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Chapter 353 - Did Someone Call You?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 353: Did Someone Call You?

    Over the phone, Bo Muyi was talking about work. Su Cha put on her earphones and chatted with Jin Mou.

    Jin Mou looked at her interface and typed with a smile: [Are you chatting with me while still being in a phone call?]

    Su Cha shook her head and laughed. "He's talking about work. I don't understand, but he refused to let me hang up."

    When she said this, there was a rare gentleness in her voice. There was also a hint of helplessness and affection.

    Jin Mou rarely saw this girl showing such an expression.

    In her memory, the first time she saw Su Cha, she thought that she was similar to her.

    She was tall and cold, but her coldness was different from Jin Mou's. Su Cha's coldness seemed to be natural, making people feel that that's the way she was.

    Other than that, she also gave off a strong aura. When Su Cha lowered her eyes and spoke, Jin Mou felt that she was an especially noble person.

    She would respond politely to other people's greeting, but there were others who could not dare to approach her.

    Back then, Jin Mou thought that like her, she had put on a cold and aloof appearance because she was too irritated with social events in the outside world. But Su Cha was not that way. She was really cold to the core.

    But there were times when she would think that Su Cha was a very cute person.

    Like now, for instance. This was a very rare occurrence for Jin Mou. What kind of man could make Su Cha reveal such an expression?

    He must be very outstanding.

    Jin Mou felt that Su Cha had a good taste.

    While Jin Mou found their interaction amusing, she also felt a sense of happiness that did not require words to prove.

    Jin Mou was two years older than Su Cha. She was also at that age where she was looking forward to romance. She smiled and continued typing: [Actually, I also hope that I can be as happy as you in the future.]

    Su Cha smiled and touched Jin Mou's hair. "Yes, you will be."

    Hearing Su Cha's words, Jin Mou smiled happily.

    Even if she seemed to be fine, the fact that she could not participate in the competition due to her vocal injury was a huge blow to her. Hence, it was better for her to do something that would make her happy.

    Bo Muyi was talking about work on the phone. He spoke in English and had no accent. Even ordinary words sounded elegant and noble when he said it.

    His voice was pleasing to the ears.

    He spoke smoothly and quickly. Many of the words were professional terms. Although Su Cha had been working hard to learn English since she was reborn and often listened to English radio dramas, she could barely understand what he was saying right now. She had to work out the general meaning with difficulty. Su Cha felt that she still needed to work hard.

    Su Cha only heard Bo Muyi's usual voice when she was almost done chatting with Jin Mou. "Hello, Cha Cha."

    Su Cha grabbed her phone. As it had been too long, it was already hot.

    "Yes, I'm here."

    The girl's quick response and gentle tone made the man's slightly exhausted body relax. He had just talked a lot about work, and his heart was exhausted. However, when he heard Su Cha's voice, he could feel that the exhaustion was gradually fading.

    "What are you doing?"

    Since Su Cha had started to chat with Bo Muyi, Jin Mou picked up the tablet and watched TV. Su Cha glanced at Jin Mou and chuckled. "Nothing. I was just chatting with Jin Mou. I will stay here tonight."


    Bo Muyi frowned when he heard that Su Cha wanted to stay at Jin Mou's place. He thought about it and said mysteriously, "Did anyone call you?"