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Chapter 418 - How Dare You Knock on Your Little Fairy’s Noble Head

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 418: How Dare You Knock on Your Little Fairy’s Noble Head

    “How dare you eavesdrop while in the Tang family? Aren’t you afraid of being shot?” Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly. Although he was furious, he couldn’t hide his helplessness.

    “I have you!” Jian Qi replied matter-of-factly. “With Instructor Tang around, what am I afraid of?”

    Tang Jinyu stared at her and took a deep breath. Then, he pulled her toward the sofa. “Sit properly.”

    “Instructor Tang, can you not carry me like a cat or dog every time? I’m your little fairy. I want a princess carry!”

    Jian Qi looked at him bitterly and took a bite of the watermelon.

    Tang Jinyu remained quiet.

    The birthday party officially began. Tang Yiyi and Tang Xiao started the dance.

    Jian Qi tilted her head and looked at Tang Jinyu. “Why don’t you dance with him?”

    He looked at her coldly without replying.

    It was clear that Tang Yiyi was very happy at the birthday party today.

    Jian Qi couldn’t help but look at Qiao Bo. He was sitting in a corner. He was quiet, and his cold aura made him seem out of place. It didn’t even suit his outfit!

    Jian Qi couldn’t help but think about what she had overheard.

    Her lips twitched as her heart ached for them.

    “Sigh…” Jian Qi sighed. “There are always a lot of men and women!”

    Tang Jinyu knocked her head. “What did you say? Eat your food!”

    “Instructor Tang, how dare you hit your little fairy’s head!”

    Jian Qi looked at him bitterly. “Are you thinking that you can do whatever you want with your little fairy just because you’ve been knocked silly?”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. “Go back tonight and practice more!”

    Jian Qi was speechless. It was all a trap!

    The party continued until Tang Yiyi blew the candles and made her wish. After sending the guests away, Tang Jinyu left with Jian Qi.

    After Qiao Bo left, Tang Yiyi quietly dragged him away.

    Jian Qi was standing by the door when she saw this scene. She couldn’t help but smile. She hoped that this girl would be as happy as ever.

    Qiao Bo looked out of the window and said to Tang Yiyi, “Let’s go to the beach!”

    Tang Yiyi nodded and drove toward the beach.

    A few minutes later, they arrived at the beach.

    As they strolled along the beach, Qiao Bo softly said, “Coco and I talked about the movie that I was invited to in America. I plan to go there tomorrow.”

    Tang Yiyi stopped in her tracks.

    She turned to look at him in shock. The smile in her eyes became somewhat disappointed.

    After a while, Qiao Bo took out a gift box from his pocket. “Happy birthday.”

    Tang Yiyi took it and opened it. It was a bracelet. She couldn’t hide the happiness in her eyes.

    Qiao Bo looked at her and felt a stabbing pain in his heart. He quickly looked away.

    He wanted to say something but couldn’t bring himself to.


    Jian Qi sat in the car and saw that Tang Jinyu did not seem to want her to run. She thought that he must have forgotten about her.

    However, he stopped when they were twenty kilometers away from the military base.

    “Get off.”

    Jian Qi was confused.

    “Little Tang Tang, are you sure you want to be so cruel to me?”

    Tang Jinyu smiled gently and caressed her head. “Be good…”

    Jian Qi smiled.

    Before she could say anything else, he changed the topic. “Get down… and run with the car!”