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Chapter 612 - Scaled Lizard!

Medical Master

    After figuring out the intricate details of the situation, Fang Qiu then thought of the giant carnivorous lizard that lived over 50 years ago.

    “What about those lizards?” Fang Qiu was confused.

    Although the technology was not that advanced 50 years ago, the country must have assessed the situation prior to taking any action since they had already decided to do something to the underground cave. Otherwise, they would not have come to the conclusion that there were thousands of giant carnivorous lizards among them.


    Fang Qiu speculated, “The giant carnivorous lizards that lived over 50 years ago have been eliminated. The living Vigor Grass that grew in this underground cave was destroyed because of this. This Vigor Grass must have regrown in the past few decades.”

    If the Vigor Grass could not be regenerated, wouldn’t there only be 108 Heaven and Earth Treasures in the world? From the ancient times until now, the 108 Heaven and Earth Treasures had long been dug up by someone else. How then would Fang Qiu be able to come across them?

    After most of the Heaven and Earth Treasures were picked, they would disappear from the place where they had grown. When they reappeared, they were separated by thousands of miles.

    However, they were picked by people.

    Everyone who was familiar with Heaven and Earth Treasures knew that they were a whole. Only by collecting the whole treasure would it work. Therefore, when collecting the Heaven Treasure and Earth Treasures, no one would be stupid enough to leave the root.

    Heaven Treasure was different.

    According to Fang Qiu’s speculation, over 50 years ago, the Vigor Grass must not have matured yet. At that time, the underground cave had not been discovered. Therefore, after the huge blast created by the nuclear explosion, the cave collapsed. At the same time, a flood broke out, creating an underground maze and destroying the Vigor Grass growing in it. But the Vigor Grass was, after all, a Heaven Treasure. Even if the grass was destroyed, its roots would certainly be protected by the energy. The energy of the Vigor Grass dispersed in this cave, was absorbed by the root and then resurrected into a new Vigor Grass again.

    During this period, the nuclear bomb exploded and blew up the cave with the giant carnivorous lizards. It was estimated that even the underground cave, which was three kilometers below the ground, might be the hollow stratum that appeared under the ground after the nuclear bomb exploded.

    After the explosion, the three-thousand-meter-long hollow stratum was created. The giant carnivorous lizards living in the cave must have fallen into the depths. Most of them were dead. Only a few of them remained.

    In order to avoid the explosion, this lizard must have dashed into the underground maze that was overflowing at that time and finally entered the cave where the Vigor Grass grew. Under the influence of the energy of the Vigor Grass, the lizard then mutated into such a state.

    Everything seemed to make sense now.

    Fang Qiu exclaimed.

    There were so many unpredictable variables and too many coincidences in the world. If any matter of the whole process was not connected by coincidence, these giant carnivorous lizards would not have existed today.

    “Roar!” As soon as Fang Qiu figured it out, a furious roar suddenly rang out.

    In front of him, under the light of the fireflies, the lizard covered with scales suddenly roared furiously at Fang Qiu.

    When Fang Qiu entered the cave, it had already spotted Fang Qiu.

    They stared into each other’s eyes for a long time.

    Seeing that Fang Qiu did not leave and was staring covetously at the Vigor Grass, the scaled lizard suddenly became angry.

    “Swoosh!” A flash of green appeared.

    The lizard was extremely fast. It skimmed the surface of the water and climbed up the wall on one side as it passed through the underground river. It twisted its body and rushed toward Fang Qiu from above.

    At this moment, “Clatter…”

    There was a sound of something treading through the water.

    In the underground rivers on both sides of the oasis, giant carnivorous lizards surged out of the water, one after another.

    They jumped onto the oasis.

    The giant lizards opened their mouths one by one and spat out a large number of fish.

    It was likely that these giant lizards had been ordered by the scaled lizard to fish in the dark river for food reserves. After all, the scaled lizard needed to guard the Vigor Grass and did not have the time to hunt.

    “I thought all the lizards had been driven away. I did not expect to find so many of them.”

    There were at least dozens of giant lizards rushing out of the river.

    Fang Qiu frowned. He did not expect there were actually so many giant lizards living here.

    “Howl…” The lizard walked to the top of the cave which was surrounded by fireflies, twisted its body and roared at Fang Qiu.

    As it roared, the dozens of giant lizards immediately pounced on Fang Qiu.

    “Great. Let me eliminate all of you!”

    Fang Qiu snorted coldly.

    Then he used the Great Hand of Destruction.

    As soon as he made a smacking motion, several of the giant lizards that came at him were immediately slammed to the ground. The other giant lizards that rushed at him were also sent flying and landed heavily on the rock face not far away.

    “Howl, howl!!!” The scaled lizard roared furiously and commanded the dozens of giant lizards to attack Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu was not afraid at all.

    He used the Great Hand of Destruction to slash at all the lizards coming at him!

