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Chapter 611 - Heaven Treasure, Vigor Grass!

Medical Master
     It was no wonder that there were not as many giant lizards coming out as he had imagined.

    Before those giant lizards could go out to hunt for prey, they needed to climb up the vertical cliff which was more than 3,000 meters high.

    “Howl…” Just when Fang Qiu saw the ground at the bottom of the cave, a loud roar suddenly came from below and echoed in Fang Qiu’s ears. It felt like it came from the depths of the valley.

    When Fang Qiu dropped to the ground, he stayed down and did not move.

    Nothing moved around him, but in this dark environment, he could clearly see that there were piles of huge stones about four or five meters away from him.

    It seemed that these boulders were the rocks that had been blown up by the nuclear explosion experiment back then.

    There were many giant lizards hidden in these boulders and their cracks.

    These giant lizards were supposed to jump from the boulders to the cliff and then crawl out of it, but as soon as Fang Qiu landed, they immediately stopped and stared at Fang Qiu, motionless, as if they were waiting for their prey to come to them.

    However, they did not know that Fang Qiu had been eyeing them for a long while.

    “Swoosh!” After confirming the location of the surrounding giant lizards, Fang Qiu moved his feet and immediately flew out.

    “Bang, bang, bang…” Unfortunately, these lizards did not even have time to react before they were all killed by Fang Qiu’s punches!

    After killing all the giant lizards nearby, Fang Qiu stopped.

    He turned to observe his surroundings.

    Fang Qiu found that except for the front, there were huge gravel and vertical steep rock walls located in the other three directions. There was a cave located behind the gravel in front of him.

    This cave was very big.

    It seemed that it was formed by the underground river flowing all these years and the formation of the inner walls of the cave were all stalactites.

    He stepped into the hole.

    “Roar, roar…” Fang Qiu heard the roars of the giant lizards again.

    After a few steps, Fang Qiu came across a fork in the road.

    Listening to the roars from a distance, Fang Qiu chose one of the paths to follow. However, after walking for a long time, he found that it was a dead-end. Except for two giant lizards, there was nothing in it.

    After killing the two giant lizards on the spot, Fang Qiu went back the same way he had come and then took the other path.

    After walking for more than 20 meters, he came across another fork in the road.

    “Hmm?” Fang Qiu paused for a moment, then casually chose a path and walked on. As a result, he walked into a dead end like the last time.

    “Is this cave a natural maze?” Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows.

    He knew that the underground caves would very likely have formed a natural maze. Most of the underground caves were formed because of the underground river. The water flow of the underground river surged and created a huge space underground, which then became a karst cave.

    The strength of the underground water was not powerful but the rapid flow made it easy to wash out the forks in the karst cave, just like the fork from the source of the Sanjiang River.

    When Fang Qiu was in doubt, he turned back and met another giant lizard on the way. After killing it, he returned to the second fork in the road.

    “Divine Consciousness!” As he entered the other road, Fang Qiu thought to himself and his Divine Consciousness immediately spread out, which covered the area of ten kilometers around.

    Because the underground cave was too dark, Fang Qiu did not do that even though his Divine Consciousness could cover 20 kilometers. He thought it was terrifying that the underground cave could cover an area of 10 kilometers.

    He did not even dare to think that it could cover a radius of 20 kilometers!

    As expected, by using his Divine Consciousness, Fang Qiu found that the diameter of this area was about five kilometers. It was indeed a natural maze and there were many giant lizards in this maze.

    He could sense that they were not far away.

    When he sensed the giant lizards, Fang Qiu directly used the Great Hand of Destruction and killed them from a distance even before the lizards noticed anything.

    He continued with this slaughter all the way out.

    Soon, Fang Qiu detected an area with his Divine Consciousness.

    The exit was like a sewer.

    In other words, the exit at the bottom was higher than the natural maze area.

    When Fang Qiu came to the exit, he clearly saw that there was a slope at the exit, which was about two meters wide and three or five meters high. It looked like a draining spot.

    Next to the exit, there were beds of gravel.

    In fact, along the way, Fang Qiu saw a lot of boulders. Even some parts of the maze had collapsed. It seemed that they had collapsed after the nuclear explosion decades ago.

    Fortunately, Fang Qiu had his Divine Consciousness and was able to detect it. If it were anyone else, they would have been trapped in the natural maze.

    He jumped onto the exit.

    Fang Qiu found that there was a brand new world in front of him.

    It was a particularly wide karst cave. The roof of the cave was like a night sky filled with dense fluorescent green light spots, which was an extremely beautiful sight.

    “Eh? A firefly?”

    As soon as he used his Divine Consciousness, Fang Qiu immediately noticed that these light spots were fireflies.

    “Why are there fireflies underground?”

    Feeling a little shocked, Fang Qiu looked ahead.

    He saw an oasis in front of him!

    It was indeed an oasis, which was exactly the same as it was in the desert!

