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Chapter 419 - She’s My Soldier, I’ll Take Responsibility!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 419: She’s My Soldier, I’ll Take Responsibility!

    “Little Tang Tang, you’ll lose your little fairy if you do this!” Jian Qi opened the door and jumped off the car.

    “You’re going to lose it so easily?” Tang Jinyu looked at her. “It seems like you’re always talking nonsense!”

    Jian Qi looked at him sadly. “Little Tang Tang, how can you doubt my love for you?”

    Tang Jinyu scoffed and stepped on the accelerator. “Follow me!”

    The cold words were blown away by the wind.

    Jian Qi smirked.

    She followed the car all the way to the base. When Jian Qi returned to the base, everyone standing guard at the entrance was surprised.

    “Big Sister Qi, why did you jog instead of using the car? You’re really not a normal person!” One of the veterans teased.

    Jian Qi was just about to be narcissistic when Tang Jinyu said, “Let’s continue training!”

    She was speechless.

    The veteran laughed. “Big Sister Qi, good luck!”


    Tang Jinyu stood at the training field. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked at the girl making her way back and forth.

    Her physique was getting stronger by the day.

    Suddenly, his phone rang. Tang Jinyu looked at the caller ID and frowned. Then, he went to the side and picked it up. “I just left. What’s the matter?”

    “If you hadn’t left, I think we’d have talked until daybreak.” Tang Xiao’s deep voice sounded.

    Tang Jinyu could already predict what he would say next.

    “Jian Qi’s identity…”

    “Dad!” Tang Jinyu cut him off. He sounded serious. “I told you that she’s my subordinate. I don’t care what you found out about her, she’s my soldier now. Only I have the right to do anything to her!”

    Tang Jinyu’s attitude was too firm. Tang Xiao knew that it was impossible to talk through the phone.

    “Tang Jinyu, I must seriously remind you what kind of team the Special Fire Team is. I believe that you know Jian Qi’s identity very well. There are too many suspicious points. I don’t know why you decided to bring this person in, but I’ll give you a piece of advice as a superior…”

    “I told you that she’s my soldier. I’ll take full responsibility if anything happens to her!” Tang Jinyu said in a deep voice. “I still have something on. I can’t use my phone. I’m hanging up now!”

    Then, he hung up the phone without giving Tang Xiao a chance to speak.

    After the call ended, the phone rang again.

    Tang Jinyu glanced at the caller ID and then switched it off.

    On the other side, at the Tang family’s old mansion, Tang Xiao scoffed coldly when he heard that the phone was switched off.

    The butler couldn’t help but comfort Tang Xiao when he saw his anxiousness. “Old Master, Young Master must have investigated thoroughly and confirmed it. That’s why he put her in the military.”

    “Are you sure?” Tang Xiao scoffed and patted the documents on the table. “Did he find out about this?”

    “Maybe it’s because that girl likes Young Master that she abandoned her acting career and went to the military!”

    Tang Xiao rolled his eyes at the butler. “Do you think those pretty girls in the entertainment industry can endure the insane training of the Special Fire Team? They can even defeat the veterans in the military?”

    “Old Master is afraid that the girl is…”

    The butler didn’t continue, but Tang Xiao’s expression darkened.