found out that Jin Mou was still in the hospital. Someone secretly took a photo of Jin Mou and asked the doctor to confirm that there was a problem with her voice. As for whether she was poisoned, the hospital refused to reveal it.

    But this knowledge was already set in stone.

    The evidence was placed in front of the production crew. There was no use denying it, so they could only be criticized by Jin Mou's fans and those of the other contestants.

    There were even people who said that this year's show was no longer how it used to be. How many things had happened since the beginning of the show? First, the judges, then the contestants. How many contestants could survive until the end?

    When the program's main creator saw such comments, he almost vomited blood.

    They did not expect the accident to happen. Who knew that such a thing would happen? They did not expect a contestant to do such a terrible thing.

    But even with such a big fuss going on, the next day's competition had to be held normally.

    When Su Cha woke up the next day, this matter was at its peak.

    Many people looked exhausted. It was obvious that they had not rested well the whole night.

    Only Su Cha looked normal and energetic.

    How could she not be energetic? Even if she did not rest for a long time, she would not feel exhausted. It was not something that ordinary people who did not have a good night's rest could compare with.

    Su Cha raised her eyebrows when she received the notification that the production crew was going to continue the competition.

    She had told Bai Kun about it.

    If it were anyone else, the informant would also have mentioned that An Qiao was poisoned in return by Su Cha.

    Once that was exposed, Su Cha would be implicated. It didn't matter if she only helped Jin Mou to vent her anger or if she had other reasons, this matter could still not be resolved just like that.

    If everyone could simply carry out revenge themselves, what were the laws for?

    Of course, even if the production crew did not call the police, the police would still come to investigate.

    There was no need for Bai Kun and the rest to pose as members of powerful families. With the current public opinion, An Qiao's family would not be able to do well. In fact, Bo Muyi even had the ability to suppress this family, but they did not dare to tell Su Cha about it.

    An Qiao was destined to pay a huge price for this.

    Her original intention was to stop people from bashing Jin Mou unfairly. Now that public opinion was as it should be, the production crew would have to worry about the obvious consequences.