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Chapter 350 - Stay

The Queen of Everything
     She was in a good state, so Su Cha did not need to worry too much.

    Walking to Jin Mou, Su Cha handed the gift to her and asked softly, "How are you now?"

    Jin Mou nodded and typed: [Not bad.]

    Su Cha nodded and Jin Mou continued, [I know you have passed. Congratulations. I can't participate in the competition now, so you have to carry my hopes and continue. I hope that you can become the champion.]

    Seeing Jin Mou's wish, Su Cha nodded. "I will work hard."

    She looked around and whispered, "Are you living here?"

    Jin Mou nodded. There seemed to be some confusion in her eyes. [I will stay here for a while to see your brother.]

    Su Cha was a little curious. She did not know what kind of person Jin Duan was referring to. Jin Mou needed to stay here for a long time.

    Judging from the terrain, this villa in the suburbs was not concealed, but it was indeed very far from the center of the Imperial Capital.

    But if anything happened, it seemed less safe here than in the Imperial Capital.

    Standing in the wilderness, the place was cold and secluded.

    Footsteps came from the spacious hall. Su Cha looked over and saw Jin Duan walking over with a cup of water. "Drink some water."

    Su Cha took it. "Thank you."

    Jin Duan sat next to Jin Mou, his whole body exuding an aura that kept people away from him.

    He kept sending messages to someone and did not speak to Su Cha.

    Since Su Cha came here to see Jin Mou, it was fine with her as long as she knew that Jin Mou was doing well. There was nothing much to talk about anyway.

    It was not convenient for Jin Mou to continue typing. After sitting with her for a while, Su Cha stood up and said, "Then I'll go back first. I'll visit you again when I have time."

    Jin Mou nodded and reached out to pull Jin Duan's sleeve.

    Startled, Jin Duan stood up and said, "It's too late now. I'll send you off."

    Jin Mou also nodded.

    Just then, the old man Su Cha saw outside the door walked in with a watering can. He suddenly said softly, "It's already so late. If you have nothing else on, just rest here for a night. I don't have anything else here, but there are quite a few empty rooms."

    The old man spoke with a sense of independence that made people believe in him.

    Su Cha was shocked, while Jin Mou and Jin Duan were surprised.

    She did not expect the old man to say that.

    Jin Duan frowned. "Master."


    Su Cha looked at the old man and sized him up.

    Jin Duan's master?

    He must have a powerful background.

    While Su Cha was observing earlier, she had not noticed any other protection force in the villa. Jin Duan said that Jin Mou was in danger, so he wanted her to stay with his master. There were no other security measures here. It seemed that this master was not ordinary.

    Yet even when she observed carefully, she did not notice that the old master seemed to have a strong hidden force. He was like an ordinary old man with an unusual temperament.

    The old man waved his hand as if he did not want to say anything else. He said faintly, "I'll cook for you."

    Hearing that, no one could say anything else.

    When the old man walked into the kitchen, Jin Duan looked at Su Cha with a slight frown, as if he was weighing something. Although Jin Mou was surprised, she was still happy: [Since the master has asked you to stay, Su Cha, you should stay. Other than Brother, I'm alone here.]