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Chapter 516 - Blood Text Scorpion

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 516 Blood Text Scorpion

    After arriving at White Cloud Mountain’s encampment, the person-in-charge took An Tianzuo, An Sheng, and Zhou Wen to White Cloud Mountain. An Tianzuo didn’t have much time, so he had to rush back regardless of whether they killed the Mythical creature today.

    Zhou Wen looked at White Cloud Mountain from afar and saw clouds lingering over it. The mountain was partially visible. It was indeed like a legendary immortal mountain.

    There were many red birch forests. The Mythical creature was at the foot of White Cloud Mountain, so there was no need to ascend the mountain.

    However, it was also within the range of Baiyun Mountain. There was also a chance to see the unusual sight of the immortal palace in the clouds.

    “If we continue moving forward, we might end up in an immortal palace illusion. Put this on.” An Sheng handed Zhou Wen a balaclava.

    The balaclava was made of chemical fibers mixed with metal wires. After wearing it, it wouldn’t affect one’s breathing, but one’s vision was blocked and it was impossible to see anything outside.

    “No matter what you hear or what happens, make sure not to take off the balaclava.” An Sheng put his balaclava on after giving Zhou Wen the rules.

    An Tianzuo and the officers from the other encampments also wore balaclavas. They had their own methods. Some relied on their special Companion Beasts for visual, while some relied on their hearing. Some rode their mounts directly, allowing them to replace their eyes.

    An Sheng summoned a strange Companion Beast. The Companion Beast looked like a large eye with wings. It flew beside An Sheng and seemingly allowed him to see his surroundings. It was no different from normal.

    As for An Tianzuo, he didn’t summon a Companion Beast, nor was it clear what he had used. However, the balaclava didn’t seem to affect his vision. He still moved as freely.

    Zhou Wen had Truth Listener, so he wasn’t affected.

    The group followed an officer riding a Companion Beast into the depths of the red birch Forest.

    White Cloud Mountain was mysterious, but there weren’t many dimensional creatures here. However, every dimensional creature that appeared here was extremely terrifying. At the very least, they were Epic creatures.

    Rumor had it that the red birch forest was very beautiful, but since Zhou Wen could only listen and not see color, he did not think it looked beautiful.

    “Overseer, the Earth Listener Beast has reacted. Love Letter should be somewhere not far ahead,” an officer riding on a Companion Beast suddenly said.

    “Prepare for battle.” An Tianzuo gave the order.

    Apart from Zhou Wen, everyone began preparing for battle. After advancing for a short while, Zhou Wen heard a dimensional creature appear in front of him.

    The dimensional creature looked very strange. It looked like a large scorpion, but it had transparent wings on its back. It was huge and longer than an adult’s height.

    Unfortunately, Zhou Wen could only hear and couldn’t see its color. Otherwise, he would have discovered many strange things.

    The large scorpion was snow-white, but there were many blood-colored patterns on its body. If one looked carefully, they would see that those blood-colored patterns formed strange characters.

    When Zhou Wen and company discovered the strange scorpion, it had also discovered them. With a flick of its tail, a blood-colored glow immediately appeared on the stinger, forming a strange blood-colored incantation pattern. The incantation pattern was completely condensed from light and looked very magical.

    Zhou Wen had heard from An Sheng that this fellow had the ability to produce many things that resembled words. This was likely one of them, but Zhou Wen didn’t know which one it was.

    While Zhou Wen was pondering, An Sheng and company had already begun preparing for battle. However, contrary to Zhou Wen’s expectations, the blood text on the scorpion’s tail didn’t shoot at Zhou Wen and company. All he saw was its tail stabbing into the ground as the blood text fused into the ground before disappearing.

    At that instant, Zhou Wen saw the ground around him suffuse a blood-colored glow. The soil seemed to have been penetrated by the sanguine light as it emitted a lustrous red glow.

    The red beams varied in intensity, making Zhou Wen believe that he was in a huge light formation.

    The officers were clearly prepared. A Companion Beast beneath an officer raised its legs and condensed a holy white light. Then, it stomped on the ground. The holy light immediately spread out and covered the red light below, preventing the area where Zhou Wen and company were standing from being affected.

    A strange phenomenon happened in the area that was affected by the red light. It was as if everything had slowed down. When the wind blew past the red birch forest, the forest that should have been rustling seemed to be a recording that played slowly. As the leaves swayed, it became extremely slow.

    “This is its Slow Text. If we don’t have the corresponding counterforce, our speed will drop drastically. When the time comes, we won’t be able to dodge its attack, much less kill it. We will be killed,” An Sheng said.

    As though he had discovered that the Slow Text was useless against them, a blood pattern flickered on the scorpion-like Mythical Creature’s back as a blood-colored text rushed out. The blood-colored text wasn’t directed at Zhou Wen and company but towards a red birch tree.

    The blood-red text hit the red birch tree and disappeared in a flash. It was as though it had drilled into the tree. In the next second, the tree withered rapidly and died. The blood-red text flew out from the withered tree. However, the blood-red text had clearly changed. Its shape had changed, and the blood-colored light had also become more intense.

    The blood-colored text floated above the scorpion and emitted a red light. Wherever the red light shone, all the red birch trees seemed to come alive. The roots broke out of the ground and the branches swayed as they swept towards Zhou Wen and company like tree demons.

    A cold light flickered on the back of an officer, and an Ice Fox-like Life Soul appeared. An icy beam erupted from the Life Soul, freezing the nearby demonized red birch trees.

    An Sheng no longer had the time to explain to Zhou Wen. The scorpion’s body emitted a sanguine light as red words flew out from its body, transforming into streaks of blood that attacked Zhou Wen and company.

    An Sheng and a few officers collectively resisted the blood beams. An Tianzuo watched from the side, having no intention of attacking from beginning to end.

    Zhou Wen could roughly tell that the scorpion’s strength was about the same as Six-Winged before it was strengthened, but its abilities were rather strange.

    Its blood-red text had many functions. Other than the few that he had seen, it could also transform into the power of wind, fire, lightning, and so on.

    If one were to encounter it the first time, or if they were not strong enough, they would easily be killed by it.

    However, An Sheng and company had studied it for years. They had already thought of ways to counter its various powers. No matter how it changed its abilities, they could barely contain them.

    However, they had just managed to resolve it. Up to now, Zhou Wen had yet to see how they could kill the scorpion.