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Chapter 1057 - Meeting Ning Shuqian

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1057: Meeting Ning Shuqian

    For the past two days, Si Yiyan managed to sleep for two to three hours each night, which was not too bad considering how severe his insomnia was. Last night he only managed to fall asleep at daybreak and was sleeping soundly when Wen Xinya left.

    Wen Xinya took a look at the time to see that it was half-past ten in the morning. Si Yiyan should be awake by now.

    She whipped out her mobile phone to send Si Yiyan a text message accompanied by a lazy pig emoji. “The sun is already out and shining on your bum!”

    As expected, Si Yiyan replied immediately, “I’m already up.”

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

    Si Yiyan replied to her with a smiley and an emoji of a bird standing on top of a tree. “I accidentally overslept. The late bird gets to eat the worms.”

    She had a feeling that there were hidden meanings in Si Yiyan’s words. She finally realized what he meant after thinking about how Si Yiyan would make her get intimate with him every morning in the past.

    Hence, she sent him a turtle emoji before ignoring him.

    At this moment, she received a call from the Celestial Detective Agency.

    Wen Xinya finally remembered that she had tasked them to keep a close eye on Ning Shuqian who was in the nursing home.

    The investigation results of the Celestial Detective Agency took her by surprise. According to them, the matter about Ning Shuqian was rather complicated and there seemed to be an unknown power behind her. Hence, they did not dare to act rashly.

    Wen Xinya decided not to get them to continue keeping an eye on Ning Shuqian because she did not wish to alarm her.

    However, at this juncture, Wen Xinya could already deduce that the woman behind Wen Haowen was Ning Shuqian. She was also the one who instigated Wen Haowen to push for the entertainment city project.

    Wen Xinya could not help but let out a sigh.

    Wen Xinya put her phone away, thinking to herself that she had to go visit Ning Shuqian at the nursing home. After all, it had been a long time since she met Ning Shuqian and she felt that she had to find out more about Ning Shuqian in order to win the battle.

    Wen Xinya called Liu Yanhua and instructed her to accompany her to the nursing home.

    At half-past one in the afternoon, Wen Xinya and Liu Yanhua headed to the nursing home that Ning Shuqian was living in.

    Liu Yanhua followed Wen Xinya closely wherever she went.

    Sensing that Liu Yanhua had her guard up, Wen Xinya asked softly, “What’s the matter?”

    Liu Yanhua grew up in Lucifer and had undergone various training. Hence, she was well-equipped in martial arts and marksmanship. She had acute senses as well. That was the reason Si Yiyan had sent her to protect Wen Xinya while acting as her assistant at the same time.

    Liu Yanhua said softly, “We’re being watched, right from the moment that we entered the nursing home. The person watching us is very alert and vigilant, but he’s keeping a low profile. However, I’ve had a sharp sixth sense ever since I was a child, so I can sense what’s going on.”

    Her sixth sense was also the reason why she sensed the danger during Duke Moville’s banquet in Russia when no one else could. She also managed to alert Wen Xinya about the attack from the back.

    Although Wen Xinya had her guard up too, she was not as vigilant as Liu Yanhua who had grown up in Lucifer and had undergone intense training since a young age. Hence, she did not discover that she was being watched.

    After hearing Liu Yanhua’s words, Wen Xinya decided to keep her guard up. She scanned the entire nursing home, thinking to herself that Celestial Detective Agency was right about there being another power behind Ning Shuqian.

    Liu Yanhua said softly, “Missy, I can’t judge the competency of these people. We’d better be more careful.”

    Wen Xinya said with a nod, “Can you sense if they’re harboring ill intentions towards us?”

    Shaking her head, Liu Yanhua answered, “It’s difficult to tell. Although one’s motives can easily be exposed, those who are trained to tail others have undergone rigorous training to ensure that they hide and conceal all of their emotions seamlessly. Hence, they can control their thoughts as well. Even if they want to kill you, you might not be able to sense it at all. These people… are not simple!”

    Liu Yanhua began to get more and more wary towards the end.

    Liu Yanhua revealed a lot of information that Wen Xinya digested and came up with the conclusion that the nursing home was much more suspicious and mysterious than she had imagined.

    It also cleared her confusion.

    Ever since Ning Shuqian was admitted to the nursing home, she did not lower her guard around Ning Shuqian. In fact, she had even hired someone to check up on her, though she did not manage to find anything unusual. Later on, she paid more attention to Ning Shuqian’s medical condition, only to discover that Ning Shuqian’s illness had not improved and she was merely relying on medication and psychological treatments to keep it within control.

    It was Ning Shuqian’s diagnosis which misled her into thinking that Ning Shuqian did not have anything to do with Wen Haowen staying out and the entertainment city project.

    After all, what could a mentally unsound patient do?

    she thought.

    The only possibility was that the nursing home had long been controlled by the mastermind.

    Liu Yanhua frowned and said, “Missy, why don’t we leave immediately? I won’t be able to guarantee your safety if anything happens later.”

    Since Si Yiyan had assigned her to protect Wen Xinya, she could not afford to make any mistakes.

    “Don’t get too nervous. They won’t do anything to me. We’re in China, not Russia.” If the mastermind really wanted to do something to her, she wouldn’t be alive now. Back then, Si Yiyan gave everyone a warning and his authority still held.

    Besides, the entertainment city project had just begun and those people wouldn’t create unnecessary trouble.

    Besides, if anything were to happen to her in the nursing home, the blame would definitely be put on Ning Shuqian. The mastermind would not be able to continue using Ning Shuqian to manipulate Wen Haowen, either.

    Wen Xinya only had the guts to go to the nursing home after thinking through.

    Liu Yanhua nodded, though she still felt a little worried. Since she grew up in Russia, she had gotten used to power struggles and bloodbaths. Hence, she almost forgot that people wouldn’t dare to assault anyone rashly in China where the law was strict.

    Wen Xinya patted her on the shoulder and said, “Try to act natural. Don’t let them sense that we’ve already discovered something unusual.”