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Chapter 396 - They Ran Away

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 396:

    They Ran Away

    She was not concerned whether Lu Xingzhi would do anything to Sun Cuimei, instead, she was worried that he would hurt his body in his fits of anger.

    “You are back! How did it go?” Mrs. Lin already knew what Jiang Yao wanted to do when she said she was going to see Director Lee. She did not say anything to Wu Pengxin and Zhou Junmin since Jiang Yao did not disclose it herself.

    “It went well. Sergeant Ge was badly hurt this time, it would be a while until he can regain his health again.” Jiang Yao shook her head regrettably.

    “Major Zhu just arrived as well. The platoon has already informed his family members and asked for them to come and take care of Sergeant Ge. Major Zhu ran into a huge argument with the superiors just for the platoon to pay for all of his medical expenses,” Mrs. Lin said.

    Jiang Yao nodded. No wonder only Zhou Junmin and Wu Pengxin were seen here, even when Sergeant Ge had gotten into such a serious incident. Major Zhu was fighting for Sergeant Ge’s interest behind the scenes.

    “Saying Major Zhu was enraged was an understatement. According to him, Sun Cuimei and Ge Wenwen had already left when the rest returned to their senses. None of Ge Wenwen’s possessions were to be found; they probably packed and took everything with them.” Mrs. Lin was infuriated talking about Sun Cuimei. “In all my years alive, I have never seen such a horrendous and unashamed woman. How foolish was Ge Wenwen to follow her mother!”

    Jiang Yao had a feeling that something was off hearing Sun Cuimei’s persistence in bringing Ge Wenwen away with her. She returned to Lu Xingzhi’s ward, seeing that he was still fast asleep, she called Zhou Weiqi and told him everything.

    “Can you check why Sun Cuimei wanted to take Ge Wenwen away? Also, have someone keep an eye on Sun Cuimei and her beau. With Brother Lu’s temper, he would definitely take them to military court once he finds out what happened.”

    Jiang Yao continued, “Have someone monitor them, in case they are planning to flee Jin City.”

    Any regular person with a sound mind would definitely leave the city after causing such a huge commotion.

    “Of course! I will do the best I can!” Zhou Weiqi asserted, having also understood Jiang Yao’s intention to leave Lu Xingzhi out of the loop as long as possible.

    Zhou Weiqi knew plenty of people in Jin City and had a vast network of acquaintances and friends. With just a single phone call, he received news in less than half an hour. However, it was not the information that he wanted to hear.

    Jiang Yao was frustrated receiving Zhou Weiqi’s message.

    “She ran away?” Livid, she was at her wit’s end. “I should have called you earlier.”

    She actually thought of calling Zhou Weiqi once she knew what happened. However, Sergeant Ge’s condition was very critical, and she did not have the time to make that phone call. Who would have thought that was all Sun Cuimei needed to disappear from their sights?

    Sun Cuimei fled with Ge Wenwen and her man. When Zhou Weiqi’s men found their temporary accommodation, it was already empty. According to the neighbors, they left an hour earlier after hurriedly packing away their possessions.