    It was an oasis that had formed on the flat dissolution rocks.

    In addition to the two smooth flowing rivers on the left and right sides, there were flowers, grass and even trees growing on the oasis.

    “Hmm?” As Fang Qiu stared at the oasis, he suddenly shivered.

    He saw a strange looking living creature!

    It was a lizard covered with scales!

    It was like a round, blackish green, iron-like scale armor.

    It was a lizard that was only over four meters long or a little lesser than five meters, which was much smaller than the other giant lizards.

    Although it was small, Fang Qiu felt a kind of aura that the other lizards did not have, coming from this scaly lizard. It was a kind of powerful and naturally imposing kind of aura.

    It was like a tiger in the mountain.

    “Good lord.” Fang Qiu took a light breath and then immediately spread his Divine Consciousness to check the surroundings.

    Then he found that it was no ordinary giant lizard living in this cave.

    “It’s weird.” Fang Qiu immediately looked behind the scaled lizard.

    As expected, Fang Qiu immediately saw something that made his eyes open wide!

    “That is…” Behind the scaled lizard, which was the middle of the oasis in the cave, Fang Qiu saw a blade of grass, which looked like any ordinary grass, but it had two colors.

    One blue, one red!

    The blue was a sort fluorescent blue with a faint hint of green. The red color was bright red with a slight tinge of purple.

    Around this blade of grass were tiny specks of light.

    It looked like an immortal grass!

    “Vigor Grass!”

    Looking at the grass, Fang Qiu could not help but get excited.

    Information about the Vigor Grass immediately appeared in his mind.

    Vigor Grass was one of the Heaven Treasures, ranked 21st on the Heaven Treasure List.

    The grass flourished together with the living and the spirit.

    The living possessed an extremely powerful aura of life, which had the effect of healing flesh and bones. The spirit was the spiritual root gathered by Heaven and Earth’s energy. Its spirit was strong but would not hurt the body. It could be consumed by people above the martial arts practitioner level, which was also a gift from heaven.

    Fang Qiu did not expect that at all.

    Under the ground that was 3,000 meters deep, there was actually a Heaven Treasure like the Vigor Grass!

    What Fang Qiu needed most now was a Heaven Treasure. Vigor Grass was exactly one of the 24 kinds of Heaven Treasures that Fang Qiu needed. It could be said that it was the most suitable one as the Vigor Grass had a very strong aura of life. Even dead bones could be grown with flesh, let alone it giving protection to the meridians.

    However, since the scaled lizard was eyeing it covetously, Fang Qiu immediately suppressed his excitement and observed the treasure carefully.

    “It’s almost mature.”

    According to the record in the Scroll of Heaven Materials and Earth Treasures, when the Vigor Grass was mature, the blue side would completely turn into a fluorescent green shade, showing its unique and powerful life energy. The red side would turn purple, meaning that its spirit would come from the east like purple Qi!

    Judging from the current situation, Fang Qiu knew that this blade of Vigor Grass had already begun to transform into fluorescent green and purple colors. It was clearly a sign that it was about to mature soon!

    “No wonder, no wonder.” Suddenly, Fang Qiu laughed.

    He figured it out.

    Those giant lizards must have lived in this cave for decades. On the one hand, the nuclear explosion had trapped them here. On the other hand, it was because only this cave had water that could keep them alive.

    However, because of the appearance of the Vigor Grass, these carnivorous lizards had mutated. In addition to the underground river, these lizards could hunt fish in this cave, so they grew to such huge sizes.

    There should be other small animals like scorpions in this cave, but in the past few decades, they might have been eaten up by these carnivorous lizards!

    All the Heaven and Earth Treasures were protected by the guardian beasts.

    When the Vigor Grass appeared, one of the giant lizards living in the cave began to mutate and became a guardian beast.

    Undoubtedly, it was the scaled lizard in front of him.

    After becoming a guardian beast, the scaled lizard would definitely become stronger. Naturally, it would become the king of this cave.

    Before the Vigor Grass matured, it allowed all the giant lizards to live in this cave.

    However, when it realized that the Vigor Grass was about to mature, it was afraid that other giant lizards would snatch it, so it drove away all the lizards that were originally living in this cave!

    Therefore, after the nuclear explosion, Lop Nor, which did not have any accidents for decades, suddenly witnessed the appearance of so many giant lizards. It was also because of this that when Fang Qiu came to the cave, he found that the giant lizards in the cave were all trying their best to climb up the 3,000-meter-high cliff to search for food.

    It was also the reason why those giant lizards directly pounced on Fang Qiu when they first saw him, leaving him no time to react because they were really too hungry!

    If he calculated carefully, there were at least 70 or 80 giant lizards that Fang Qiu had killed before. Plus 20 or 30 of them that he had killed after entering the cave, so there were more than 100 of them!

    It was also because the environment here was too enclosed that the Heaven Treasure achieved its maximum effect and caused the mutation of those giant lizards.