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Chapter 352 - I Dont Understand, I Dont Want to Listen

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 352: I Don't Understand, I Don't Want to Listen

    Su Cha stayed for dinner.

    Jin Duan's master was surprisingly good at cooking. Even Su Cha, who was used to delicacies, was amazed.

    It was really delicious.

    His master did not like talking, and neither did Jin Duan. Since Jin Mou could not speak, Su Cha did not say anything either.

    The entire dining table was filled with the sound of eating.

    After the meal, Jin Mou took the initiative to clean up the dishes. Jin Duan also went into the kitchen to wash the dishes.

    Su Cha stayed in the living room with the old man.

    She did not feel awkward. She took out her phone and sent Bo Muyi a message.

    She was embarrassed to video call him in front of others, so she sent him a message first.

    While sending the message, the old man suddenly said slowly, "Your name is Su Cha, right?"

    It was his first formal conversation with Su Cha tonight. Su Cha nodded. "Yes, my name is Su Cha."

    The old man nodded thoughtfully. "What a good name."

    Su Cha smiled and said, "Thank you for your compliment."

    This surprised the old man.

    Usually, when people spoke of a topic like this, they would feel very awkward, as if they could not find the words to continue the conversation. But Su Cha went ahead with it naturally and smoothly, as if he was really praising her.

    Girl, can't you tell that I was just being perfunctory?

    "You know Jin Mou because both of you are contestants in the same competition. But you seem to have known Jin Duan from even before?"

    "Hmm?" Su Cha then relayed the story of how she met Jin Duan.

    The old man narrowed his eyes when he heard Su Cha's words. "So it's related to Yonggu City?"

    The place was neither big nor small.

    The traitor from the Tang Sect had killed a person who passed by, but he did not expect that the person from the Bo family would have sent someone to kill him. This was the beginning of a troublesome matter.

    However, Shi Wei never thought that this matter had something to do with the girl in front of him.

    Shi Wei was the old man's name.

    Su Cha looked at the old man with a smile. "Old man, you also know about it? I'm one of the insiders. That person just so happened to die outside my window, so I was interrogated by the police the next day. Captain Jin came over to say that this matter was not under their jurisdiction for the time being, and that's why I remembered Captain Jin. But I didn't expect Captain Jin to be Jin Mou's brother when I met him."

    Shi Wei vaguely felt that the girl in front of him had something more to say.

    However, Jin Duan and Jin Mou had finished their work. Jin Mou smiled and dragged Su Cha away.

    Su Cha followed Jin Mou into her room. Jin Duan stayed behind and whispered something to the old man.

    After entering the room, Jin Mou found a new set of pajamas for Su Cha. After all, Su Cha suddenly wanted to stay and she did not bring any change of clothes. Naturally, she wanted to borrow Jin Mou's clothes.

    Su Cha received a reply from Bo Muyi, but he did not comment on Su Cha's stay with Jin Mou. Instead, he said, "Cha Cha, call me if a strange number calls you. Don't pick it up."

    Su Cha paused when she saw that. Bo Muyi's words came out of nowhere. What did he mean by "don't pick up a call from a strange number"?

    Sometimes, Su Cha's mobile phone would receive unfamiliar calls. Sometimes, it might be a call from someone in the circle. Su Cha could not determine if it was a strange number or not.

    She thought for a while and called Bo Muyi.

    The call went through quickly. "Cha Cha, I'm a little busy…"

    It was not an impatient tone, but since he had said so, he must be very busy. Su Cha quickly said, "I'm sorry, I'll call you again later…"

    "Cha Cha, don't hang up. Listen to me."

    Su Cha: "…"

    She did not understand what was going on so she did not really want to listen.