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Chapter 1063 - Wash Your Neck Before Coming

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1063: Wash Your Neck Before Coming

    At this moment, Si Yiyan was in the midst of driving to the Jiayuan Club.

    He initially agreed to meet Wen Xinya and her friends at eight in the evening. Yet, something had happened to Lucifer at the last minute, which he had to settle personally. Hence, that resulted in a delay. He had already tried his best to shorten the video conference. However, it was already eight in the evening by the time he was done with the conference.

    There was nothing Si Yiyan could do.

    It was his first time meeting Wen Xinya’s friends as her boyfriend. He initially wanted to give them a good impression, but he ended up being late. He could imagine how upset they were with him.

    Although there were rarely any traffic jams in the evening, the traffic was not exactly smooth either. Hence, there were rows of cars at every junction. Si Yiyan suddenly felt that it was necessary to pay the government a sum of money to repair the roads and allow traffic to be smoother.

    Si Yiyan took a look at the time before grabbing his phone to give Wen Xinya a call. Soon, she answered, “Why aren’t you here yet? Did something crop up at the last minute? Tianyu and the rest have already arrived and we’re all waiting for you.”

    Si Yiyan explained, “There was an important meeting that cropped up at the last minute. I’m rushing to the club now. The traffic isn’t smooth. I reckon I’d only arrive at about half-past eight. Please apologize to your friends on my behalf.”

    Wen Xinya said understandingly, “Hurry.”

    Although Si Yiyan was late to such an important event and embarrassed Wen Xinya, she did not blame him because she could understand that the matter was rather serious since he had to handle it personally. They could not afford to make any blunders at all. It was unlike a business, where a missed deal could be recouped easily.

    Before ending the call, Si Yiyan heard Zhou Tianyu screeching in the background. “Get your man to wash his neck before coming.”

    Next, Xu Xianghu called him again.

    “Boss, the video conference has yet to end. Why did you leave so soon?” Xu Xianghu’s voice was amplified in the Bluetooth earphones. Apart from the seven leaders of Lucifer, a few other highly respected elders were also involved in the video conference. Si Yiyan was acting irresponsibly by leaving halfway without warning.

    Si Yiyan rubbed his aching head and said, “Apologize to everyone on my behalf. I have something important to handle tonight. Leave the rest to Gu Yuehan and Yueze. Just inform me of the outcome when the time comes.”

    Due to the fact that the video conference involved all of the senior executives of Lucifer, he could not turn it down at all. Hence, he had no choice but to attend the conference for twenty minutes before ending the call when he received the text message from Wen Xinya.

    Xu Xianghu asked loudly, “Boss, what else could be more important than this?”

    After Plan A was carried out successfully, there was a change of staff in Lucifer and many of the members were replaced by young blood.

    This time, the video conference was about the overall structure of Lucifer’s internal management which was a deciding factor for Lucifer’s future. Yet, Si Yiyan left halfway.

    Si Yiyan said, “Yes, it concerns my lifelong happiness.”

    As soon as Xu Xianghu heard his words, he asked curiously, “Could it have something to do with Sis-in-law? Did we get in the way of your date with Sis-in-law? Is that why…”

    Xu Xianghu felt that nothing was more important to Si Yiyan than Wen Xinya.

    Si Yiyan nodded and answered, “Yes! I’m meeting your Sis-in-law’s maiden family.”

    Upon hearing his words, Xu Xianghu exclaimed loudly, “Hey, Boss, Sis-in-law is finally acknowledging you. Congratulations! You’ve finally become her rightful boyfriend and you no longer have to be in a clandestine relationship with each other…”

    Si Yiyan’s smiled faded.

    Still unaware, Xu Xianghu rattled on and on. “Boss! Everyone hopes that you can conquer Sis-in-law’s heart, but you can’t ignore our wellbeing for the sake of your relationship…”

    Ever since Si Yiyan returned to China, he assigned them to finish up the remaining work. Without Si Yiyan to aid them in Russia, they would undoubtedly face lots of obstructions and difficulties. Not only did they have to consider the decisions of the other leaders, but they also had to consider the elders’ attitude. Otherwise, they would be in huge trouble.

    The three of them almost coughed blood.

    Si Yiyan asked sternly, “Are you trying to say that I value my relationship over my friends?”

    Although Xu Xianghu was silly and could not see Si Yiyan’s expression now, his beast-like instincts told him that he ought to treasure his life and stay away from Si Yiyan for now. Chuckling awkwardly, he said, “Hehehehe! I was just spouting nonsense. That’s not what I meant…”

    Si Yiyan interrupted. “After hearing what you said, I think I’m being a little too heartless too. Hence, I’ve decided to call Gu Yuexi and get him to give you guys a hand…”

    “You can’t be serious…” Xu Xianghu immediately lamented. Gu Yuexi was a vicious capitalist who made sure to squeeze everyone dry. If he were to go to Russia, it would be the end of their lives.

    Lucifer’s slogan was, “Treasure your life and stay away from Gu Yuexi!”

    Xu Xianghu wailed. “Boss, why must you do this to me… You can’t do this to me…”

    Dear, are you singing an opera tune?

    Dear, have you been possessed by a Beijing Opera singer?

    Dear, are you cosplaying as a pretentious bitch?

    Si Yiyan ended the call, thinking to himself that he had failed to make careful considerations. However, Lucifer’s internal department had to be restructured. When he was not in Russia, Gu Yuehan was careful, Yueze was smart and alert. However, none of them were suited to be a leader. Since the matters in Italy had already been settled, Gu Yuehan could come back to Russia to help Lucifer.

    Xu Xianghu murmured, “Boss wouldn’t be so cruel to us. He must be joking.”

    Si Yiyan rubbed her chin and thought to himself,

    At this moment, Gu Yuehan, Yueze and Lucifer’s members felt a cold chill down their spines.

    They had no idea what was going on.

    Little did they know that their boss had already sold them out to the terrifying Gu Yuexi.

    The car moved along the roads slowly. Throughout the short journey, he actually stopped at four traffic lights. Si Yiyan felt like even the traffic lights were going against him.

    At this moment, a firetruck whizzed past him and all of the cars began to make way for it.