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Chapter 348 - Su Cha, Are You Alright?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 348: Su Cha, Are You Alright?

    The national Top 30 competition began.

    Jin Mou and An Qiao’s incident was indeed a big surprise. However, people who had their own future in mind would quickly forget about it.

    This competition concerned the remaining contestants’ own future. Everyone had no time to be sad. They were too desperate to advance.

    Who didn’t want to get first place? Add to that, the show had actually benefitted from this incident.

    This matter had become hugely talked about.

    Now, there would definitely be many more people who would pay attention to the competition’s progress. Perhaps they would treat it as a joke, wanting to see if anything else would happen to the rest of the contestants.

    But what was the most important thing in the entertainment industry?

    It was fame.

    Hence, Jin Mou and An Qiao’s incident could not affect everyone’s determination to participate in the competition.

    The competition was still intense. The 1000 viewers who had just entered the venue had also received the news online, but they could only feel sorry for these young girls who were working hard to sing.

    When it was Su Cha’s turn to compete, she was once again ranked first.

    It seemed to be surprising. In terms of singing, she was definitely not very strong.

    At most, she was good.

    But her ethereal voice evoked certain thoughts and emotions in people. Every time Su Cha sang a song, it would leave a deep impression on them.

    People did say that while there were many who could sing high notes, there were very few who could sing soulfully. Once these uncommon singers opened their mouths, they could bring the audience into their world.

    Listening to Su Cha’s singing was a wonderful enjoyment.

    There was a clear coolness in her voice. One could not help but be infatuated with her.

    All this while, the local division’s contest aside, Su Cha’s progress in the national competition was going smoothly.

    It was the other contestants who were in trouble…

    Before, if they said they’re not jealous of Su Cha’s excellent specs, they’d be lying.

    But now, after seeing Su Cha’s expressionless face as she poured medicine down An Qiao’s throat, the other contestants knew that some people really could not be judged by their appearance alone.

    Su Cha took a few days off to visit Jin Mou.

    This was not a problem. Even though the production crew had not yet dealt with the discussions online, many people in the television station were not to be trifled with. The popularity of this matter would drop sooner or later. But at this critical moment, no one dared to do anything to Su Cha.

    Jin Duan’s brother seemed to have brought Jin Mou to her master. Before Jin Mou went, Su Cha had called her and asked if she could visit.

    However, Jin Duan had been the one who picked up the phone. After all, Jin Mou could not speak right now. When Jin Duan heard that Su Cha was coming over, he hesitated for a while. Perhaps because Jin Mou had indicated something on the other end of the phone, he said coldly, “Okay, I’ll give you the address. Come over.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, he hung up the phone without hesitation. Su Cha heard the beeping and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

    Was this person afraid of saying anything?

    After receiving the address, Su Cha went to buy some gifts for Jin Mou. On the way, she received a call from Le Anqi. “Su Cha, are you okay?”

    She sounded anxious and panting.

    Su Cha raised her eyebrows. “Are you asking me if I’m okay after the competition is over?”

    “I, I…”

    Le Anqi was a little embarrassed. “I’ve been busy these past two days. When I saw the Weibo post, I was shocked. I knew you had a competition earlier today, but I thought now’s a good time for me to call you.”