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Chapter 397 - When Did You Wake Up?

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 397: When Did You Wake Up?

    With an hour plus of head start, they could be anywhere now.

    It would be a while until they receive any news about them. Sun Cuimei was not dumb, she would not come to Jindo City. The only thing to do now was to have Zhou Weiqi’s men keep an eye around in Jin City, in case Sun Cuimei were to return after the commotion had died down.

    After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yao’s mind was full of questions. Why would a selfish woman like Sun Cuimei suddenly decide to bring Ge Wenwen along with her?

    That man would never marry Sun Cuimei, let alone care for her daughter.

    Anyway, the people in question were nowhere to be found. Jiang Yao knew that all efforts to figure out Sun Cuimei’s motives were futile.

    The dinner was left on the table when she ran out of the room. It was now cold and looked unappetizing. Having lost her appetite, she tossed them into the trash can and washed the dishes. It was almost eight o’clock, time for Jiang Yao to wipe Lu Xingzhi clean. She also needed a shower as she smelled of medicine from the operation earlier.

    The ward was wonderful, having en-suite facilities. She had Zhou Weiqi deliver a heating rod over, now she could heat the water up for bathing.

    The hospital provided for the family members of patients with an extra bed in case they wanted to stay the night. Jiang Yao had been sleeping on it the past few nights.


    After the water had been heated, Jiang Yao had it mixed with cold water to a pleasant temperature and prepared a cloth to wipe down Lu Xingzhi.

    It was only a few days ago that he underwent surgery. Jiang Yao was not able to give him a thorough wipe down given his frail state.

    Jiang Yao’s actions were gentle. She wiped his fingers one by one before removing his gown. His stomach was flat and toned, she could not help but give them a good rub. She was pleased with how his body looked.

    Maneuvering around his incision wounds and other delicate spots, she spent a little more time on his stomach before setting the cloth back into the basin. She was preparing to button his shirt when she heard his voice.

    “Dear, you have to wipe the bottom parts too. You can’t just wipe wherever you want,” Lu Xingzhi complained.

    Jiang Yao jumped in surprise. “When did you wake up?”

    “When you were wiping my right hand,” Lu Xingzhi replied earnestly.

    “So, you woke up and did not bother to let me know? You must really be enjoying yourself, huh?” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Lu Xingzhi. She actually planned to wipe his lower body, but now that he had woken up, she could not do it out of embarrassment.

    “Of course, I did!” Lu Xingzhi smiled. “If you feel that it is not fair, let me wipe you down too. From top to bottom, I will not miss any nook and cranny of your body.”

    He continued, “As I said, you will have to do the same for me, wipe every part of my body, and make sure it is clean.”

    Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi, who was laying down his end of the bargain. There was nothing wrong with wiping his body, however…

    Why were his eyes twinkling?