    Then he killed those giant lizards one by one!

    Half of the dozens of lizards died.

    The other giant lizards were all terrified when they saw that.

    “Howl…” The scaled lizard was still growling angrily.

    But those ordinary giant carnivorous lizards did not dare to charge forward. Instead, they made a detour and tried to escape into the underground maze.

    It made the scaled lizard, which was crouched at the top of the cave, feel angry and irritable!

    However, Fang Qiu would not let these giant carnivorous lizards escape so easily and cause harm to people. He kept waving his hands.

    He killed all the giant carnivorous lizards which were trying to escape, one by one!

    “Woo…” But right at this moment, the scaled lizard suddenly closed its mouth. Its throat vibrated at an extremely fast speed as it emitted a low hissing sound.

    “Swoosh!” The scaled lizard leaped from above and like an arrow, headed straight for Fang Qiu at a terrifying speed.

    “Humph.” Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes and reached out his right hand fearlessly. As the scaled lizard rushed to him, he threw a fierce punch at it.

    “Bang!” At the next moment, a loud noise was heard.

    As his hand collided with the lizard, Fang Qiu found that the lizard’s scaled armor was actually soft!

    The impact of the punch was similar to punching a sponge. The scales of this lizard seemed to be able to withstand the power.

    The gap was still too big.

    Even though it had the advantage of possessing an armor made of natural scales, the lizard was still sent flying by the huge power from Fang Qiu’s punch!

    “Smack!” The lizard hit the wall, but it did not fall. Instead, it stuck to the wall and opened its mouth and growled angrily to Fang Qiu again.

    “Eh?” Fang Qiu was shocked.

    He did not expect that the resistance power of the scale armor on the lizard was so good that it did not even get hurt when he threw the punch, which was able to kill an ordinary giant lizard!

    This was amazing. No wonder this scaled lizard was the king of this cave. With its scales, it would be invincible in this cave.

    What’s more, its speed was also astonishingly fast!

    Compared with the ordinary giant lizards, to Fang Qiu, its speed was not fast.

    “Howl!” The lizard roared angrily at Fang Qiu, but it did not move. It even showed signs of retreating.

    “Hmm?” A thought came to Fang Qiu’s mind. Then he immediately flew up and rushed straight into the oasis.

    “Woo…” The throat of the scaled lizard quivered once again.

    The sound did not seem to have been deliberately made by it.

    Fang Qiu did not care.

    After entering the oasis, he walked toward the Vigor Grass while observing his surroundings.

    This oasis was actually a piece of land.

    It was a strange land covered with huge hollow rocks. There were flowers and plants, as well as a huge hole in the ground.

    There were still some fish left in the hole.

    Obviously, this hole was where the lizards stored their food.

    Other than that, there was nothing else!

    Fang Qiu walked up to the Vigor Grass.

    “Woo-hoo…” There seemed to be something wrong with the scaled lizard on the Vigor Grass wall. The vibration frequency of its throat increased again. In this case, it did not move even when Fang Qiu walked to the herb, as if it was preparing for something.

    “Is it making a breakthrough?” Fang Qiu turned around and felt waves of energy coming out of the lizard’s body.

    After taking a close look, he found that the scale armor at the throat of the lizard was gradually dropping off, like a python shedding its skin.

    “As expected.” Fang Qiu smiled to himself.

    Actually, he really wanted to see what changes there would be to this lizard after it broke through.

    In any case, with his strength, it would not be a problem for him to slay this scaled lizard!

    After all, they were hidden deep in this underground cave and there was no competition. It was already very impressive that this scaled lizard could grow to such a state.

    The Vigor Grass was not mature yet. He still had to wait, either way, so he would just wait and see.

    Three minutes later, “Roar!”

    The roar of the scaled lizard was so loud that the ground shook from its volume.

    After the scale armor on its throat peeled off, an inverted barb which was as long as a palm, actually grew out of it and it looked extremely hard and sharp.

    “This is armed evolution!” Fang Qiu secretly exclaimed.

    He did not expect that this scaled lizard was actually so unique.

    But just when Fang Qiu was amazed, “Howl…”

    The lizard suddenly jumped up and rushed toward Fang Qiu. Its body quickly curled up reversedly, exposing the new barb in its throat. With the rapid swiveling of the lizard’s body, it rushed toward Fang Qiu with a gush of extremely powerful energy Qi like an electric saw, as if it was going to slash Fang Qiu’s body in two.

    “It’s nearly done. Vigor Grass is about to mature as well.”

    Fang Qiu stretched out his right hand. “Great Hand of Destruction!”

    Before the scaled lizard could reach him, a huge energy palm formed by the surrounding Heaven and Earth energy under Fang Qiu’s control, collided with the lizard that was still hurtling toward him in mid-air.

    The huge force dashed against the scaled lizard directly and it fell heavily on the wall. Then it dropped silently into the underground river and disappeared.