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Chapter 351 - The Appearance of a King

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 351: The Appearance of a King

    Su Cha was surprised by what Jin Mou said and asked directly, "Where are your parents?"

    "My parents are very busy. After visiting my sister, they went back."

    Jin Duan explained for Jin Mou while Jin Mou smiled helplessly.

    Su Cha understood and did not ask further.

    She'd planned to go back, but it was very late. It would be inconvenient for her to go back if Jin Duan did not send her back.

    After hearing what Jin Mou had said, she felt that it would not be a problem for her to stay for a night.

    She sat down to chat with Jin Mou, and Jin Duan got up and walked to the kitchen.

    He knew his master's personality very well. Since this was a critical period, their whereabouts should not be easily exposed. Why would he let an outsider like Su Cha stay over?

    As he walked into the kitchen, he saw the old man preparing the dishes skillfully. Standing at the door, Jin Duan leaned his tall body against the door frame and asked in a low voice, "Master, why did you let her stay?"

    The old man continued to prepare the dishes. They gave off the warm atmosphere of a home. However, the words that came out of his mouth were different from normal. "An auspicious sign implies a benefactor has come."


    Jin Duan's eyebrows twitched. "You mean her?"

    The old man did not speak.

    At this moment, Jin Duan became a little impatient. He wanted to take out a cigarette to smoke, but when he thought about the fact that he was in front of his master, he suppressed his impulse and said, "Master, she is just an ordinary person. She is a contestant who joined the competition with my sister. She cannot be involved in our matters."

    The old man paused and wiped the water off. "I spent a few years calculating and only got a result for the future of the Martial Union. Today, I have a guest here. No matter who it is, it must be our benefactor."

    Jin Duan could not contain his shock. "Master, how does she look like our benefactor? Ever since senior brother passed away, you…"

    As if he was talking about something he should not have said, Jin Duan stood up straight and lowered his eyes. "Master, I'm sorry."

    The old man sighed. "Jin Duan, I do not have much time left. Your senior brother was killed by the people from the alliance, and the covenant between the three alliances was broken. If it wasn't for the deadlock between the families, the war would have begun long ago. The future of the Star Union has to be entrusted to you. You are still too young, and you can't control the rest of the Star Union. Whether she is the benefactor or not is no longer important. The most important thing is my deduction, even though there is no chance to prove it."

    Jin Duan's lips trembled. "I don't want the Alliance Master position. Master, we can think of a solution. The future Alliance Master of the Martial Union will not sit back and watch the people of the Killing Alliance be arrogant."

    "The Martial Union can't even protect itself now. The Bo family is willful and will not give the Tang Sect any face. The election for the Martial Union's Alliance Master is postponed. I don't know when the results will be out."

    He placed the oil into the pot and started cooking while talking about something that would leave others dumbfounded. It could make one wonder if they were acting in a drama.

    "Go. There has never been a problem with the Heaven Secrets Chapter's deductions in the past hundreds of years. If she is really a noble, she must be extraordinary. Jin Duan, you are a police officer. You should know that it is impossible to judge a person based on their appearance. I knew that she was not ordinary at first glance."

    The old man paused for a moment. "Her footsteps are light and silent. Ordinary people can't reach this stage. Look at her face, she has a dignified appearance. It's impossible for just any woman to look like this."

    Jin Duan was puzzled. "What is it about her face?"

    The old man: "The appearance of a king."