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Chapter 349 - The Old Man

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 349: The Old Man

    Le Anqi was worried. "I saw what happened to Jin Mou. Is she… okay?"

    Le Anqi had the impression that Jin Mou had a good relationship with Su Cha, which meant that she should be a nice person. Le Anqi felt a little regretful and sighed at Jin Mou's sudden state.

    "She's fine. Her voice will recover in a month, but she can't participate in the competition."

    Le Anqi felt a little regretful as she listened to Jin Mou's situation. "She's so powerful. It's not a problem for her to be in the top ten. What a pity."

    At this point, she became extremely angry. "I just discussed this matter with you last time. I didn't expect such a vicious thing to happen. The person who poisoned her was too vicious. I saw the news saying that she wanted to frame you back then? She's really inhuman!"


    Su Cha's eyes darkened. "Who would have thought?"

    "Good that you are fine. Where are you now? The villa?"

    "No, I bought something and plan to visit Jin Mou."

    "Oh, oh, then you should go. I won't disturb you anymore. You must call me if you need anything. At least talk to me on WeChat. This show is too vicious. I'm afraid you contestants won't make it to the end of the competition."

    Su Cha felt a little helpless. "What a jinx!"

    She felt that something would probably not happen. With them being a clear target at the moment, if anything were to happen to the show again, the production crew would probably not be able to take it. They'd probably not want to continue the competition anymore.

    After talking with Le Anqi, Su Cha hung up the phone and headed for the address given by Jin Duan.

    It was afternoon, and the address seemed to be on the outskirts of the Imperial Capital.

    Ever since coming to the Imperial Capital, Su Cha had not yet gone to properly sightsee. She took a taxi on the subway and traveled for two hours.

    She wondered if it would be too late to come back tonight.

    The villa on the outskirts was quite large.

    There was a huge garden in front of the house.

    When Su Cha reached the door, no one was there. She pressed the doorbell and then heard a cold male voice, "Who is it?"

    "Su Cha."

    The other party paused for a moment, then Su Cha felt that a switch was turned behind the door.

    "Come in."

    She tried to push the door open and it did.

    Inside the huge manor was a quiet environment.

    The decoration was simple, making it look like any other mansion in the market.

    Just as Su Cha was about to reach the door, she suddenly felt something. She looked to her right and saw an old man holding a water flask looking at her.

    He was about 60 to 70 years old. He was wearing a checkered shirt and looked energetic.

    Moreover, he had the aura of an immortal. He could pass as an actor playing an immortal on television.

    His eyes were not as muddy as his old age. He looked at people in a slightly penetrating way, as if no one could hide from his gaze.

    Su Cha saw him and nodded respectfully. "Hello."

    The old man turned his head and did not greet her back or respond.

    Su Cha did not mind. When she noticed that the door of the villa was opened, she walked straight in.

    The interior design was simple and looked rather spacious.

    Su Cha's eyes lit up when she saw Jin Mou sitting in the main hall with a tablet in hand.

    She smiled at Su Cha. Su Cha heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Jin Mou.