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Chapter 421 - Are You Murdering Your Husband?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 421: Are You Murdering Your Husband?

    “Jian Qi, do you know what life means?” Tang Jinyu asked coldly.

    “Of course, Instructor Tang will always be my man in life and in death!” Jian Qi smiled devilishly. “So, why don’t you hand over your life to your little fairy?”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. Indeed, he couldn’t talk too much with her. Once he spoke too much, he wanted to beat her up.

    “I’ll count to three and let go. If not, I’ll train until dawn!”

    Jian Qi smiled and teased him calmly. “As long as I can spend every second with Instructor Tang, it’s only a matter of time until dawn!”

    At this point, Jian Qi couldn’t help but continue, “Others may live long, but when I’m with you, it feels like a year is a day!”

    Tang Jinyu was speechless. He only wanted to tease her every day.

    “Since you like me so much, I’ll accompany you tonight!” Tang Jinyu smiled. His voice was gentle and his movements were fast. He pulled her away and walked toward the training ground.

    “Instructor Tang, let me remind you again. I’m your little fairy. Little Fairy needs a princess hug, not a princess carry?”

    “Heh…” He sounded like he was mocking her.

    “Instructor Tang, aren’t you afraid that your little fairy will ignore you?” Jian Qi complained.

    Tang Jinyu threw her onto the training ground and looked at her. “You can try and ignore me!”

    “Let’s start training!” Tang Jinyu didn’t say anything else. He walked to the side, grabbed a gun, and fired at her feet.

    Jian Qi jumped to the side and exclaimed, “Instructor Tang, are you trying to murder your own husband?”

    Murder her own husband?!

    Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly. Thinking of the so-called “marriage photo” in his room, his face darkened.

    He aimed at Jian Qi’s body and started hitting her. Jian Qi flipped over quickly and rolled on the ground several times. Although she was fast, it was obvious that Tang Jinyu was aiming for her. A few blank bullets were shot at her.

    “Instructor Tang, your little fairy is already dead. Why are you still shooting at her corpse? You’re not even human!” Jian Qi ran as fast as she could while complaining.

    Tang Jinyu looked at her and put the gun away. “Hurry up and train. If you continue to talk nonsense, I’ll shoot you a box of bullets!”

    “Little Tang Tang, your little fairy has decided to isolate you for a week!” Jian Qi couldn’t help but wail.

    Jian Qi chuckled.  As she thought about it, Jian Qi quickened her pace.

    That night, even though there were only two people in the training field, it was still rather lively. However, other than the soldiers in the night guarding duty, no one else saw it.

    Such a lively scene naturally spread like wildfire the next day.

    As Jian Qi dragged her exhausted body to eat breakfast, everyone stared at her.

    “Big Sister Qi, you have a strong life force!” Lightning smiled and said.

    “Big Sister Qi is so tough!”

    “She wants to pounce on Boss. She’s not an ordinary person.”

    Everyone teased her.

    Jian Qi took a bite of the bun and was about to say something when Tang Jinyu walked over. He put his plate down and said to everyone watching, “Apart from Jian Qi, everyone else, do a ten-kilometer weighted run. Start now!”

    Everyone was speechless.