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Chapter 518 - Companion Egg Inside

Let Me Game in Peace
     Zhou Wen used Truth Listener to listen to the area beyond the mountain entrance. He found it dead silent. Unable to hear a thing, it was as though the particles inside were motionless, having not generated any vibrations.

    Jade Emperor Peak is indeed terrifying. It’s such a pity. They prepared for so long, but all their efforts were in vain at the final moment. Zhou Wen felt sorry for An Sheng. If a Mythical Companion Egg dropped, An Sheng’s strength would definitely improve greatly. It would be much safer for him to carry out missions in the future.

    Along the way, Zhou Wen didn’t find the tiny palm symbol. Although Truth Listener’s ability couldn’t hear the scene around him, he could hear the traces of carvings. If there was a tiny palm symbol, he should have heard it.

    An Tianzuo was a decisive person. Since all hope was lost, he did not hesitate to order An Sheng and the officers to leave White Cloud Mountain with him.

    Just as they were about to leave, they suddenly heard a miserable scream coming from Jade Emperor Peak. It sounded like a creature’s death cry.

    “It’s Love Letter. It died less than twenty meters away from Jade Emperor Peak. It even dropped a Companion Egg,” an officer suddenly shouted.

    “How do you know?” An Tianzuo asked.

    “I can’t hear it, but I can see it with my eyes. It’s inside. It’s a Companion Egg the size of a football and it resembles white jade. It has blood-colored text on it.” The officer had used his hearing, but he couldn’t hear anything. As he was unwilling to give up, he thought that it would be fine if he stole a glance. He removed his balaclava and had looked inside—seeing the Companion Egg.

    “An Sheng?” An Tianzuo had also used his hearing ability but he couldn’t see the situation inside.

    This was because An Sheng’s large-eyed Companion Beast gave him the ability of sight. If anyone could see it, An Sheng would be the first, but An Sheng hadn’t said anything.

    “Even if it’s twenty meters, it’s within the confines of Jade Emperor Peak. It’s no different from two hundred meters or two thousand meters,” An Sheng answered.

    He was obviously the first person to discover the blood scorpion, but he did not say anything. Even though it was right in front of him, he still chose to give up.

    With that said, An Sheng said to the officer, “Old He, put on the balaclava. Are you tired of living?”

    “Overseer, Adjutant, why don’t we make an attempt? It’s less than twenty meters inside. Perhaps there’s a way to get the Companion Egg out. That’s a Mythical Companion Egg.” The officer put on the balaclava and said to An Tianzuo and An Sheng, unwilling to give up.

    “Ah Sheng is right. It doesn’t matter even if it’s two centimeters within Jade Emperor Peak, much less twenty meters,” said An Tianzuo.

    “Overseer, let’s try using Companion Beasts. At most, we will sacrifice a few Companion Beasts. We can still afford to lose them.” The officers felt that it was a pity to leave.

    “There’s no need to try. Haven’t we done enough experiments in the past? You can’t enter the Jade Emperor Peak, regardless if they are humans or Companion Beasts. The outcome is the same,” Ah Sheng objected firmly.

    “Overseer, I have a Companion Beast that I obtained in a dimensional zone previously. It’s called Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros. It has the ability to resist evil powers, so why not let it try? If Adjutant An can obtain a Mythical pet, it’ll be a boon for our Sunset Army. In the future, fewer of our brothers will die when we carry out missions…” one of the officers said.

    “Then give it a try,” said An Tianzuo.

    “Thank you, Overseer.” The officer was instantly overjoyed.

    “Overseer…” An Sheng wanted to stop him.

    “If we don’t let them try, they won’t be willing to give up. Just remember this.” An Tianzuo stopped An Sheng from continuing.

    As they were speaking, Zhou Wen circled around the mountain entrance. He wanted to see if there was a tiny palm symbol nearby. He didn’t have much hope because the tiny palm symbol was typically engraved on a more conspicuous spot. It wasn’t on the mountain entrance, so the chances of there being one were rather low.

    But he didn’t expect to find the tiny palm symbol on a mountain rock to the east of the mountain entrance.

    The tiny palm symbol was engraved on a mountain rock that was about the height of a person. It was unknown what color the mountain rock was, but its shape was nothing special. The tiny palm symbol engraved on it was a small hand holding a small mountain-shaped rock.

    He took out his phone and took a picture of the small palm symbol.

    The phone quickly locked onto the picture and entered the download interface.

    Elsewhere, the officer had already summoned a moon-white rhinoceros. The rhinoceros looked very mighty, and it was much bigger than an ordinary rhinoceros. It was even bigger than an adult elephant. Its body was glowing with a jade glow, as though its body was enveloped by moonlight.

    “Old He, don’t bother. It’s a pity to lose a precious Companion Beast like the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros,” An Sheng said with a sigh.

    “It’s fine. It’s less than twenty meters away. It’s just one step of the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros.” Old He was determined. When the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros stood in front of the stone entrance, Old He gave the order and the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros moved like a tank charging through the entrance. It headed straight for the spot where the Companion Egg had dropped.

    After it entered, Zhou Wen couldn’t hear the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros. He thought that since there wasn’t any immortal palace phenomenon, he could take a look at the situation without looking up into the fog.

    He lifted the balaclava a little so that he could see the situation at the mountain entrance. He saw the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros’s body four to five meters away from the mountain entrance. Furthermore, it was still charging at high speed. With such a speed, it would only take a few seconds to traverse twenty meters.

    Zhou Wen also saw the Companion Egg. Indeed, it was less than twenty meters away from the mountain entrance. Just as Old He had said, there were blood-colored patterns on the jade-white egg. There was a pile of blood-colored powder on the ground. It was likely formed after the Blood Scorpion died.

    Just as Zhou Wen was sizing up the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros, he saw a terrifying scene. After the huge rhinoceros rushed past the mountain entrance, its body turned into a piece of jade. It didn’t get far—perhaps ten meters—before the entire rhinoceros turned into a lifeless jade statue and fell to the ground.


    After a loud bang, the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros shattered into pieces of jade. Furthermore, the pieces of jade that landed on the ground kept disintegrating, becoming smaller and smaller. Like sand, they split apart and finally turned to dust.

    Zhou Wen couldn’t help but shiver. He finally knew what was going on with the pile of blood-colored powder beneath the Companion Egg. Even the Blood Scorpion couldn’t withstand the terrifying power from Jade Emperor Peak. It had ended up in the same state as the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros.

    However, the Companion Egg wasn’t affected by the terrifying force.

    Ding! Zhou Wen’s phone notified the completion of the download. He looked down and saw a black mountain icon on the screen. However, it wasn’t White Cloud Mountain but Demon Suppression Mountain.